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  • Latin name: Gidazepam
  • ATH code: N05BA24
  • Active ingredient: Gidazepam (Gidazepam)
  • Producer: Scientific research institute of pharmacology of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, Russia


One tablet of medicine contains 0,05 g or 0,02 g of a gidazepam, and also talc, lactoses monohydrate, povidone, magnesium stearate, attracts (E421), potassium to atsesulfa, potato starch, krospovidon, sodium citrate, melon fragrance.

Release form

Gidazepam let out in the form of white (the cream shade is possible) ploskotsillindrichesky tablets. In the blister there are 10 tablets, at a dosage of 0,05 g in packaging there is 1 blister, at a dosage of 0,02 g – 2 blisters.

Pharmacological action

Gidazepam renders to IS anticonvulsant and anksiolitichesky (i.e. antialarming) action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Gidazepam is a benzodiazepine derivative. Integrates in itself the anksiolitichesky and activating effect with antidepressantny components, possessing at the same time extremely a hypotoxicity and a minimum of side effects. Drug works as the selection anksiliotik and a day tranquilizer. Differs from other benzodiazepines in the activating action and poorly expressed miorelaksantny effect. In therapeutic doses does not drowse.

During therapeutic remission at having alcoholism the tranquilizing and anksiolitichesky effect already in couple of days after the first reception is observed, decrease in alarm, psychomotor excitement and irritation is noticeable.

It is absorbed quickly. Effect of drug approximately in 5-15 min. is observed, the maximum effect is swept up throughout 1-4 hours. Pharmacokinetic characteristics of means give the chance to use it as a tranquilizer with the minimum risk of side effects.

Indications to use

Tablets Gidazepam are applied as a day tranquilizer at such diseases:

  • acrimony;
  • emotional lability;
  • psychopathic, neurotic adynamy;
  • sleep disorder;
  • the states which are followed by fear and alarm.

Administration of drug is also possible for mitigation of an abstinence syndrome at alcoholism, and also as the supporting cure for migraine, logoneuroses and at an alcoholism.


In the following cases administration of drug is prohibited:

Side effects

At Gidazepam's reception the following phenomena can be observed:

  • muscular weakness;
  • decrease in working capacity, drowsiness, decrease attention, speed of reactions, slackness;
  • rashes, small tortoiseshell, dermahemia, itch;
  • allergic reactions;
  • ataxy.

Application instruction of Gidazepam (Way and dosage)

Pill is taken sublingual. Three times a day should be accepted 0,02-0,05, in case of need the dose can be raised in the range of 0,05-0,2 g a day. An optimum dose in day – 0,01 g. Reception of higher doses, than it is specified in the instruction on Gidazepam, can be followed by muscular weakness and drowsiness.

For treatment of states with depressive, ipokhondricheskimy, asthenic and fobicheskimy frustration in day it is necessary to accept 0,06-0,12.

On average a daily dose at treatment of neurosis-like, psychopatholike, neurotic and psychopathic states — 0,06-0,2 g, for elimination of migraine – 0,04-0,06.

To stop alcoholic abstinence begin 0,05 g with a dose, then raise to 0,15 g. The greatest possible dose in such state – 0,5 g.

Duration of a course is established by the doctor and can last from several days to 4 months.

Use in out-patient practice is possible.


Overdose can cause hallucinations, an easy ataxy, drowsiness, nausea, slackness, allergic reactions. It is necessary to apply symptomatic therapy, to reduce a dose or to completely withhold drug intake.


Gidazepam is compatible to other hypnotic drugs, psychotropic and anticonvulsants. It exponentiates action 5 oxytryptophane and Phenaminum, strengthens action of neuroleptics, somnolent, narcotic analgetics.

Terms of sale

Sale without recipe is prohibited.

Storage conditions

At the room temperature.

Period of validity

48 months.


Grandaxinum, Diazepam, Relanium, Relium, Sibazonum, Tazepamum, Phenazepamum, Elenium.

Alcohol and Gidazepam

Medicine substantially strengthens effect of alcohol.


  • Gidazepam tab. IS subling. 0.05g No. 10interkhim (Ukraine, Odessa)
  • Gidazepam tab. IS subling. 0.02g No. 20interkhim (Ukraine, Odessa)
  • Gidazepam No. 10interkhim tablet 0.05g IS (Ukraine, Odessa)
  • Gidazepam No. 20interkhim tablet 0.02g IS (Ukraine, Odessa)


  • Gidazepam tab. IS 0.02g No. 20interkhim
  • Gidazepam tab. IS 0.02g No. 20interkhim
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