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  • Latin name: Hexoral tabs
  • ATH code: A01AB12
  • Active ingredient: Amilmetakrezol + Dikhlorbenzilovy alcohol (Amylmetacresol + Dichlorobenzyl alcohol)
  • Producer: Catalent Germany Schorndorf GmbH (Germany)


Geksoral Tabs contains active ingredients of a hlorgeksidin in structure dihydrochloride and benzocaine, and also auxiliary components: peppermint oil, izomalt, menthol, aspartame, methyl-isopropyl phenol, water.

Release form

Tablets Geksoral Tabs are made for a rassasyvaniye. These are biconvex, round, opaque tablets which surface rough. The shade can be from yellowish-gray to ochroleucous. Coloring can be uneven, roughness of edges and presence of vials of air is allowed. There can be a white plaque. Contain in the blister on 10 pieces, in packaging from a cardboard – 2 blisters.

Pharmacological action

Geksoral Tabs Klassik contains two active ingredients therefore makes double impact. Its antibacterial influence is connected with existence in structure of medicine of a hlorgeksidin. Local anesthetic benzocaine reduces painful symptoms.

Hlorgeksidin provides a wide range of antibacterial influence in relation to gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Substance destroys a cytoplasmic membrane of a cell of a bacterium. The low performance concerning dermatophytes, barmy mushrooms, mycobacteria, also separate types of Pseudomonas and Proteus is noted it.

Most effectively works hlorgeksidin in alkalescent or in the neutral environment. Is less active in acid medium.

In the course of a rassasyvaniye of tablets with hlorgeksidiny the quantity of bacteria in saliva considerably decreases. If hlorgeksidin it is applied for several months, its efficiency decreases in view of lowering of sensitivity of bacteria.

Benzocaine is local anesthetic, reduces a stomatalgia and to a throat for a long span. Substance gets through lipophilic sites of a membrane of cells and influences peripheral pain receptors of skin and mucous, covers and skin.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

There is no information on absorption of a hlorgeksidin through mucous an oral cavity. In saliva substance can remain till 8 o'clock.

Benzocaine has the anesthetizing effect through 15-30 from later use, it gradually decreases as substance is diluted with saliva (it happens over 5-10 minutes). In water it is dissolved a little therefore it is soaked up slowly. It is split by esterase in a liver and a blood plasma. As a result, there is a formation of paraaminobenzoic acid and the alcohol which is metabolized to A. Vyvoditsya's atsetilkoferment through kidneys.

Indications to use

Tablets Geksoral Tabs are applied in the following cases:

  • at diseases of a throat or an oral cavity which have infectious and inflammatory character;
  • at quinsy, pharyngitis, other inflammatory diseases of a throat;
  • at an ulitis;
  • at stomatitis.


It is not necessary to apply Geksoral Tabs in such cases:

  • at high sensitivity to HP ingredients;
  • in the presence in an oral cavity or in a throat of wounds or ulcers;
  • in case of low concentration of cholinesterase in plasma;
  • to children till 4 flyings.

Drug in the presence of desquamative and erosive defeats of a mucous oral cavity is carefully used.

Side effects

If to apply Geksoral Tabs throughout a long span, short disturbance of taste, and also numbness of language can be noted. Emergence of reversible discoloration of language and teeth is possible.

If at the patient hypersensitivity to benzocaine is noted, allergic reactions up to development of an acute anaphylaxis can seldom be noted.

Benzocaine can provoke a methemoglobinemia at children.

Tablets Geksoral Tabs, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The application instruction Geksoral Tabs provides that medicine is applied by a slow rassasyvaniye in a mouth until the tablet completely is not dissolved.

It is necessary to take a pill at once after the first symptoms of a disease were shown. Reception continues for several days after symptoms disappeared.

Adults and teenagers after 12 flyings have to rassasyvat on 1 tablet in 1-2 hours, however it is impossible to take more than 8 pill a day.

Patients aged from 4 till 12 flyings can take no more than 4 pill a day.

Before use it is necessary to consult with the specialist.


If the patient accepts drug according to the instruction, then overdose is impossible in view of the fact that hlorgeksidin it is almost not soaked up in blood.

Benzocaine is soaked up slightly. Overdose of benzocaine happens at the wrong use of means. In that case there can be a toxic action on TsNS at which there is vomiting, spasms, a tremor, there is an oppression of the central nervous system later. At high toxic concentration there can be bradycardia, blockade of AV of conductivity and a cardiac standstill. It is necessary to consider that benzocaine can provoke manifestation of a methemoglobinemia, especially at children. This state accompanies asthma and cyanosis.

In case of symptoms of overdose the induction of vomiting and carrying out a gastric lavage is necessary. Absorbent carbon can be also appointed.

In case of spasms appoint Diazepam or high-speed barbiturates. If the hypoxia and an anoxia develops, carry out an artificial respiration and oxygen support. At a cardiac standstill the cardiac massage practices. In case of a methemoglobinemia about 50 ml of 1% of solution of methylene blue are applied intravenously.


In view of formation of a metabolite of benzocaine — 4-aminobenzoic acid – antibacterial activity of aminosalicylates and sulfonamides decreases.

The effect of a hlorgeksidin decreases at a concomitant use of polysorbate 80, sucrose, insoluble salts of magnesium, calcium and zinc.

Terms of sale

It is implemented without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is possible to store Geksoral Tabs at t not above 25 °C, to protect from access for children.

Period of validity

Store 3 years.

Special instructions

It is necessary to consider that benzocaine can provoke a methemoglobinemia at which at the patient skin color, nails, lips on a pale, blue or gray shade can change. Also an asthma, strong fatigue, tachycardia develops. The risk of manifestation of this state at children is higher. Therefore it is necessary to use this drug at children under control of adults.

As a part of medicine there is aspartame, derivative phenylalanine that is dangerous to the people suffering from a fenilketonuriya.

It is necessary to apply carefully means at children and at people with disturbances of swallowing and aspiration because of danger of asthma.

Does not influence ability to drive transport and to perform those operations which demand the increased concentration of attention.

Patients with diabetes have to consider that one tablet corresponds to 0,1 XE.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Analogs of means Geksoral Tabs are drugs Geksetidin, Maksisprey, Stopangin, Stomatidin, Maxicold Laure, etc.


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