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  • Latin name: Haloperidol
  • ATH code: N05AD01
  • Active ingredient: Haloperidol
  • Producer: Gedeon Richter (Hungary), Moskhimfarmpreparata of N. A. Semashko (Russia)


Active ingredient is the haloperidol.

Tablets contain 1,5 or 5 mg of this substance. Act as additional elements: talc, potato starch, gelatin, magnesium stearate, monohydrate of lactose.

1 ml of solution contains 5 mg of active agent. Serve as additional substances: injection water, lactic acid, methylparaben, propylparaben.

Drops from the company Ratiofarm contain 2 mg of active agent on 1 ml. Additional substances are: methylparahydroxybenzoate, the purified water, propilparagidroksibenzoat, lactic acid.

Release form

Tablets and solution for injections. Also are made by the company Ratiofarm of a drop the Haloperidol.

Pharmacological action

What is the Haloperidol? What drug is? The haloperidol is a neuroleptic, antipsychotic, antiemetic drug.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Active component is derivative phenyl propyl ketone. Blocks dopamine, postsynaptic receptors in mesocortical, mesolimbic structures of a brain, makes the expressed antipsychotic impact. Despite high antipsychotic activity, medicine combines moderately expressed sedative and antiemetic influences. Does not exert holinoblokiruyushchy impact, but causes extrapyramidal frustration. Sedation is caused by blockade in reticular pharmacy of alpha adrenoceptors.

The antiemetic effect is reached by blockade of the emetic center in a trigger zone. At blockade of dopamine receptors in a gipotalamasa the galactorrhoea and hypothermal influence is shown. At long therapy there is a change of the endocrine status, decreases production of gonadotropic hormones and synthesis of prolactin thanks to influence on a front share amplifies. Medicine allows to eliminate permanent changes of the personality, mania, a hallucination, nonsense, increases interest of the patient in world around.

The haloperidol is appointed to patients at whom resistance to other antipsychotic medicines was developed. Drug exerts the activating impact on patients.

At hyperactive children the Haloperidol is capable to eliminate behavioural frustration, excess physical activity.

Dekanoat of a haloperidol acts is longer in comparison with a haloperidol.

Therapeutic influence of the prolonged forms of medicine lasts till 6 weeks.

The maximum concentration after use of solution is observed in 10-20 minutes, when using tablets — in 3-6 hours. Solution and tablets vyvodiitsya with urine and a stake in the ratio 2:3. Drops are removed by bile (15%) and urine (40%).

Indications to use of the Haloperidol

Indications to use the following. Drug is appointed at hallucinations, nonsense, acute psychosis, paranoid states, psychomotor excitement, "steroid" psychosis, alcoholic and medicinal psychosis, at the agitated depression, mental retardation, Turett's illness, psychoses of various genesis, at a chorea of Gentington, at psychosomatic disturbances, at stutter, children's autism, a hyperactivity at children.


Medicine is not applied at heavy oppressions of TsNS, at intolerance of active agent, at pathology of TsNS which is followed by extrapyramidal and pyramidal symptomatology, at chest feeding, hysteria, a depression, Parkinson's illness, at pregnancy, to children till three years. At disturbance of endocardiac conductivity, at stenocardia, lengthening of an interval of QT, at closed-angle glaucoma, at a hypopotassemia, dekompensirovanny heart diseases, at epilepsy, a thyrotoxicosis, pathologies of kidneys and a liver, at respiratory and a pulmonary heart, at alcoholism, a prostate hyperplasia with an urination delay, at acute infectious diseases, at HOBL apply the Haloperidol with care.

Side effects of the Haloperidol

Nervous system: drowsiness, headaches, excitement, uneasiness, an akathisia, fears, concern, an exacerbation of hallucinations, psychoses, a lethargy, a depression or euphoria, epilepsy attacks, late dyskinesia, at long therapy are noted extrapyramidal frustration, late dystonia (spasms a century, the speeded-up blinking, the uncontrollable movements of hands, legs, trunks, necks), a malignant antipsychotic syndrome (a loss of consciousness, the urination incontience which is speeded up or the complicated breath, the increased sweating, instability of a blood pressure, arrhythmia, tachycardia, a hyperthermia, epileptic seizures, muscular rigidity).

Cardiovascular system: signs of blinking and trembling of ventricles on an ECG, tachycardia, arrhythmia, orthostatic hypotension, falling of a blood pressure.

Alimentary system: locks, dryness in a mouth, loss of appetite, a hypoptyalism, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, disturbances in work of a liver.

Bodies of a hemopoiesis: the tendency to a monocytosis, an erythropenia, an agranulocytosis, a leukocytosis, a leukopenia – are temporary.

Urinogenital system: the priapism, increase of a libido or decrease in a potentiality, disturbance of a menstrual cycle at female persons, a giperprolaktinemiya, a gynecomastia, pains in chest glands, peripheral hypostases, at a hyperplasia of a prostate is noted an urination delay.

Also following side effects are possible: allergic reactions, photosensitization, laryngospasm, bronchospasm, makulopapulezny changes of integuments, illegibility of visual perception, retinopathy, cataract, hyponatremia, hypoglycemia, increase in body weight, alopecia.

Application instruction of the Haloperidol (Way and dosage)

Haloperidol tablets, application instruction

Accept inside, wash down with a full glass of milk, water. The initial dosage makes 0,5-5 mg three times a day. In days it is no more than 100 mg. Duration of therapy makes 2-3 months. Medicine is cancelled gradually, dosages reduce slowly, pass to reception of maintenance doses – 5-10 mg a day.

Turett's illness, not psychotic disturbances in behavior: 2-3 times a day 0,05мг/кг/день, with gradual increase in a dose by 0,5 mg once a week to the maximum 0,075 mg/kg/day.

Solution use

The average one-time dosage for intramuscular introduction of the Haloperidol makes 2-5 mg, an interval between injections – 48 hours. Acute alcoholic psychosis: intravenously 5-10 mg.

The instruction on drops the Haloperidol Ratiofarm

About three once a day together with food are standardly used.

Usually appoint adult 0,5-1,5 mg 3 times a day. Further the dose of medicine can increase on average to 10-15 mg a day. At acute symptoms it is allowed to use 15 mg a day and more. The maximum dose — 100 mg per day.

The initial dose for children of three years makes 0.025-0.05 mg on kg of body weight which is taken for 3 times. It is most possible to raise to 0.2 mg on body weight kg.


It is shown by a tremor, muscle tension, falling of arterial pressure. In hard cases shock, respiratory depression, a coma is registered. The gastric lavage, purpose of enterosorbents is required. Norepinephrinum and albumine are applied to blood circulation improvement. Use of Epinephrinum is inadmissible. Protivoparkinsonichesky means and the central holinoblokator allow to reduce expressiveness of extrapyramidal symptomatology. The dialysis did not prove the efficiency.


The haloperidol increases expressiveness of the oppressing influence of somnolent drugs, barbiturates, opioid analgetics, tricyclic antidepressants, ethanol, means for the general anesthesia on central nervous systems. Medicine strengthens influence of antihypertensives, m-holinoblokatorov, slows down process of a metabolism of MAO inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants, at the same time their toxicity and sedative influence mutually increases. Buprorion in a combination with a haloperidol increases probability of developing of big epileptic seizures, reduces an epileptic threshold. Drug weakens vasoconstrictive effect of Norepinephrinum, Phenylephrinum, dopamine, Epinephrinum. The medicine reduces efficiency of anticonvulsant drugs, protivoparkinsonichesky means, changes effect of anticoagulants. The risk of development of mental disturbances increases at appointment with Methyldopum drug. Amphetamines are capable to reduce antipsychotic influence of a haloperidol. At the use of strong coffee, tea decrease in efficiency of a haloperidol is noted. Protivoparkinsonichesky, antihistaminic, anticholinergics strengthen m-holinoblokiruyushchee influence of a neuroleptic, reduce expressiveness of its antipsychotic effect. At prolonged use of inductors of a microsomal oxidation, barbiturates, carbamazepine concentration of a neuroleptic in blood decreases. In a combination with drugs of lithium forming of encephalopathy, strengthening of expressiveness of extrapyramidal frustration is possible. Fluoxetine is capable to increase expressiveness of extrapyramidal symptomatology, side effects from a nervous system. Purpose of drugs which cause extrapyramidal reactions leads to increase of weight and frequency of extrapyramidal frustration.

Terms of sale

The recipe is necessary.

Storage conditions

In the place, dark, unavailable to children, at a temperature no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

No more than 3 years.

Special instructions

Regular control over the level of "hepatic" tests, control of dynamics of an ECG, blood indicators is required. Parenteral administration of medicine is carried out only under control of the attending physician. After achievement of therapeutic effect pass to reception of the tableted drug forms. In case of registration of late dyskinesia against treatment gradual reduction of a dosage up to complete cessation is required. At acceptance of a hot bathtub the heatstroke because of suppression of the peripheral, central thermal controls located in a hypothalamus is possible. It is required to be careful when performing a heavy type of a physical activity. It is not recommended to use OTC "anti-cold" medicines during the entire period of treatment because of risk of development of a heatstroke, strengthening of anticholinergic effects. Because of risk of a photosensitization patients need to protect open sites of integuments from action of sunshine. The haloperidol is cancelled gradually in a type of risk of development of a syndrome of "cancellation". Often antiemetic effect of drug masks signs of medicinal toxicity, and also complicates diagnosis of states which are followed by nausea. The haloperidol can drop out in a deposit when mixing its solution with tea, coffee. Before purpose of the prolonged forms of a medicine of the patient transfer to the Haloperidol from other neuroleptics for prevention of sharp hypersensitivity to drug. The medicine influences management of motor transport.

The medicine is described in Wikipedia.

MNN: haloperidol.


Haloperidol and alcohol

Drug is incompatible with alcohol, owing to strengthening of their impact on central - a nervous system at combined use.

Analogs are drugs Galomond, Galopril, Senorm.

About the Haloperidol

Effectively helps at hallucinatory frustration, relieves of nonexistent images, psychosis. About the Haloperidol characterize drug as the soft, checked neuroleptic. Means pricks for psikhbolny are often used. However, medicine is considered outdated, possesses a large number of strong side effects (drowsiness, braking), can cause extrapyramidal frustration. Medicine price acceptable.

The Haloperidol price where to buy

The Haloperidol price in tablets of 1,5 mg 50 pieces makes 45-50 rubles.

10 ampoules on 5 mg/ml cost about 75 rubles.


  • Galoperidol-Ratiofarm drops 2mg/ml 30 ml No. 1 bottle
  • Galoperidol-rikhter solution for in/in and in oil vved.5mg/ml 1мл№5Гедеон Richter

Drugstore of IFC

  • Drop haloperidol fl 2mg/ml 30 ml, Ratiopharmgermaniya
  • Haloperidol tbl 1.5mg No. 50, Gedeon Richtervengriya
  • Haloperidol dekanoat solution for in in oil 50 of mg of 1 ml of amp No. 5, Gedeon Richtervengriya
  • Haloperidol tbl 5 mg No. 50, Gedeon Richtervengriya
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  • Galoperidolgedeon Richter (Hungary)
  • Galoperidolgedeon Richter (Hungary)
  • Galoperidolgedeon Richter (Hungary)
  • Galoperidolgedeon Richter (Hungary)


  • Haloperidol solution for infection. 5mg/ml amp. 1 ml No. 5 Gideon Richter
  • Haloperidol solution for infection. 5mg/ml amp. 1 ml No. 5 Gideon Richter
  • Haloperidol solution for infection. 5mg/ml amp. 1 ml No. 5 Gideon Richter
  • Haloperidol solution for infection. 5mg/ml amp. 1 ml No. 5 Gideon Richter
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