Ginkor Fort

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  • Latin name: Ginkor fort
  • ATH code: C05CA54
  • Active ingredient: Extract of the Ginkgo of a bilob (Extractum Ginkgo biloba), Geptaminol hydrochloride (Heptaminol), Trokserutin (Troxerutin)
  • Producer: Bofur Ipsen Indastri (France)


Ginkor Fort includes the following active agents in structure: a ginkgo of a bilob the extract standardized trokserutin, a geptaminola a hydrochloride.

Additional components: silicon dioxide colloid, magnesium stearate. The body of a capsule contains ferrous oxide yellow, gelatin, titanium dioxide. The lid of a capsule includes ferrous oxide yellow, titanium dioxide, indigo carmine, gelatin.

Release form

Medicine is on sale in the form of solid capsules with a lid of green color. Body of capsules light yellow. Inside there is a powder of yellowish color.

Pharmacological action

Ginkor Fort has kapillyaroprotektivny and venotoniziruyushchy effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This angioprotektivny drug increases stability of walls of capillaries, promotes microcirculation improvement, reduces permeability of walls of vessels, normalizes a venous blood stream. As a result of its use pain due to blocking of functions of mediators of pain and an inflammation, and also the lizosomalny enzymes and free radicals provoking an inflammation and a degeneration of collagenic fibers decreases.

Capsules improve exchange processes and act on fabric as anti-hypoxemic means. Drug activates return of a venous blood to the right departments of heart. It is caused by existence in its structure of a geptaminol of a hydrochloride.

Indications to use

Medicine is shown at:

  • disturbances of venous blood circulation which show as paresthesia, feeling of weight and an onychalgia;
  • acute and chronic hemorrhoids.


It is impossible to apply capsules at a hyperthyroidism. Besides, they are contraindicated at children's age till 18 flyings.

Side effects

At negative reaction to drug the allergy is possible. Usually when using medicine, according to the instruction, side effects do not arise.

Application instruction Ginkor Fort (Way and dosage)

Drug is intended for internal use during food.

The application instruction Ginkor Fort at venous and lymphatic insufficiency specifies that it is necessary to accept 2 capsules a day in morning and an evening. The course is expected 30 days. If necessary therapy can be continued after consultation with the specialist.

At hemorrhoids the application instruction Ginkor Fort advises to accept 3-4 capsules within a week.


In case of reception of capsules in doses pressure can increase much, become frequent heartbeat. At overdose it is recommended to control a blood pressure and frequency cordial reductions. Symptomatic treatment.


It is impossible to combine this medicine with MAO inhibitors. Such interaction can lead to increase of the ABP because of existence in structure of a geptaminol of a hydrochloride.

Terms of sale

Drug can be bought without recipe.

Storage conditions

Medicine needs to be held in original packaging at a temperature up to 25 °C. To protect from children.

Period of validity

It is impossible to use drug after a period of validity. The maximum period of storage of medicine – 3 years.

About Ginkor Fort

About Ginkor Fort on the Internet it is possible to meet mainly positive. Those who tried this means, note its efficiency. About Ginkor Fort report about side effects seldom. Many begin to accept it just for prevention after consultation with the doctor.

The price Ginkor Fort where to buy

The price Ginkor Fort on 30 capsules in packaging on average about 500 rubles. Nevertheless, in many drugstores it can be much higher. So, some sellers offer medicine at cost almost in 600 rubles. But in general the price Ginkor Fort is considered very available among analogs.


  • Ginkor fort No. 30 kapsulybeaufour Ipsen

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  • Ginkor fort kaps. No. 30


  • Ginkor fort No. 30 kaps.
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