Antritis is a state at which at the patient the Highmore's adnexal bosom of a nose inflames. Pneumatic cavities are located in bones of a human skull. They are covered by a mucous membrane. The Highmore's bosom is located in an upper jaw and is pair body. Both bosoms are connected to a nose through an opening which diameter makes about 1-3 mm. Therefore, at hypostasis of a mucous membrane this small opening is completely closed, and slime collects in Highmore's bosoms. The similar phenomenon becomes the contributing factor for active reproduction of bacteria. As a result, at the person antritis develops.


Antritis reasons

As the reason of antritis the infection extending in a Highmore's bosom is meant. Infection comes either through blood, or from the nasal course. Antritis at children and at adults is rather often shown in the course of the acute period of flu, at cold, measles and some other diseases. Also the disease can be complication of the specified illnesses. Sometimes allergic reaction which provokes hypostasis of a mucous membrane becomes the reason of antritis also. Often symptoms of antritis are shown at patients who have diseases of gums, and also caries of chewing upper teeth. In view of a subtlety of the lower wall of a Highmore's bosom pathogenic microorganisms can get inside and provoke development of antritis.

The high risk of development of antritis takes place and at people with polyps in a nose and with other disturbances of correctness of structure of a nose. Symptoms of antritis are more often shown at people who smoke the long period. Besides manifestation of symptoms of antritis can be promoted by usual and prolonged use of sprays and drops for a nose with vasoconstrictive influence.

Antritis symptoms

Antritis at children and adults can sharply be shown, and also proceed in a chronic form. At a chronic illness symptoms of antritis can not disappear even several months. At the same time specialists insist that treatment of antritis of a chronic form needs to be made as soon as possible, its current can change the general state mucous a nose. As a result the susceptibility of the person to infections sharply raises.

Symptoms of antritis are shown at once after slime accumulation. It is difficult for patient to breathe through a nose in view of its strong congestion. At the person at the same time the voice can be reversed, it loses sense of smell, also taste partially disappears. It is necessary to breathe at antritis through a mouth. Often there are also purulent discharges from a nose which have green or yellowish color and unpleasantly smell. However, often antritis proceeds in general without cold as openings of bosoms can be blocked completely.

Besides, symptoms of antritis are shown by pain of which indistinct localization is characteristic. So, the person can suffer from headaches, sometimes pain gives to an upper jaw. If the patient bends or moves the head, then pain can amplify. Strengthening of unpleasant feelings is also often observed in the late afternoon. Sometimes on a face noticeable hypostasis develops: the eyelid and a cheek from that party where there was an inflammation can swell.

Very often at people with symptoms of antritis except the main symptoms also weakness is shown, they suffer from a condition of confusion, can complain of a troubled sleep and sleeplessness.

If the acute form of antritis, then perhaps small temperature increase takes place – it increases up to 38 degrees. At a chronic disease such symptoms of antritis are not observed.

In the course of survey at antritis there is a reddening and hypostasis of a mucous membrane of a nasal cavity, in a nasal nasal cavity the purulent discharge is noticeable.

Diagnosis of antritis

ГайморитFor statement of the diagnosis the doctor, first of all, carefully examines a nasal cavity of the patient and carries out a survey. In the course of survey the specialist presses on area under eyes, and during such pressing of people feels weight inside, a raspiraniye in a cheek or pain. However as the main thing and efficiently X-ray inspection is considered to be diagnoses of antritis nevertheless. By the results received during such inspection, the doctor determines the sizes and a shape of bosoms, and also can study how inflammatory process and what its character is localized. At emergence in a bosom of hypostasis or accumulation there of liquid on a x-ray film blackout will be noticeable.

However antritis at children, and also is diagnosed for the women expecting the child by means of other methods, X-ray inspection is contraindicated to them. In this case the diafanoskopiya method is applied. For carrying out such research in the dark room the special bulb is put in a mouth. The method is based that the cavity with air will pass more light, than a cavity which is filled by pus. If the person is healthy, then at him in the course of such research will be visible under field eyes which are lit by red color. If at the patient the disease of antritis takes place, then such fields will have more dark shade. However at use of a method of a diafanoskopiya it is necessary to consider that more reliable results can be received in case of chronic antritis. Besides this method of research is considered not such reliable as other ways of diagnosis.

If the disease proceeds very hard or the person has chronic antritis, carrying out a computer tomography is often appointed. In this case the specialist has an opportunity in details to investigate the image of soft tissues and bones in a nose. In that case it is possible to learn whether damages to walls of a Highmore's bosom took place, whether affected pathological process of a bone of a skull, nearby, or other bosoms. If to compare a X-ray analysis and a computer tomography, then in the second case of the image will be layer-by-layer and, respectively, more informative. If after researches the specialist suspects existence of a tumor of a nasal cavity and okolonosovy bosoms, then perhaps additional carrying out a magnetic resonance tomography at the patient.

Treatment of antritis

First of all, it is important to consider that treatment of antritis has to be carried out after careful diagnosis and under a constant control of the ENT specialist. In case of heavy disease or existence of complications of a disease perhaps carrying out treatment of antritis in the conditions of a hospital. Treatment of antritis in house conditions can be carried out if the illness has easy I form.

Very often in the course of treatment of antritis of an acute form, and also at a stage of statement of the diagnosis the puncture (that is a puncture) a Highmore's bosom is used. Today it is possible to hear opinion that the puncture which was made once should be made further constantly. Actually it not so, and repeatedly antritis is shown on above to the described reasons or not finished treatment affects. After education pus in bosoms can remain a long span.

In the course of a puncture pus then in a bosom administer the drugs with antiinflammatory influence is removed from bosoms. Also at a puncture antibiotics at antritis are used.

Treatment of antritis is also made using the general and local methods. Depending on that, the illness how hard proceeds, the doctor can appoint antibiotics at antritis. They are applied for seven-ten days. And the doctor chooses drug in an individual order, depending on that how difficult the course of antritis is. The following antibiotics at antritis are appointed the most often sick: sumamed, flemoksin, sporideks (cefalexin), ampioks, Rovamycinum, duratsef, cefazolin, etc. At the same time in a complex with antibiotics at antritis also drug with antihistaminic action for the purpose of reduction of puffiness of a mucous membrane is appointed. Purpose of Suprastinum, tavegil, a Dimedrol, Diazolinum is possible.

In complex drug treatment also homeopathic medicines which take off pain are often used, reduce puffiness. If at patients reactions to other medicines are observed, or antritis proceeds easily, it is possible to appoint homeopathic medicines independently.

As means for topical administration drops in a nose with vasoconstrictive action are used: Halazolinum, Naphthyzinum, tizin, sanorin. Digging in drops in a nose, it is necessary to lie on one side and to dig in drug in that half of a nose on which the person lies. It is important that drops got on a nose sidewall. After an instillation of drops in a few minutes it is possible to irrigate a nasal cavity with aerosols Cametonum, Bioparox or Inhalyptum.

гайморитAlso washing of a nasal cavity with use of the solutions having antimicrobic and antiinflammatory properties is applied to treatment of antritis. It can be solutions of Furacilin, a hlorofillipt and others.

Treatment of antritis in house conditions can also mean use of rinsing of a nose. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare saline solution, using one teaspoon of salt on a half-glass of water. It is possible to add a little potassium permanganate to water or iodine. There are also other antritis medicines which are used for washing of a nose. Treatment of antritis folk remedies means also use of broths of herbs. For this purpose broths of a calendula medicinal, a thyme, a Labrador tea marsh, camomiles pharmaceutical, a sage medicinal and other herbs approach. Washing can be carried out by means of the syringe: it is necessary to remove a needle and to gradually enter solution into a nose, doing it gradually and very carefully. In this case it is important to work very carefully, there is a danger of hit of liquid in ear pass through an Eustachian tube. Washing of nostrils is made serially.

Among methods of treatment of antritis folk remedies in the efficient way is also warming of bosoms by means of salt which needs to be heated and filled up in a sack from fabric.

It is possible to cook two eggs and to warm them a nose on both sides. Also the warming balm is applied: skin should be greased with it in bosoms. Here Asterisk balm will approach, for example. However it is very important to consider that all procedures directed to warming can be carried out only in case of normal outflow of pus. If there is no outflow, then there is a danger to aggravate a situation.

Hypostasis effectively is removed by means of inhalations which carrying out at the same time promotes fluidifying of contents of bosoms. In house conditions inhalation can be carried out, having bent over a bowl with hot broth and having covered it is dense a towel or a blanket. In this case broth of a camomile pharmaceutical, a celandine, a calendula, a train will approach.

At treatment of antritis also folk remedies are applied to an instillation in a nose. So, in a nose about two drops of juice of a cyclamen are recommended to drip. After such procedure of the patient can sneeze and cough much, and later from a nose strong mucifying begins. This means can be applied only at a pus otkhozhdeniya, otherwise emergence of complications of a disease is possible.

Good method of treatment at antritis is aloe juice which is dug in in a nose several times a day on three-five drops. Also other options of drops in a nose are possible: for this purpose it is possible to mix potatoes juice, juice of onions and honey in equal proportions.

Dig in in a nose and oils: sea-buckthorn, Menthol oil, oil of a dogrose and a tea tree will approach.

To remove hypostasis and to disinfect bosoms, it is possible to use the tampons impregnated with the propolis diluted in sunflower oil. Also well compresses which are put on area of bosoms influence. The polished horse-radish wrapped in fabric or the napkin impregnated with broth of laurel leaves is suitable for a compress. It should be put to a nose bridge and a forehead and to cover with fabric for preservation of heat.

Sudorifics, for example, broths of a linden, raspberry, it is recommended to accept inside throughout all course of a disease.

Complications of antritis

ГайморитIn case of untimely treatment of antritis the inflammation can extend to an eye-socket, having provoked developing of hypostasis a century, phlegmon of an eye-socket, abscess a century. Also the inflammation can affect a skull, causing brain abscesses, encephalitis, meningitis. Also severe form of antritis can become the blood poisoning reason.

Prevention of antritis

For prevention of antritis it is important to avoid infections and in time to treat all diseases which complications can be antritis. The hardening and a healthy lifestyle are effective preventive measures for avoiding of catarrhal diseases.

It is impossible to ignore a condition of air humidity in premises. Dry air negatively influences a mucous membrane of a nose and adnexal bosoms. Therefore, tendency to self-cleaning decreases, and the risk of development of sinusitis considerably increases. Therefore air needs to be moistened with all available methods. It is useful for the people who earlier had antritis to do inhalations for prevention. In this case inhalation of water vapor without additional resources will approach.

Both for prevention, and for treatment massage in adnexal bosoms which promotes inflow of blood and the prevention of developments of stagnation is used. The active vysmarkivaniye of a nose also helps to clear bosoms.

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