Hemorrhoids after the delivery

Hemorrhoids are a disease of which display of a varicosity of a lower part of a rectum is characteristic. This illness – very widespread problem among the population. The aggravation or emergence of hemorrhoids is rather frequent occurs at women during pregnancy or at once after the delivery.

Hemorrhoids reasons after the delivery

In this case there is no communication with displays of hemorrhoids and the woman's weight, a current and severity of its childbirth. Postnatal hemorrhoids develop at women who have a weak venous wall that is caused by a hereditary favor.

Changes of a female organism during pregnancy become the contributing factor to development of hemorrhoids. On big term strongly increased uterus perelavlivat the main venous vessels.

Besides during incubation of the child the woman, as a rule, gains more than ten kilograms of excess weight that becomes the accessory factor provoking development of hemorrhoids. In the course of patrimonial activity the situation can be aggravated as the heavy and proceeding a long time attempts can also provoke emergence of hemorrhoids. At this time there is a sharp increase of pressure in a small basin and intra belly pressure. The volume of veins of a rectum which with such pressure are overflowed with blood increase. There is a thickening of walls and the hemorrhoidal node is formed. Such hemorrhoidal nodes appear both on external, and on an outside surface of an anus. Especially often women whose way of life even before pregnancy was slow-moving, and food – to the wrong, promoting frequent locks suffer from hemorrhoids.

After the child was born, the majority of the factors influencing development of hemorrhoids disappear. However the shown illness at the same time remains, and hemorrhoidal nodes continue to give to the woman a notable inconvenience. Sometimes hemorrhoids are after the delivery shown together with proctal cracks. At such state the woman notes that in a chair impurity of scarlet blood is shown. If the hemorrhoidal node is damaged, then already dark venous blood appears.

Hemorrhoids symptoms after the delivery

геморрой после родовDespite a dynamic rhythm of life, young mother has to watch own state and pay attention to alarming symptoms. It is necessary to address the specialist coloproctologist if in the course of defecation from an anus blood is emitted, periodically hemorrhoidal nodes drop out of an anus. Reason for concern is also manifestation of pain in the course of defecation, emergence of burning and a proctal itch, feeling of a foreign subject in an anus, feeling that emptying was incomplete and periodic false desires.

Hemorrhoids can be subdivided on acute and chronic. At acute hemorrhoids strong morbidity of nodes in an anus is noted, at the woman at the same time temperature can rise, be shown severe pain in the course of defecation. Emergence of bloody allocations in the course of defecation and after it is characteristic of chronic hemorrhoids. Also the woman feels constant discomfort in the field of an anus.

Also hemorrhoids are divided into several stages depending on weight of its manifestations. At the first stage of an illness protrusion of hemorrhoidal nodes happens only in a rectum gleam, they do not leave an anus. At the second stage of an illness nodes become more and already sag from an anus. But if the patient changes a body position, then nodes are set in a gut back. At the third stage of hemorrhoids hemorrhoidal nodes already sag constantly and are not set back.

Treatment of hemorrhoids after the delivery

This disease it is necessary to ignore and to treat, believing that over time symptoms will disappear independently. Also that fact that if the hemorrhoidal node is located in an anus, then developing of bleeding is possible is dangerous. Such state is dangerous to recently given rise woman as provokes developing of anemia against a natural puerperal anemia.

If symptoms of a disease are too expressed and give a considerable inconvenience, then it is reasonable to address for consultation the doctor-proctologist.

However young mother for the prevention of aggravation of a situation has to adhere to some recommendations which will help to reduce displays of hemorrhoids after the delivery. First of all, it is important to arrange the mode and a food allowance not to allow manifestation of locks. For this purpose every day it is necessary to use fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly squeezed juice. Also everyday walks, gymnastics will help to avoid locks.

Treatment of hemorrhoids after the delivery provides use of some specially developed drugs – mainly ointments and candles. But the nursing mother has to consider that without appointment of the doctor she as they can influence composition of milk cannot use medicines.

Thus, treatment of hemorrhoids is subdivided after the delivery into several stages, depending on that how heavy illness degree is. Initially ointments, tablets, and also candles from hemorrhoids after the delivery are applied to removal of hypostases, recovery of fabrics and the anesthetizing influence.

геморрой после родовThe following stage promoting disposal of this unpleasant illness is the correct approach to food for ensuring normal exchange processes in an organism and regular daily defecation. Some time is desirable to keep to a rigid diet with the high content of cellulose. After the delivery many women have problems with a chair, and frequent locks provoke an exacerbation of hemorrhoids. In a diet there should not be acute, acid, salty products which annoyingly influence the places affected with hemorrhoids.

The following stage of treatment of hemorrhoids after the delivery is regular performance of exercises of special remedial gymnastics about which the woman will be told by the doctor. It is not less important to try to make the way of life the most active therefore it is the best of all to walk much with the kid on foot, but not to sit on a shop with a carriage. When sitting, especially long, pressure upon an anus significantly increases, and as a result the state is aggravated. Very good effect is shown from Kegel's exercises. They strengthen muscles around an anus, and also improve a blood stream in a rectum. At the women who are regularly carrying out these exercises, repeatedly hemorrhoids are shown very seldom. Such exercises consist of three parts. It is initially necessary to squeeze slowly crotch muscles, after that to count to three and to relax completely. The following stage – fast reduction and relaxation of muscles. Further the pushing out stage follows for what it is necessary to make an effort moderately down. Such trainings need to be done on five times a day, repeating each stage on ten times. Over time the number of approaches needs to be increased to thirty in day.

There are some efficient recipes of traditional medicine which can be used for treatment of puerperal hemorrhoids. For preparation of solution for syringing it is necessary to take three heads of fresh garlic, to crush them and to fill in with one glass of hot milk. This mix needs to be boiled and, having cooled to room temperature, before going to bed to do them syringing. Approximately after the fifth use of this mix there has to come the simplification.

It is also possible to prepare solution for steam trays. For this purpose it is necessary to take four bulbs and to fill in them with one liter of milk, before that without cutting and without clearing. For an hour of a bulb it is necessary to boil in milk until liquid does not gain pink color. After that to use it for steam trays which have to last for ten minutes. This method effectively helps to get rid of outside nodes, and also heals cracks in an anus.

If all specified methods do not bring results, and the condition of the woman does not improve, then carrying out a surgery is possible. But for the prevention of this extreme method treatment of hemorrhoids after the delivery needs to be begun as soon as possible. Such operation is not traumatic and is carried out very quickly.

How to facilitate a state at hemorrhoids after the delivery

геморрой после родовIt is possible to use also some recommendations which help to facilitate a condition of the woman at the aggravated hemorrhoids after the delivery. Several times for day it is possible to put small pieces of ice to an anus and to wait until they thaw. Also heat baths in which it is possible to add broths of the herbs having antiinflammatory effect (a camomile, a train) will help to relieve pain and an inflammation. However water in such bathtub has to be warm, but is not hotter.

Besides, it is important to watch that at the first desires to defecation the woman at once visited a toilet as when hardening a chair the lock is shown.

Instead of toilet paper it is desirable to use the humidified napkins. In drugstores the special napkins intended for the people having hemorrhoids are implemented.

After the delivery it is possible not only to buy candles from hemorrhoids in a drugstore, but also to make independently. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare broth of a camomile and to freeze it in such capacity that the candle turned out. Such candles can be applied for several days twice a day.

At too severe pain the feeding mother can accept an anesthetic, for example, paracetamol or an ibuprofen. However it is necessary to watch that drug was harmless to the baby, that is it was not soaked up in milk.

Prevention of hemorrhoids after the delivery

The woman has to think of prevention of hemorrhoids during the first months of pregnancy. In order that at pregnant women stagnation in veins of bodies of a small pelvis decreased, they are recommended to walk as much as possible on foot, every day to do easy gymnastics, to keep to a diet, using daily products which contain a lot of cellulose. Alcoholic beverages, hot and smoked dishes have to appear in general under a ban. Also you should not use especially salty food.

Not to provoke an aggravation of symptoms women are not recommended to wear hard belts.

The pregnant woman also has to respect the hygienic rules very carefully. It is necessary to wash away an anus water which has room temperature, with soap use. If the noticeable exacerbation of a disease takes place, then it is possible to accept periodically trays with weak solution of potassium permanganate.

It is worth to remember that postnatal hemorrhoids are one of displays of a varicosis. Therefore, prevention of varicosity is at the same time and prevention of emergence of hemorrhoids. Pregnant women need to wear special tights or to use elastic rollers, to have a rest regularly so that legs were in the raised state.

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