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  • Latin name: Gastrozol
  • ATH code: A02BC01
  • Active ingredient: Omeprazol
  • Producer: JSC Farmstandart-Leksredstva (Russia)


1 capsule includes 20 mg of an omeprazol – active ingredient.

Auxiliary ingredients: polyvinylpirrolidone, Mannitolum, diethyl phthalate, sucrose, titanium dioxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, hydrosodium phosphate, twin-80, calcium carbonate, talc, cetyl alcohol, lactose, copolymer of L30D methacrylic acid, gipromelloz, sodium hydroxide.

Capsule: methylhydroxybenzoate, red iron oxide, gelatin, propilgidroksibenzoat, titanium dioxide.

Release form

Gastrozol is issued in the form of capsules, on 7, 10, 14, 20 or 28 pieces in a pack.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Gastrozol is an antiulcerous remedy – inhibitor of a protonew (proton) pomp.

The HP active ingredient – omeprazol possesses the efficiency directed to decrease in products of gastric acid and suppression in parietal cellular structures of a stomach of activity of H+-K +-ATF-azy owing to what there is a blocking of the final stage of production of hydrochloric acid. Gastrozol treats pro-drugs which activation is carried out in acid medium of intracellular secretory tubules of obkladochny cells. Omeprazol reduces the level of stimulated and basal secretion, in independence of character of an irritant.

At oral administration of 20 mg of an omeprazol, within 60 minutes, at most — in 2 hours, development of anti-secretory efficiency of drug is observed. Oppression of peak secretion for 50% is carried out for 24 hours.

One-time daily reception of an omeprazol guarantees productive and operational suppression of night and day secretion of hydrochloric acid which reaches the highest efficiency in 4 days of therapy and vanishes by the end of 3-4 days after treatment cancellation.

At a peptic ulcer of a 12-tiperstny gut internal use of 20 mg of an omeprazol for 17 hours provides pH in a stomach at the level of 3,0.

Oral administration of an omeprazol leads to its fast absorption from a gastrointestinal tract. At the first reception bioavailability remains at the level of 30-40%, at the following receptions, depending on a dosage, makes 60-70%. Plasma Cmax is individual and is observed in 0,5-3,5 hours.

With plasma proteins omeprazol contacts for 90-95% (mainly an acid alfa1-glycoprotein and albumine). Thanks to high lipophilicity with ease gets into covering gastric cells.

The main metabolic transformations of an omeprazol happen in a liver with assistance of CYP2C19 isoenzyme to a producing 6 inactive products of a metabolism: sulfonic and sulphidic derivatives, and also gidroksiomeprazol. Process of a metabolism takes place with CYP2C19 isoenzyme inhibition.

T1/2 equals to 30-60 minutes. Clearance at the level of 500-600 ml/min. Removal for 70-80% is carried out with urine and for 20-30% with bile.

At liver pathologies bioavailability increases actually to 100%, and T1/2 is extended about 180 minutes.

At pathologies of kidneys removal of drug goes down according to the observed clearance of creatinine (CC).

Bioavailability of HP increases in advanced age, and removal is slowed down.

Indications to use

Gastrozol's use is shown at:

  • observed a reflux esophagitis;
  • peptic ulcer of a gastrointestinal tract (including prevention of possible recurrence);
  • nonsteroid gastropathy (an erosion and an ulcer of a gastrointestinal tract because of reception of NPVS);
  • the painful conditions of a gastrointestinal tract connected with the increased acid secretion (a system mastocytosis, Zollingera-Ellison's syndrome, polyendocrine adenomatosis, stressful ulcers);
  • eradikation (destruction) Helikobakter (Kelikobakter) of a pilora, in complex treatment of the infected patients with a peptic ulcer of a gastrointestinal tract.


Gastrozol's appointment is absolutely contraindicated at:

  • feeding by a breast;
  • personal hypersensitivity to an omeprazol or the HP auxiliary ingredients;
  • pregnancies;
  • at infantile and children's age.

Relative contraindications are:

  • kidneys/liver pathologies.

Side effects

System of digestion:

  • disturbances of flavoring feelings;
  • the nausea passing into vomiting or without it;
  • diarrhea;
  • pain in a stomach;
  • lock;
  • dryness in a mouth;
  • meteorism;
  • increase in activity of enzymes of a liver;
  • stomatitis;
  • disturbance of renal function;
  • hepatitis (at before the observed serious pathologies of a liver).

Bodies of a hemopoiesis:

Nervous system:

Musculoskeletal system:


  • itch/rash of integuments;
  • photosensitization;
  • alopecia (baldness);
  • mnogoformny exudative erythema.

Allergic manifestations:


  • gynecomastia;
  • visual disturbances;
  • indisposition;
  • peripheral hypostases;
  • hyperhidrosis;
  • emergence of reversible benign glandulyarny cysts in a stomach (at long reception, because of suppression of products of hydrochloric acid).

Gastrozol, application instruction

Gastrozol's capsules are intended for oral administration, during food or before its reception preferably in the morning (breakfast). Capsules should be swallowed whole (without opening/chewing) and to wash down 100-200 ml of water.

At an exacerbation of an ulcer of a 12-tiperstny gut daily reception of 20 mg of an omeprazol for 14-28 days is shown. In case of individual resistance to HP use of 40 mg of drug is possible.

At an eradikation Helikobakter pilor carry out the 7th day treatment in a daily dosage of 20 mg in two steps, with a parallel antibioticotherapia.

At an exacerbation of stomach ulcer and an esophagitis of an erosive and ulcer etiology appoint in a daily dose 20-40 mg, for 28-56 days.

At a nonsteroid gastropathy recommends use of 20 mg of Gastrozol at 24 o'clock for 28-56 days.

Prevention of possible recurrence of a peptic ulcer of a gastrointestinal tract carry out 20 mg in a daily dose. Prevention of possible recurrence a reflux esophagitis is carried out in the same dose and can take up to 6 months.

For therapy of a syndrome of Zolingera-Ellison selection of daily dosages is carried out in an individual order and depends on initial gastric secretion. As a rule, begin treatment with 60 mg at 24 o'clock. In the subsequent, being coordinated with the answer of the patient, leave at this level or increase up to 80-120 mg (in two steps).


In case of reception of the overestimated Gastrozol's doses observed: dryness in an oral cavity, confusion of consciousness, arrhythmia, a sight vagueness, tachycardia, drowsiness, nausea (it is possible with vomiting), headaches.

At detection of this symptomatology carry out the treatment corresponding to it.


Because of increase omeprazoly pH of a stomach absorption jointly accepted Ampicillin, Itrakonazol, salts of iron, Ketokonazola can decrease.

Because of the inhibiting Gastrozol's impact on P450 cytochrome increase of plasma maintenance and decrease in removal of the HP depending on influence of CYP2C19 on their metabolism (Diazepam, Phenytoinum, indirect anticoagulants) that can demand review of their dosages towards decrease is possible.

Long daily reception of 20 mg of an omeprazol in combination with Caffeine, Piroxicam, Theophylline, Diclofenac, Metoprolol, Naproxenum, Propranolol, Cyclosporine, Etanolol, Oestradiol and Quinidine did not show changes of their plasma concentration.

Parallel use of Gastrozol with the drugs suppressing a hemopoiesis strengthens this effect.

Interactions of an omeprazol with antiacid means are not revealed.

Terms of sale

Gastrozol's purchase is carried out according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Safety of capsules demands temperature – to 25 °C.

Period of validity

From the moment of production – 3 years.

Special instructions

Before Gastrozol's appointment it is necessary to be convinced of lack of malignant processes in a gastrointestinal tract as the carried-out treatment can mask tumoral symptomatology and delay right diagnosing of these pathologies.

Gastrozol's analogs


  • Gastrozol of 20 mg No. 14 of a kapsulyfarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company
  • Gastrozol of 20 mg No. 28 of a kapsulyfarmstandart-Leksredstvo of joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Gastrozol kaps 20 mg No. 28, Pharmstandard October of joint stock company (St.-Petersburg) Russia
  • Gastrozol kaps 20 mg No. 14 *, Pharmstandard-Leksredstva of joint stock company (Kursk) Russia
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