Aerated water increases risk of display of a depression

Sweet drinks can become the depression reason, scientists warn. Besides the American researchers say that coffee can reduce risk of display of a depression several.

Volunteers to whom they suggested to drink regularly drinks with the content of sugar – fruit punch, sweet tea, carbonated drinks took part in research. As it became clear, at people who drank every day more than 4 cans or glasses of aerated water (including dietary), the risk of development of a depression in the supervision period in comparison with those who did not use aerated water at all increased by 30%. And here at the volunteers who were constantly drinking coffee, the risk of display of a depression decreased by 10%.

Meanwhile researchers speak about preliminary data as they did not pass studying by external experts yet and were not published in editions of a medical profile. But, in spite of the fact that biological mechanisms of communication of a depression and sweet drinks are not clear to scientists yet, but a research conclusion accurate: sweet aerated water negatively influences mental health of the person. Therefore, reduction of the use of such drinks can reduce much more risk of development of a depression in the person.

By the way, several months earlier the American researchers reported that sweet aerated water significantly increases risk of display of heart failure at men. And, it is enough to drink only one can of soda a day, and the chance to ache with heart failure increases for 20% if to compare to people who are not fond of such drinks. Besides the continuous use of such drinks increases the content in blood of the lipids harmful to an organism.

Besides, the regular use of aerated water provokes emergence of excess weight, an osteoarthrosis, diabetes mellitus and other unpleasant diseases.

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