Herpes (from the Ancient Greek word "gerpeyn" — to creep) — group of viral diseases which is followed by an enanthesis and mucous membranes. The most common forms of herpes are just the herpes and herpes surrounding.

Distinguish two main kinds of a virus of a herpes simplex — the 1st and 2nd type. The virus of herpes of type 1 (HSV-1) is shown in formation of ulcers and bubbles about a mouth and in a nose which arise periodically. The virus of herpes of type 2 (HSV-2) is connected with infection of generative organs (genital herpes). Also the herpes virus, in addition to skin and mucous membranes, can affect ears, a throat, eyes.

Distinguish primary and recurrent herpes. Primary form of a disease happens at direct infection with a herpes infection. Most often primary herpes occurs at children and proceeds usually hard. It is caused by the fact that the virus gets into the central nervous system. Secondary or recurrent herpes is shown as a result of activation in an infection organism. Secondary herpes can arise several times a year. More often it occurs during a cold time.

The virus gets to an organism through microcracks of skin and mucous membranes (a stomatopharynx, an urethra, etc.), after that it gets to nerve knots of the central nervous system where remains in a latent state.

The person can catch herpes both as a result of contact with gerpesny rash, and during contact with allocations of patients through household objects. Genital herpes indulges generally at sexual contacts, and also at kisses, and belongs to group of diseases sexually transmitted.

Distribution of a herpes infection happens at the time of delivery when infection of newborns occurs from the infected mother.

Basic reasons of display of herpes, overcooling, an organism overheat ("solar" herpes), mental or physical injuries, excessive alcohol intake, hormonal changes, medical manipulations (including and abortions), and also decrease in immunity are.

Herpes symptoms

Symptoms of herpes are shown in 3-7 days after contact with the sick person in the form of erubescence and education on this place of painful bubbles with transparent contents with a diameter of 0,1-0,3 cm Due to body resistance lowering, at patients with herpes of a yazvochka can arise also in the sky, an internal surface of cheeks, language, almonds. Herpes in such situation is more similar to a respiratory disease.

Genital herpes proceeds more sharply, arising on a mucous membrane of generative organs. It leads to formation of ulcers, and also damage of a vagina, neck of uterus at women, and to damage of an urethra, prostate and testicles at men.

At herpes lymph nodes can be increased, process of an urination is broken, pains both at rest are often observed, and at an urination.

At women symptoms of herpes begin with emergence of pains in the bottom of a stomach and in the field of generative organs, putreform allocations from a vagina. Often it is followed by temperature increase, head and muscular pain, an indisposition. After infection with herpes in 3-7 days in places of primary defeat small bubbles, gradually shrinking in clusters appear. Clusters ulcerate, burst, and on their place there are painful yazvochka covered with crusts then the surface of skin begins to live without leaving hems. Genital herpes at women is localized as on a mucous membrane of a vagina and a neck of uterus, and on a clitoris and in the field of vulvar lips, and also on skin of buttocks and internal part of hips.

At men herpes is shown on a balanus, a prepuce, an urethra. Patients complain of pain, burning in an urethra during an urination.

Prevention of herpes

Treat prevention of herpes observance of the special diet directed to immunity strengthening which includes in sufficient quantity vitamins of groups A, C, E, and also a microelement zinc. Also the hardening, vitamin therapy are of great importance for prevention of a disease. It is also important to follow rules of personal hygiene, to treat chronic diseases and to strengthen immune system of an organism. It is necessary to avoid overcoolings, not to be long under direct sunshine, not to be fond of coffee and alcohol, in particular of beer, and also sparkling sweet drinks.

Treatment of herpes

Лечение герпесаIn the absence of treatment disease symptoms independently pass through 1-2 weeks, however afterwards at ¾ caught recurrence of a disease is observed.

Treatment of a virus of herpes is based on use of antiviral drugs in combination with immunomodulatory therapy and individual selection of medicines. In similar complex treatment use immunomodulators, biogenic stimulators, adaptogens (for example, ginseng tincture).

Also also the antiviral chemotherapy in which main place is taken by drugs from group of acyclic nucleosides, mainly, an acyclovir is used (cream, 5%). Besides, among means of topical treatment it should be noted Panthenol aerosol, gossypol linimentum of 3%, gevizosh-ointment, and also Oxolinic ointment of 0,25-33% which are used by drawing by drawing on affected areas of skin.

It is applied as well physical therapy methods in the form of the neon and infrared laser. The attention and to treatment of associated diseases of a reproductive system — syphilis, gonorrhoeas which promote decrease in immunity is at the same time paid. Treatment of herpes has to be carried out responsibly, it is necessary to remember that qualitatively it is possible to cure herpes only at timely and correct administration of drugs. Also It should be noted the abstention fact from sexual contacts until disease symptoms disappear.

Means of full treatment of a virus of herpes at the moment does not exist, but reception of anti-virus drugs is shortened by the periods of healing and reduce probability of emergence of rash.

Diagnosis of herpes

There are several diagnostic methods of herpes. Among the most widespread, it is possible to call, a virologic method of detection of herpes. When sample is taken from the defeat centers,
methods of identification of antigens of herpes, cytomorphological methods, assessment of the immune status. For definition of a virus of herpes in an organism methods of an enzyme immunoassay (IFA) are also used.

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