Where to take calcium?

The correct diet, existence in a diet of the products containing a large amount of calcium will help to avoid a lack of calcium of an organism. Normal the number of daily consumption of calcium has to be not less than 1000 mg. If the age stepped over a mark of 45 years, then this quantity has to increase to 1500-2000 mg.

All of us know that most of all calcium contains in dairy products. It should be noted that not only the amount of this substance, but also extent of assimilation by its human body is of great importance. And so, from dairy products the alimentary system acquires calcium the easiest.

Also there is a lot of calcium necessary for us contains in dried fruits, nuts, fish, greens. It is possible to use, of course, calcium medicines, such as calcium a gluconate or a set of expensive modern drugs created on the basis of the same calcium of a gluconate. But it should be noted that, following the tastes of pharmaceutical industry, we pay for those substances which have to get to an organism in the natural way. Digestion of calcium comes from medicinal substances much worse, besides medicamentous methods of treatment always have the contraindications and what contraindications the celery can have, for example?

For replenishment of an organism calcium it is also possible to use powder from an egg shell. It is daily possible to use 1,5-3 g of powder of a shell, depending on age. That it was rather small, it is the best of all to grind a shell in the coffee grinder. By the way, the shell of eggs with addition of lemon juice, well helps also at treatment of rickets at children. Treatment by an egg shell — the best and cheap means. To women to begin to accept it it is necessary at least for 3 years prior to the beginning of a climax, to men — after 45 flyings.

Accepting calcium and kaltsiysoderzhashchy drugs, it is necessary to adhere to required quantity since surplus of this element increases risk of development of heart diseases.

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