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  • Latin name: Heptor
  • ATH code: A16AA02
  • Active ingredient: Ademetionin (Ademetionine)
  • Producer: Veropharm of joint stock company (Russia)


Tablets have as a part of MNN S-adenozilmetionin (in terms of ademetionin). Also in its structure there is a number of additional substances: MKTs, poliplasdon Ickx El-10 (krospovidon), magnesium stearate, Mannitolum.

Release form

Drug is issued in the form of tablets which are covered by the yellow cover which is dissolved in intestines. At cross section two layers are looked through. Tablets are packed into the blister on 10 pieces, 1 or 2 such blisters keep within a cardboard box. Also tablets are implemented in banks from polymer or from dark glass into which about 20, 40 or 50 tablets are packed.

Also drug is let out in the form of lyophilisate from which solution prepares. It is entered intravenously and intramusculary. Medicine contains in a bottle which is packed into a cardboard pack.

Pharmacological action

Geptor is gepatoprotektorny means which, besides, exerts antidepressive impact. This means renders the regenerating, antioxidant, detoksikatsionny, antifibroziruyushchy, neuroprotective impact on an organism.

Active component of means is ademetionin. This substance takes part in some biochemical processes in a human body, activates products of an endogenous ademetionin. This substance is in fabrics, and also in biological liquids of an organism. He participates in biochemical reactions. Also ademetionin is a predecessor of polyamines including the putrestsin stimulating recovery of cells and proliferation of hepatocytes.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Drug in the form of tablets is covered by a cover which is dissolved in intestines, therefore, active ingredient is released directly in a duodenum. After the peroral use bioavailability equals 5%. The maximum concentration of drug is observed in 2-6 hours after the patient accepts it in a dose of 400 mg once.

Active ingredient slightly contacts proteins of plasma. In cerebrospinal fluid high concentration of drug is observed. Active agent gets through GEB.

Biotransformation of means occurs in a liver. It is brought out of an organism by kidneys, the elimination half-life makes 1.5 hours.

Indications to Geptor's use

Indications to drug use the following:


Drug is not appointed if at the patient the intolerance of a certain component of medicine is noted. With care treatment of people by Geptor for whom cirrhosis is diagnosed, it is associated with a hyperazotemia is carried out. In that case treatment is carried out only on condition of a constant control of content of nitrogen in a blood plasma.

Side effects

As a rule, Geptor is well had. Only in certain cases in the course of treatment the sensation of discomfort in the area epigastriums, the active ingredient connected with acid pH is noted. As a rule, this by-effect disappears independently and does not demand cancellation of treatment or additional therapy by other means. Allergic reactions can seldom develop.

Application instruction of Geptor (Way and dosage)

Before administration of drug Geptor the application instruction has to be attentively read. Means is applied orally, it is desirable to swallow tablets entirely, without chewing them and without crushing. It is necessary to take out a tablet from packaging at once before reception. The application instruction of Geptor provides that for receiving the maximum effect it is desirable to accept Geptor during the period between meals.

What is the time treatment has to continue, the doctor, in view of a condition of the patient defines. For the supporting treatment to adults from 2 to 4 tablets every day are appointed. They need to be accepted in stages.

On average treatment by means continues from 2 to 4 weeks. If there is such need, the repeated course of treatment can be appointed. Tablets and an ampoule Geptor should not be used in the evening as tonic influence of funds for an organism can be noted.


There are no data on overdose by drug Geptor.


There are no data on manifestation of medicinal interaction of means.

Terms of sale

In drugstores Geptor is implemented according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to keep tablets in original packaging, it is necessary to protect them from hit of direct sunshine. At the same time temperature has to make from 15 to 25 degrees.

Period of validity

Geptor it is possible to store 2 years.

Special instructions

Because drug has tonic effect, means should not be applied before going to bed.

If the course of treatment to these HP is appointed to the people having cirrhosis against a hyperazotemia, then it is necessary to provide accurate control of content of nitrogen in blood.

The special cover of tablets is dissolved only in intestines therefore release of active ingredient happens after hit of a tablet in a duodenum.

At the people suffering from bipolar affective disorder at treatment ademetioniny inversion of affect can be induced.

At treatment by Geptor influence on ability of the person to driving of transport and work with exact mechanisms is not noted.



Analogs of drug Geptor are medicines Geptral and Adenozilmetionin making similar impact on the patient's organism.

That it is better: Geptor or Geptral?

Both Geptor, and Geptral in a basis have similar active ingredient — ademetionin. Therefore their action on a metabolism in cells of a liver and brain of the person practically does not differ. Geptral is implemented in the form of tablets, and also pricks for introduction intravenously and intramusculary. The main differences – the producer and cost of these drugs. Geptor – drug of a domestic production. Geptral let out in Italy, according to its cost is higher.

To children

It is not applied to therapy of children and teenagers to 18-year age.

At pregnancy and a lactation

In the first two trimesters of pregnancy it is impossible to apply Geptor. In the third trimester means can be appointed only if such decision is made by the attending physician. At the same time important regularly and very accurately to control a state of health of mother and a fruit. In months of feeding the woman can practice treatment only the Geptory ambassador of appointment of the doctor who makes the decision on a possibility of continuation of breastfeeding.

About Geptore

Visiting a specialized forum or the site, it is possible to find numerous About Geptore. Patients note rather low cost of drug, and also convenience of its use as advantage. Responses of doctors testify to a positive effect after passing of a course of treatment drug. Improvement of a state is noted already in the course of treatment, however it is necessary to adhere surely to that scheme of treatment which was appointed by the doctor.


  • Geptor of 400 mg No. 20 tabletkiverofarm joint stock company
  • Geptordeyli No. 30 tabletkiverofarm joint stock company
  • Geptor liofizat for solution for in/in and introductions of 400 mg No. 5 in oil (with solvent a lysine) LLC Lens-Farm

Drugstore of IFC

  • Geptor tbl p / about 400 mg No. 20, Veropharm / the Voronezh branch (Voronezh) Russia
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