The hydradenitis is a state at which there is a purulent inflammatory process of apocrine sweat glands which are in axillary hollows (as a rule, an inflammation unilateral), and also in inguinal folds. In rare instances the inflammation is shown around nipples, in the field of an anus, a scrotum, big vulvar lips.

Similar pathology is shown at representatives of all races. However the most severe forms of a disease arise at people of negroid race. At the same time the hydradenitis is diagnosed for representatives of both floors equally often. Generally the inflammation is shown at people of middle age. There are no data on influence of hereditary factors on developing of a disease today. Very often the hydradenitis progresses during the summer period at people who long stay in hot and too wet rooms.

Hydradenitis reasons

The activator of a hydradenitis is generally golden staphylococcus. Passing through the mouth of a hair follicle, staphylococcus appears in an output channel of apocrine glands. Weakening of an organism generally, a condition of the increased perspiration, and also alkali reaction which occurs in armpits, in an anus and in a groin becomes factors which provoke development of a hydradenitis, as a rule. As a rule, similar manifestations arise owing to ignoring of rules of the general hygiene, when receiving microtraumas, cuts. Also the illness can arise because of having combed after the dermatosis causing an itch at those who suffer from endocrine disturbances of nervous character (it can be dysfunction of gonads, diabetes). Decrease in resilience of local character can also contribute to a course of a disease. Sweat apocrine glands develop only in puberty time, and, at girls it occurs earlier, than at boys. At representatives is female such glands more, than at men. The person is more senior, the functions of these glands die away quicker. So a hydradenitis – an uncharacteristic disease for people of advanced age.

Also risk factors of development of this disease are immunodepressive states, use of means for depilation, obesity, a consecutive bacterial infection.

Hydradenitis symptoms

In the onset of the illness in the course of a palpation the specialist finds the small plotnovaty nodes located poodinochno. They are in a derma or a hypoderma. At this stage of a disease of people feels rather small morbidity in the field of education of small knots. The illness progresses, nodes rather quickly become more than the size, there is their soldering to skin. Later they take pear-shaped shape, being allocated in the form of nipples. The integument gains red-blue color from the patient, there is hypostasis of fabrics, places of localization of a disease become very painful. Sometimes the isolated nodes begin to merge in one general defeat, there is a fluctuation, and later they are opened randomly, and at the same time pus in which blood impurity are found is emitted. In development of a disease there is no formation of a necrotic core. In some cases there can be a dense diffuse doskoobrazny infiltrate. In that case pain of people feels not only during movements, but also at rest. As a result of the patient loses working capacity, health at it constantly bad.

Generally in the course of maturing of a hydradenitis the febricula is shown, at the patient temperature gradually rises, morbidity becomes more intensive. After nodes are opened, the feeling of tension and pain gradually decrease. Several days later on ulcers hems are formed. If during an illness there was an infiltrate, then it will resolve more long period. But even after reduction of manifestation of symptoms very often there is a recurrence of a disease therefore the hydradenitis proceeds long enough. As a rule, in axillary hollows the unilateral hydradenitis develops. Though in some cases the illness can be and at the same time bilateral. On average the hydradenitis proceeds about 10-15 days, but at recurrence of a disease its current longer. The last concerns corpulent people who complain of a hyperhidrosis, diabetes. Also the people who are not watching carefully hygiene of a body are subject to recurrence of a hydradenitis.

Diagnosis of a hydradenitis

As a rule, diagnosis of a hydradenitis does not make special difficulties. In view of very peculiar localization of inflammatory process, and also a picture, characteristic of a disease, the specialist, first of all, makes careful survey.  The hydradenitis differs from furuncles in total absence of a necrotic core. Also it is important to distinguish a hydradenitis from kollikvativny tuberculosis. At kollikvativny tuberculosis the course of a disease longer, and the illness begins with damage of lymph nodes, does not feel morbidity of people.

Treatment of a hydradenitis

гидраденитTreatment of a hydradenitis without fail has to happen under careful supervision of the specialist. As a rule, for treatment of a disease the doctor appoints therapy with use of antibiotics, nitrofurans, streptocides. Also the autohemotherapy is applied. If at the patient recurrent forms of a hydradenitis are shown, then for treatment use a specific immunotherapy, appoint the drugs having the general strengthening influence.

As means Ichthyol flat cake is successfully applied to local therapy of a hydradenitis. When from nodes pus is emitted, it should be replaced twice a day. At this time for treatment use UVCh, dry heat, ultra-violet radiation, and also stay under sunshine.

Are outwardly applied to treatment of a hydradenitis not only synthetic medicines, but also spirit tinctures of medicinal plants (a St. John's Wort, a Sophora, arnica), sea-buckthorn and eucalyptus oil, juice kalanchoe leaves.

If in process a disease abscess was formed, then it is opened by means of a small section. The subsequent treatment is carried out using surgical methods, and also by phytotherapies. To close a wound after carrying out surgical intervention, it is impossible to use bandages which in the course of the movement rub pus in skin. Therefore it is necessary to use a bactericidal plaster.

Treatment of a hydradenitis will be the most effective if to begin it at the first stage of an illness. In the first days it is necessary to heat independently body parts where the disease, dry heat develops. Procedure should be carried out every three-five hours. In house conditions it can be done by means of the terry towel which is previously ironed by the hot iron, and also substituting the struck parts of a body under direct sunshine.

To prevent further distribution of an illness on sweat glands, nearby, it is necessary to cut off very accurately hair which grow in area of defeat.

You should not take a bath while treatment of a hydradenitis continues, water promotes fast distribution of an infection. After the site where the disease develops, is densely stuck with a plaster, it is possible to take a shower. Twice a day the place of defeat should be wiped with the napkin moistened in weak manganic solution. Integuments near a site of defeat need to be wiped with salicyl or camphoric alcohol to prevent infection of close located sweat glands. Rather notable effect brings treatment of a hydradenitis with use of some folk remedies.

As a rule, the illness lasts rather long span, periodically becoming aggravated. Very seldom the illness recovers spontaneously, purpose of conservative or surgical treatment generally is required.

Food at a hydradenitis

гидраденитIn a complex of the procedures directed to treatment of a hydradenitis observance of specially developed diet is very important. At once after emergence of a disease in the next three months it is strictly forbidden to take alcoholic drinks, all hot dishes, spicy seasonings. In limited quantities it is necessary to eat sweet. Refusal of smoking is also very important.

Patients are recommended to accept polyvitamins, to use the products containing a large amount of phosphorus, iron, B1, B2, B6, A, C vitamins, E. Besides, it is recommended to accept means which possess ability to increase protective forces of a human body. This sea-buckthorn oil, tinctures of a ginseng, eleuterokokk, drugs of dry beer yeast.

Prevention of a hydradenitis

As the main principle of prevention of a hydradenitis it is considered to be observance of the standard rules of hygiene. So, the clothes of the person have to correspond to temperature and air humidity surely. It is not necessary to wear too close clothes constantly.

People with an excess weight should take the measures directed to normalization of body weight. It is important to carry out every day due hygienic procedures in muscular hollows. The area in which sweat glands are located should be processed constantly the solutions having disinfecting properties. However too frequent shaving of hair in an axillary zone can also become the reason of a course of a disease because of emergence of small wounds through which the infection gets. Therefore this procedure should be carried out only as required, and with use of high-quality devices for shaving.

In certain cases perfumery means which irritate skin can provoke a course of a disease. Therefore it is necessary to avoid low-quality and improper means of cosmetics and perfumery. As an important measure of prevention it is necessary to consider also a healthy lifestyle and maintenance of immunity at the high level.

Complications of a hydradenitis

If treatment of a hydradenitis was otstrocheno or is carried out incorrectly, then the disease can lead to emergence of some heavy complications as a result. So, lymphadenitis, abscess, phlegmon, sepsis can become complications of a hydradenitis.

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