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  • Latin name: Herpevir
  • ATH code: D06BB03
  • Active ingredient: Acyclovir (Aciclovir)
  • Producer: Arterium corporation (Ukraine)


Medicine in the form of ointment contains an acyclovir.

Tablets have an acyclovir, and also such auxiliary components as active agent too as calcium stearate, potato starch, polyvinylpirrolidone low-molecular medical.

Release form

In drugstores ointment and tablets Gerpevir is on sale.

Pharmacological action

Drug is antiviral means which interferes with synthesis of virus DNA.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This means is especially effective to viruses of a herpes simplex and shingles. Besides, it affects a cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Burra's virus. Medicine interacts with enzymes of viruses and interferes with their reproduction.

After penetration into the infected cells active ingredient will be transformed to an acyclovir monophosphate, and then is consecutive in an acyclovir diphosphate and an acyclovir triphosphate. The last also interferes with synthesis of virus DNA. It at the same time almost does not influence healthy cells.

In case of herpes drug prevents distribution of rash, accelerates formation of a crust, reduces risk of visceral complications and skin dissimination, reduces expressiveness of pain at an exacerbation of the surrounding herpes. Gerpevir also possesses the immunostimulating properties.

Tablets after oral administration are partially soaked up (approximately for 20%). Their active ingredient well gets into fabrics and liquids, and also into breast milk.

The maximum content of drug depends on a dosage. On average it is noted 90-120 minutes later after reception. Semi-removal time – about 3 hours, and in case of a renal failure – 19,5 hours.

Medicine is removed generally through kidneys in an invariable look. With age time of removal increases.

At local drawing ointment Gerpevir is almost not soaked up in a system blood stream. Systemic action is not considerable. On an affected area of skin when using drug therapeutic concentration which remains to a constant of at least 5 hours is formed.

Indications to use

Medicine is appointed by the doctor at infectious damages of mucous membranes and skin which are provoked by the Herpes simplex and Varicella zoster viruses. Besides, it is applied to prevention and therapy of primary and repeated herpetic defeats at patients with an immunodeficiency, and also at chicken pox.


It is impossible to apply this means at:

  • hypersensitivity to its active agent;
  • the infections caused by viruses against which Gerpevir does not act;
  • lactations, at children's age till 3 months;
  • pregnancies.

Side effects

Medicine can provoke:

In rare instances also the bald patch can appear.

Application instruction of Gerpevir (Way and dosage)

The application instruction tells those who applies ointment Gerpevir that it is necessary to do it only outwardly. It is desirable to use at the same time rubber gloves that the infection did not extend. It is desirable to begin therapy at an early stage of a disease.

Ointment needs to be applied a thin layer precisely on sites of skin and outside mucous membranes where there is a defeat. Adults need to apply an ointment strip in 12,5 mm approximately on 25 sq. cm of defeat 4-5 time/day. It is rubbed by the easy movements about a minute. To children ointment is applied in a dosage of 250 mg on 1 sq.m of skin.

The instruction on Gerpevir recommends to apply ointment and on next with struck skin sites.

It is necessary to use this means regularly. But if once is passed, you should not double the following dose.

The recommended therapy course – 10 days even if disease symptoms already disappeared.

If the effect is absent at ointment use, specialists advise to use Gerpevir in the form of tablets.

In this case means is used orally. It can also be applied at the first symptoms of a disease. It is desirable to combine reception of tablets with the use of a large amount of liquid.

In case of an infection because of Heroes simplex (1 or 2 types) children are given tablets on 0,2 g in the following dosage:

  • the age till 2 flyings – is appointed by 2,5 tablets a day with an interval at 4 o'clock;
  • the age of 2 flyings – is appointed by 5 tablets a day which are divided into 5 receptions with an interval at 4 o'clock (except a night dream).

Therapy – from 5 to 7 days.

The recommended dosage for adults makes 1 tablet 5 time/day. Therapy is expected 5 days. Take a pill on 0,2 g.

To people with an immunodeficiency specialists recommend to accept on one tablet (0,4 g) or two tablets (0,2 g). It is necessary to do it 5 times during the day. Therapy – from 5 to 10 days.

For the purpose of prevention of the infections provoked by Herpes simplex (1 or 2 types) at normal immunity it is necessary to use on a tablet 4 time/day. The period between receptions has to make 6 hours. Tablets on 0,2 g approach. It is also admissible to take medicine in a dosage of 0,4 g. It is necessary to do it on one tablet 2 time/day with an interval between receptions at 12 o'clock. If necessary the dosage can be lowered to 0,6 g of drug divided into 2 or 3 receptions.

In case of a considerable immunodeficiency it is desirable to accept on one tablet (0,4 g) or two tablets (0,2 g) of this medicine 4 time/day. In each case the specialist establishes duration of preventive reception individually.

In case of an infection because of the Varicella zoster virus children are given tablets on 0,2 g in the following dosages:

  • age till 2 flyings – on one tablet 4 time/day;
  • – it is necessary to accept age of 2-6 years on 2 tablets for reception the 4th time/day;
  • – it is necessary to accept age of 6 flyings on 4 tablets 4 times a day. Besides, it is possible to use 2 tablets (0,4 g) with the same frequency.

Therapy of at least 5 days.

With normal immunity it is desirable for adult to use tablets on 0,4 g. They are accepted inside on 2 tablets 5 time/day, doing an interval at 4 o'clock (except a night dream). Therapy at least a week.

At a renal failure, and also to people at advanced age of a dosage are selected individually.


Ointment in sites of application at overdose can cause an erythema, a burning sensation, a peeling, a burn. All these symptoms pass after treatment cancellation.

At the use of tablets of Gerpevir in the raised doses diarrhea, a headache, a renal failure, nausea, spasms, vomiting, an asthma, a lethargy, a coma are possible.

As treatment maintenance of the vital functions is carried out. Appoint a hemodialysis.


Probenetsid increases time of removal of Gerpevir.

Medicinal interaction of ointment with other drugs for external use is not studied.

At a combination of tablets to nephrotoxic means nephrotoxic action can amplify.

Terms of sale

This means can be got in pharmacy chain according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store Gerpevir at a temperature up to 25 °C, but not in the refrigerator. The place has to be unavailable to children.

Period of validity

It is necessary to store medicine not longer than 2 years.


About Gerpevire

This medicine receives comments the most different. Various opinions can especially often be heard about ointment. It quickly and effectively helped someone, and someone reports about perfect uselessness of treatment. Negative About ointment the people dissatisfied with such form of release of medicine also leave. They say that drug spreads, leaves an unpleasant greasy luster and does not promote healing at all. Nevertheless, is also positive About Gerpevire in which it is reported that it was succeeded to get rid of herpes very quickly and without serious consequences.

The public opinion about this drug in the form of tablets is far better. Patients note a convenient form of release of this medicine. About tablets generally speak about their efficiency. People like also the fact that means can be used for prevention.


  • Gerpevirkiyevmedpreparat (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Gerpevir powder for preparation of injection solution 0.25gkiyevmedpreparat (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Gerpevir No. 10kiyevmedpreparat tablet 0.4g (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Gerpevirkiyevmedpreparat (Ukraine, Kiev)
  • Gerpevir powder for preparation of injection solution 0.25g No. 10kiyevmedpreparat (Ukraine, Kiev)


  • Ointment gerpevir 2.5% 15gkiyevmedpreparat
  • Ointment gerpevir 2.5% 15gkiyevmedpreparat
  • Gerpevir time. baby in. No. 10kiyevmedpreparat solution 0.25g
  • Gerpevir time. baby in. No. 10kiyevmedpreparat solution 0.25g
  • Gerpevir time. baby in. No. 10kiyevmedpreparat solution 0.25g


  • Gerpevir-KMP of 200 mg No. 20 of the tab. Kiyevmedpreparat of joint stock company (Ukraine)
  • Gerpevir of 2,5% 5 g mazkiyevmedpreparat joint stock company (Ukraine)
  • Gerpevir of 2,5% 15 g mazkiyevmedpreparat joint stock company (Ukraine)
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