Genital herpes

Genital herpes is an illness which is transmitted sexually. It is provoked by a herpes simplex virus (in abbreviated form VPG). There are two types of a virus of a herpes simplex. At infection with the first VPG type at the person the oral cavity is, as a rule, infected or herpetic fever on a face (so-called oral herpes) is shown. At defeat infection of area of genitalias (so-called genital herpes) happens a virus of the second type. But also the first, and second type of a virus can provoke development of both a genital, and oral infection. Generally viruses of herpes stay in an inactive state, therefore, the expressed disease symptoms at the person are not observed. But sometimes the patients infected with such viruses have outbreaks of an illness that is expressed by display of ulcers or blisters. If the person caught VPG, then the infection will be periodically shown throughout all his life.

Distribution of genital herpes

Both types of a virus of a herpes simplex extend in the contact way. It is possible to catch in the course of a kiss, at different types of sexual contacts or in the course of direct contact "skin to skin". As the virus provoking developing of genital herpes also leads to rashes on lips, infection can occur after contact of lips and genitalias. Infection with a virus occurs when it gets to an organism through mucous membranes, damages on skin. At the same time it is even enough microscopic injuries for this purpose that the virus got into an organism.

Herpes genital is told regardless of whether is at the infected person of an ulcer, blisters or other symptoms of an illness. Very much often such infection can pass from the person who does not even know that he is infected with a virus. The highest chance to catch a herpes simplex virus — from the person who on a body has bubbles or ulcers arising both at primary, and at repeated display of genital herpes. But even people, strong indications of herpes at whom are absent, can remain infectious for one week prior to the beginning of a disease and the same period after disappearance of its symptoms.

Transfer of genital herpes happens in most cases sexually. At the same time in the household way – for example, through the things concerning personal hygiene, genital herpes is transmitted very seldom. Besides, existence of an inoculation way of infection with a virus is noted: in that case the person independently has a virus from the center of its emergence to other places. By such method the virus can get from face skin on skin of generative organs.

Now genital herpes is dostatochvno the disease extended among the population. It is proved that the virus of a herpes simplex of the second type occurs at women more often. There is also medical statistics testimonial of the fact that this type of a virus infected approximately every fourth woman and every fifth man. Perhaps, such situation develops in view of the fact that more productive is transfer of a virus from the man to the woman. Much more often VPG-2 is found in black people.

Symptoms of genital herpes

Генитальный герпесThe fact that at infection of VPG of the second type at many people symptoms are shown only very insignificant worries, or those manifestations can not be in general. However symptoms of genital herpes at adults are expressed by emergence on generative organs enough erethistic ulcers. If the disease is shown at the person whose immune system is suppressed, then the illness can proceed very hard. Except physical manifestations, genital herpes at the men and women aware of existence of an infection, often causes notable psychological discomfort.

Manifestation of symptoms of genital herpes at first can be expressed to herpetic activity very sharply. As a rule, manifestation of primary episode takes place not later, than in two weeks the field of how the virus got to an organism. At genital herpes typical rashes are shown: single bubbles or their groups arise in the field of vulvar lips, on a clitoris, a pubis, buttocks, a sacrum. There is a certain development cycle of such rashes: initially there is a hyperemia, further there is a bubble passing into a yazvochka. At the last stage of development the crust which disappears then is formed. All these stages borrow from seven to ten days. If rashes do not disappear during this time and the described dynamics is absent, then in this case it is necessary to speak not about genital herpes any more, and about other infection, for example, to staphylococcal. Very seldom at genital herpes there are rashes on a neck of uterus and mucous membranes of a vagina: such symptoms of genital herpes – it is rather, an exception.

Except emergence of ulcers symptoms of genital herpes can be expressed by emergence of repeated rashes. At the same time some time symptoms can be similar to manifestation of a fungus. Body temperature can increase, tonsils swell up. Part of people who caught this infection do not note symptoms of genital herpes at all. There can sometimes be small spots which are perceived by the patient as stings of insects or rash which very quickly passes.

If at the person primary episode of genital herpes, then, as a rule, for a year was shown, there will be recurrence of an illness. They can repeat about 4-5 times. But the most noticeable they are for the first months since infection.

There are some features of a clinical picture of this illness. If infection occurred sexually, and at the same time the VPG virus of the second type gets to a human body, then symptoms of a disease are not shown approximately in 90% of cases. Therefore, the first explicit symptoms of genital herpes demonstrate already recurrence of persistent infection, but not about an illness after recent infection.

Allocate a number of factors which can provoke display of genital herpes at women and men. First of all, it is sexual contact, and also emotional stresses, overcooling, a disease of flu, quinsy and a SARS, overfatigue, surgeries, frequent alcohol intake and other factors. Genital herpes at the woman can arise in time or after periods.

Diagnosis of genital herpes

As genital herpes can cause emergence of different symptoms of a disease in different patients, diagnosis of an illness is based not only not visual survey, but also on laboratory analyses of earlier taken scrapings from rashes. Laboratory diagnosis of genital herpes is carried out also by research of any biological material regarding existence of a virus of herpes.

To determine threat level for a fruit during pregnancy, and also to appoint if necessary adequate treatment, the special blood analysis of the pregnant woman is conducted, and if necessary amniotic waters are investigated.

Treatment of genital herpes

Генитальный герпесIt is necessary to understand that means which absolutely cures of genital herpes till today does not exist. Therefore treatment of genital herpes consists in purpose of the drugs having antiviral influence. They promote noticeable reduction of duration of an active phase of an illness, and also prevent development of an illness for that period while treatment is carried out by antiviral means.

The decision on how to treat genital herpes in each case, only the specialist has to accept. Situational therapy of genital herpes during emergence of rashes is carried out by means of the specific antiviral drugs having both local, and general system influence. In such medicines the main active ingredient is an acyclovir and its analogs. At display of genital herpes three types of drugs are most often appointed: Acyclovir (Zovirax), Valatsiklovir (valtreks), Famtsiklovir (famvir). All these drugs are appointed in the form of tablets. But if disease very heavy, then reception of an acyclovir intravenously is possible.

Besides, complex treatment sometimes assumes use of immunomodulators to increase the general nonspecific immunity. But such drugs render quite insignificant effect as the general immunity at most of patients with genital herpes does not suffer. It is necessary to carry out the therapy directed to increase of specific immunity of an organism against a herpes simplex virus. Consecutive passive immunization (for this purpose it is used gerpebin or other a herpes simplex virus immunoglobulin), and also specific active immunization with use of a herpetic vaccine is for this purpose applied.

It is necessary to remember that categorically those women who plan pregnancy, and also a lechitzabolevaniye with their use in the first trimester of incubation of the kid cannot accept an acyclovir and its derivatives. These drugs can provoke development of defects in a fruit during pre-natal development.

Pharmacological therapy cannot cure completely herpes of generative organs, but will have this illness at reception of medicines patients much easier.

At treatment of genital herpes also ointments are sometimes used, however their influence is expressed very poorly. Therefore doctors, as a rule, do not appoint such means.

At detection of symptoms of genital herpes the course of anti-virus therapy lasting up to 10 days for the first time is, as a rule, appointed. If after the termination of a course of treatment of rash nevertheless do not disappear, then extension of medicamentous therapy is possible.

One more option of therapy — incidental treatment. In this case to the person who has genital herpes the doctor appoints a certain anti-virus means which the patient uses at once when the outbreak of an illness is observed. Therefore, if the patient found bubbles or ulcers, then it is necessary to accept such drug several days (from two to five). In that case ulcers will heal much quicker.

Генитальный герпесUse of so-called supressivny treatment is in certain cases reasonable. It is about daily reception of anti-virus means by those patients who note very frequent outbreaks of genital herpes. Those people who suffer from the palindromias which are shown more than six times a year at regular reception of such means can reduce the number of recurrence of herpes by 80%. Many patients every day accepting anti-virus drugs note that the outbreaks of herpes do not happen at all. The decision on need of supressivny treatment is made by the doctor, being guided by information on frequency and weight of recurrence of an illness at the patient.

Except medical effect everyday administration of drugs with anti-virus effect provides decrease in risk of infection of the sexual partner of the patient with genital herpes. Specialists claim that prolonged treatment by the means having antiviral effect has no serious contraindications and is safe for the person.

However those people to whom supressivny treatment was appointed, at least, once a year come to an appointment which together with the patient makes the decision on whether it is necessary to continue such treatment further.

Recommendations sick genital herpes

Sometimes at the outbreak of herpes it is necessary to apply some measures of the independent house help to facilitate considerable discomfort from rashes. Before addressing the doctor, administration of drugs with analgesic effect which are released without recipe is possible: aspirin, ibuprofen. It is necessary to hold constantly the places affected with a disease dry. If to wipe a towel after washing them it is uncomfortable, then in that case it is possible to use the hair dryer for hair. It is recommended to carry the linen made of natural fabrics, for example, from cotton. Natural fabrics provide absorption of moisture and promote simplification of the general state.

Genital herpes and pregnancy.

Infection with a virus of a herpes simplex of the second type is very dangerous to pregnant women. If at childbirth the virus stays in an active phase, then there is very high risk of infection of the newborn what can lead even to a lethal outcome. Therefore at a similar situation doctors resort to carrying out Cesarean section. If childbirth matched recurrence of herpes at mother, then chances to infect the kid considerably decrease.

If the woman is going to become pregnant in the near future, then she has to pass inspection on existence of a virus of herpes in an organism. At the same time the husband of the woman who plans pregnancy does not need inspection and treatment if they have no genital herpes. The virus of the man staying in a latent stage does not threaten a fruit.

The pregnant woman should know also that what method of treatment of herpes of generative organs would not practice before conception of the child, it does not guarantee that in the course of incubation of the child rashes will not appear. The matter is that the period of pregnancy is especially serious physiological condition of an immunodeficiency in the woman's life. Therefore the outbreaks of genital herpes at pregnant women arise rather often. But if diagnosis and the subsequent treatment of genital herpes is made correctly, then each woman can have the healthy kid as a result.

Prevention of genital herpes

Генитальный герпесThe most different vaccines protecting the person from herpes were developed and applied to high-quality prevention of probable infection with genital herpes in many countries. Use of those vaccines which already exist is made according to a certain scheme. But till today developments of vaccines which reliably would protect the person from infection with a herpes infection continue.

The patient with genital herpes does not need to lead sex life till that time until all clinical displays of an illness disappear. If sexual contact nevertheless happens, then without fail during it it is necessary to apply a condom. Important also inspection of all people who had sexual contacts with the infected herpes sick. The correct use of condoms at one and all sexual contacts allows to provide a certain level of protection against infection with a virus. However herpetic ulcers not always are only on the places protected by a condom. Therefore transfer of a virus all the same can happen. Therefore, if the sexual partner of the person is sick with genital herpes, it is necessary to exclude completely sexual contacts for presence of visible symptoms of an illness, and out of active phases of an infection it is necessary to use a condom surely.

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