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  • Latin name: Hexoral
  • ATH code: A01AB12
  • Active ingredient: Geksetidin (Hexetidine)
  • Producer: McNeil Manufacturing, Famar Orleans (France)


Active component Hexetidinum (100 mg) is a part of medicine in the form of solution, also in its structure there are auxiliary ingredients: polysorbate 60, ethanol of 96%, oil anisic, peppermint oil, eucalyptus and clove oils, monohydrate of citric acid, left menthol, sodium saccharin, methyl salicylate, azoruby, 85% water.

Active component Hexetidinum (200 mg), and also additional components is a part of medicine in the form of an aerosol: polysorbate 80, monohydrate of citric acid, left menthol, saccharinate of sodium, calcium sodium edetat, oil of leaves of an eucalyptus, sodium hydroxide, water.

Release form

Two forms of this medicine are made: solution and aerosol.

  • Solution Geksoral of 0.1% is the transparent solution of red color possessing aroma of mint. Contains in bottles on 200 ml which are packed into packs from a cardboard.
  • The aerosol Geksoral of 0.2% is the transparent liquid without color possessing a menthol smell. Contains in aerosol cans on 40 ml, the nozzle sprayer is included in the package.

Pharmacological action

The summary contains information that Geksoral is antiseptic medicine.

The antimicrobic effect of this drug is caused by the fact that it suppresses oxidizing reactions of process of a metabolism of bacteria (active agent is an antagonist of thiamin). Geksoral has a wide range of antifungal and antibacterial influence. It is active in relation to mushrooms of Candida and gram-positive bacteria. Also it can be effective at treatment of those infections which provoked Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus. The majority of strains of bacteria suppresses medicine in concentration of 100 mg/ml. At the same time development of stability to drug was not noted.

Also weak anesthetizing influence on a mucous membrane is noted.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Substance Hexetidinum, getting on a mucous membrane, it adgezirutsya well, it is almost not soaked up. After use once traces of active component on a mucous membrane of gums are found for 65 hours. Existence of active concentration of substance in plaques on teeth is noted for 10-14 hours after use.

Indications to use

Means Geksoral spray and solution are applied in the following cases:

  • at infectious inflammatory diseases of a throat and an oral cavity;
  • in complex therapy of serious feverish or purulent illnesses of a throat and an oral cavity and a throat at which antibiotics and streptocides are appointed;
  • at tonsillitis;
  • at quinsy;
  • at pharyngitis;
  • at periodontopathias;
  • at an ulitis and bleeding of gums;
  • at aphthous ulcers, a glossitis, stomatitis, and also for prevention of superinfections;
  • at candidosis stomatitis, and also some other fungal infections of a throat and oral cavity;
  • in case of infection of alveoluses after tooth was extracted;
  • during the period before carrying out operations of a throat and an oral cavity and after them;
  • for the purpose of ensuring additional hygiene of a mouth at the general diseases;
  • for elimination of a bad smell from a mouth, in particular people with the collapsing tumors have drinks and oral cavities;
  • as auxiliary drug at treatment of colds.


Such contraindications are defined:

  • high degree of sensitivity to means components;
  • children's age till three years.

Side effects

By-effects are noted seldom. Reactions of high sensitivity to Geksoral are sometimes shown, also at long use taste can be broken.

Application instruction of Geksoral (Way and dosage)

Solution Geksoral, application instruction

Solution is shown for rinsing of a throat and a mouth.

Adults and children after 3 flyings should apply to rinsing 15 ml of solution not divorced, it is necessary to rinse not less than 30 seconds a mouth and a throat. It is necessary to do it two times – in the morning and in the evening. If the oral cavity illness needs to treat, it is possible to apply solution, using a tampon.

As active component adgezirutsya on mucous, providing effect, it needs to be used after meal.

It is possible to use drug more often as it is safe means. It is impossible to swallow this solution. Duration of treatment is determined by the doctor, it depends on an illness.

Aerosol Geksoral, application instruction

The application instruction of spray provides that children can apply it after three years and the adult, spraying an aerosol in an oral cavity and a throat.

To spray a single dose, it needs to be done for 1-2 seconds. Two times — and spray in the morning means in the evening. If necessary it is possible to spray means more often as it is safe. It is necessary to apply spray after food. Duration depends on an illness, it is defined by the doctor.


Substance Hexetidinum is not toxic in that dosage which is specified in the instruction.

If the person swallowed a large amount of drug, vomiting therefore essential absorption does not happen is noted. It is not recorded alcoholic poisoning cases at a drug proglatyvaniye.

For two hours after a proglatyvaniye of high doses of drug it is necessary to carry out a gastric lavage, to carry out symptomatic therapy. It is important to consult with the specialist after a proglatyvaniye of high doses of medicine.


There is no description of interaction of Geksoral with other drugs.

Terms of sale

It is possible to buy without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store solution at t to 25 °C, to protect from children.

It is necessary to store an aerosol at t to 30 °C, to protect from children.

Period of validity

Solution and aerosol Geksoral store 2 years

After the barrel was opened, its contents can be used for 6 months.

Special instructions

Solution is admissible to be applied to rinsing only if the patient is capable to spit out liquid after rinsing.

It is necessary to consider that Geksoral solution contains 96% ethanol.

At treatment influence on an opportunity to drive transport or to be engaged in other activity demanding concentration of attention is not noted.

Geksoral's analogs

Analogs of this medicine are drugs Stomatidin, Geksosept, Stopangin, Geksetidin, etc. The doctor has to select the most optimum drug.

That it is better: Inhalyptum or Geksoral?

In general, impact of these drugs on an organism similar. But Inhalyptum is appointed at narrower range of diseases. Inhalyptum is cheaper than Geksoral several times.


  • Geksoral of 0,2% an aerosol for topical administration 40mlfamar the Orleans (Johnson & Johnson)
  • Geksoral of 0,1% solution for topical administration 200mlmaknil Menyyufekchuring (FRANCE)
  • Geksoral tabs tablet No. 20 for rassasyvaniyasoldan Holding
  • Geksoral tabs the classic a tablet Lemon No. 16 for a rassasyvaniyayunik of Pharmaceutical Laboratoriz (Otdeleni
  • Geksoral tabs the classic tablet Orange No. 16 for a rassasyvaniyayunik of Pharmaceutical Laboratoriz (Otdeleni

Drugstore of IFC

  • Geksoral tabs the classic tbl for rassas No. 16 orange, Unique Pharmaceuticalindiya
  • Geksoral solution of 0.1% 200 ml, McNeil Manufacturing/Johnson & Johnsonfrantion
  • Geksoral tbl for rassas No. 20, Pfizer/Gedeke Aggermaniya
  • Geksoral aer 0.2% 40 ml + насадки-распыл.№4 (family upak.), Famar Orleansfrantion
  • Geksoral tabs the classic tbl for rassas No. 16 a lemon honey, Unique Pharmaceuticalindiya
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  • Geksoralpfizer P.G.M. (France)
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