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  • Latin name: Fusys
  • ATH code: J02AC01
  • Active ingredient: Flukonazol (Fuconazole)
  • Producer: Kusum Heltkhker.Ltd., India


Tablets Futsis contain active agent – Flukonazol in various dosage, and also auxiliary components.

Futsis of DT contains in tablets 50 mg of Flukonazol and excipients.

For infusional introduction of 100 ml are a part of solution: Flukonazol – 200 mg and additional components.

As excipients are used: cellulose microcrystallic, lactose, K30 povidone, magnesium stearate, talc, starch sodium glycollate, sodium of a kroskarmelloz and so on.

Futsis includes gel in the structure Flukonazol – 5 mg and excipients: carbomer, benzyl alcohol, octyllauryl alcohol, polysorbate 80, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, Delite fragrance and the purified water.

Release form

Drug is issued in the form of tablets with a dosage on 50, 100, 150 and 200 mg of active agent on 4 pieces in the blister packed into a cardboard pack. Tablets Futsis of 150 mg – on 1 piece in the blister placed in cardboard packaging. The tablets dispersed from 50 mg of the operating component on 4 pieces in the blister packed into a cardboard pack.

Solution for intravenous administration in a bottle on 100 ml, one bottle in cardboard packaging.

Drug in the form of gel is offered in the tuba on 30 g packed into a cardboard pack.

Pharmacological action

Each form of this drug has antifungal effect of a broad spectrum of activity.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Flukonazol, active component of this drug, is to synthetic derivatives from group of tiazolovy connections. Influence of this substance eliminates enzymatic activity of specific connections in cells of fungi. Biosynthesis of styrene connections in mushroom cells is as a result damaged, transformation of a lanosterol into ergosterol is oppressed. The happening changes in a membrane of cells cause the termination of reproduction of mushrooms thanks to replication disturbances. At the same time Futsis's efficiency is directed to such strains as: Coccidioides immitis, Cryptococcus neoformans, Trichophytum spp. and Microsporum spp., Hystoplasma capsulatum, Blastomyces dermatitidis and so on.

Low toxicity therefore drug does not make negative impact on an organism and considerable influence on tsitokhroma of the person and number of androgenic hormones as a part of a blood plasma is characteristic of Flukonazol.

The tablets intended for internal reception well are absorbed in a gastrointestinal tract. Flukonazol has high bioavailability, the use of food does not exert impact on absorption process. The maximum concentration of substance as a part of a blood plasma is found 30-90 minutes later from the moment of reception.

Good penetration of substance into composition of fabrics and biological liquids is noted. Besides, Flukonazol gets h / z a blood-brain barrier, concentrating in cerebrospinal fluid to 80% of plasma concentration. Flukonazol's removal is carried out with urine – part in an invariable look, the rest – metabolites. The elimination half-life is equal to 30 hours.

Farmokinentika at intravenous administration of Flukonazol practically does not differ from accepted in the peroral way.

Antifungal drug in the form of gel possesses the same activity and characteristics, as well as other forms of Futsis. Especially effectively it influences dermatophytes and yeast.

During outside use only a small amount of substance gets to a blood plasma therefore its systemic action can be excluded. It is also established that gel does not exert a negative impact on integuments.

Indications to use

The main indications to Futsis's use is need of therapy of the infectious diseases of different localization caused by the microorganisms showing sensitivity to Flukonazol.

Tablets are appointed at:

  • candidosis infections of various localization – a kandidemiya, a kandiduriya, the disseminated candidiasis, other forms of generalized candidiasis caused by Candida fungus;
  • infections of mucous membranes which cause Candida mushrooms;
  • bronchopulmonary candidosis noninvasive infections;
  • chronic candidiasis of an oral cavity, connected with carrying removable dentures;
  • treatment of acute and chronic forms of recurrent vaginal candidiasis;
  • therapies of a sporotrichosis, histoplasmosis and other local mycoses;
  • treatment of dermatomycoses, mycoses in inguinal area and on feet, onychomycoses and a chromophytosis.

Also tablets can be appointed for prevention of recurrence at patients with:

  • chronic vaginal candidiasis;
  • candidosis balanitis;
  • cryptococcal infections of various localization and so on;
  • fungal infections of various localization if patients suffer from an immunodeficiency or receive cytostatic and radiation therapy.

Solution for infusional introduction is appointed at treatment:

  • system fungal infections, for example: kandidemiya, kandiduriya, candidosis infections of eyes, endocardium;
  • cryptococcal meningitis;
  • cryptococcal infections of skin surfaces and respiratory organs.

Gel is applied to treatment:

  • dermatomycoses which cause yeast;
  • of dermatophytes – epidermophitias of feet, inguinal epidermophitias, a trichophytosis, kandidny infections, multi-colored depriving.

Contraindications to use

Futsis is not recommended to apply at:

  • individual sensitivity to its components and other azolny connections which structure is brought closer to Flukonazol;
  • lactations, pregnancies;
  • age till 7 flyings.

At the same time are specified that Futsis children can apply DT since 3 years.

Side effects

Futsis's use can cause a number of the side effects affecting work:

Undesirable manifestations on integuments and allergic reactions are also possible: alopecia, toxic epidermal necrosis, itch, skin rash, small tortoiseshell, puffiness, Stephens-Johnson's syndrome.

Besides, Flukonazol's use can affect laboratory indicators: a leukopenia, a neutropenia, an agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, a hypopotassemia, level of cholesterol and triglycerides as a part of blood.

Manifestation of side effects demands phase-out of Futsis.

The instruction on Futsis (A way and a dosage)

Drug in tablets with the maintenance of 50-200 mg of Flukonazol is used at treatment of adult patients and children for 7 years. Accept them orally at any time. The daily dosage of drug is established on one reception.

Futsis DT the instruction recommends to dissolve tablets previously in water. Futsis is also allowed DT and for children of 3 flyings. As a rule, on 50 mg of drug use 5 ml of water.

Solution for infusions contains 200 mg of Flukonazol and 100 ml of isotonic solution of sodium of chloride. When infusion solution is entered by the patient to whom it is necessary to limit administration of liquid and sodium, it is necessary to consider the maintenance of ions of sodium and chlorine in this solution making 15 mmol. Drug is not recommended to mix with any solutions for infusions, despite the lack of the expressed pharmacological incompatibility.

Futsis the application instruction recommends to use gel once a day. At the same time means is carefully rubbed in affected areas of skin and around them.

It is necessary to put a small amount of gel and to carefully pound it on all surface to prevent maceration emergence.

The dosage and duration of treatment by each form of drug is defined by the attending physician. For example, to the patients having genital candidiasis about 150 mg of Flukonazol in tablets are appointed once. For prevention of recurrence of chronic vaginal candidiasis – from the milkwoman about 150 mg of this medicine monthly are appointed. At the same time character of a disease and specific features of the patient is considered. The dosage of drug does not depend on a way of use and usually does not change in case of transition with parenteral to oral administration.


In overdose cases tablets or solution Futsis development of such negative symptoms as is possible: headache, dizzinesses or hallucinations. Also it is not necessary to exclude emergence of paranoid behavior of patients.

In such situations carry out a gastric lavage and other symptomatic therapy. Use of an artificial diuresis and hemodialysis is allowed.

About the cases of overdose caused by use of drug in the form of gel it is not reported.


Simultaneous use of tablets or solution Futsis with anticoagulants can strengthen their effect considerably. Therefore performance of regular control of indicators of a prothrombin time is necessary.

This drug can increase plasma concentration of midazolam, benzodiazepine, cyclosporine, a rifabutin and Phenytoinum as a part of blood. At the combined treatment by Flukanozol and any of the specified means strict control of dosing and supervision of the specialist is required. Non-compliance with these rules can cause development of psychomotor reactions, strengthen side effects, work-related cardiovascular system and so on.
If Hydrochlorthiazidum with Futsis is regularly applied, then it is possible to expect noticeable increase in plasma concentration of Flukonazol, but at the same time dose adjustment is not required.

Flukonazol's reception does not reduce effect of the combined oral contraceptives.

During treatment of patients by Futsis with a diabetes mellitus it is necessary to consider probability of development of a hypoglycemia. Simultaneous use with rifampicin demands increase of a dose of Flukonazol. Flukonazol and Takrolimus's combination quite often causes mutual strengthening of nephrotoxicity. When drug is accepted together with theophylline, the probability of overdose of theophylline because Flukonazol will help to lower clearance of theophylline from structure of a blood plasma remains.

As for gel Futsis, data on his medicinal interaction with other drugs are not reported. At the same time it is recommended to refrain from its simultaneous drawing with any outside means.

Terms of sale

Drug is released according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Futsis's storage requires the dry cool place protected from light and children.

Period of validity

3 years.


With similar action treat drugs: Flukonazol, Clotrimazolum, Fukortsin and Livarol.


At treatment by any form of this drug it is extremely undesirable as it can not only reduce therapeutic effect, but also lead alcohol intake to development of side effects.


  • Futsis Dtliva Healthcare (India)
  • Futsis DT4
  • Futsis of a tablet 150 of mg No. 1kusum of Helskea (India)
  • Futsis of a tablet of 100 mg No. 4kusum of Helskea (India)
  • Futsis of a tablet 200 мг.№4Кусум Helskea (India)


  • Futsis gel 5mgg 30gkusum of Helskea
  • Futsis gel 5mgg 30gkusum of Helskea
  • Futsis gel 5mgg 30gkusum of Helskea
  • Futsis gel 5mgg 30gkusum of Helskea
  • Futsis gel 5mgg 30gkusum of Helskea


  • Futsis of 50 mg No. 4 of the tab. Kusum Healthcare (India)
  • Futsis DT of 50 mg No. 4 of the tab. Kusum Healthcare (India)
  • Futsis of 200 mg No. 4 of the tab. Kusum Healthcare (India)
  • Futsis of 100 mg No. 4 of the tab. Kusum Healthcare (India)
  • Futsis of 30 g gel for an external comment Kusum Healthcare (India)
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