Gerimaks Drive

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  • Latin name: Gerimax Drive
  • ATH code: A13A
  • Active ingredient: Ginseng + guarana Extract + Dextrose (Panax ginseng + Paullinia cupana + Glucosa)
  • Producer: A.S. Aksellus, Denmark


As a part of Gerimaks Drive there is a ginseng root extract, glucose, guarana extract + additional ingredients (sorbitol, the amplifier of taste, to potassium atsesulfa, water, fragrance of a stake and a lime, potassium sorbate, dihydrochalcone neohesperidin).

Release form

Solution for intake. Let out in bottles from dark glass 30, 150 or 500 ml; happens to taste of Coca or blackcurrant.

Pharmacological action

Drug makes psychogogic impact.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The components which are a part of means make the general stimulating impact on an organism, improve microblood circulation, load with energy.

Dextrose (glucose) is a source of fast carbohydrates and energy. The component which is contained in guarana extract Guaraninum begins to work in half an hour after the person took this medicine. It it is soft, but for a long time stimulates a nervous system, without influencing functioning of a gastrointestinal tract.

Extract of a ginseng has the effect all-stimulating, accelerating a metabolism, raises a tone and a potentiality at men.

Solution is quickly soaked up in a gastrointestinal tract.

Indications to use

Indications to reception Gerimaks Drive are:


Reception of a complex is contraindicated at:

Reception Gerimaks Drive by children till 15 flyings is not recommended.

Side effects

Display of an allergy, sleep disorder is possible.

Application instruction (Way and dosage)

Means is accepted inside, on 4 teaspoons a day. The course of treatment makes from two weeks to one month.


There are no data on overdose by means.


Practically does not occur, however before administration of drug nevertheless it is worth consulting with the doctor.

Terms of sale

To get Gerimaks Drive, the recipe is not necessary.

Storage conditions

In the cool place.

Period of validity

24 months.

About Gerimaks Drive

Generally responses positive. Means approaches quickly to cheer up since morning, is easily transferred. Side effects appear seldom. But you should not be fond strongly of drug and to accept longer than the put term.

The price where to buy

It is possible to buy dietary supplement in any drugstore. The cost of a bottle with a capacity of 150 ml – 323 rubles.


  • Gerimaks Drive of a chern.smorodin of 150 ml
  • Gerimaks Drive Coca 150mlnikomed
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