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  • Latin name: Gynoflor A
  • ATH code: G02CX
  • Active ingredient: Lyophilisate of acidophilic lactobacilli (Lactobacillus acidophilus) and Estriol (Estriolum)
  • Producer: INVAR (Russia); Haupt Pharma Amareg (Germany); Medinova Ltd. (Switzerland)


1 tablet of Ginoflor E for vaginal use as active components contains:

  • lyophilisate of acidophilic lactobacilli of group of eubiotik (Lactobacillus acidophilus) – 50 mg (but not less than 100 million viable microorganisms);
  • estriol – 0,03 mg.

Excipients of the operating kernel are:

  • monohydrate of lactose – 625,6 mg;
  • microcrystallic cellulose (MKTs) – 183,7 mg;
  • carboxymethylstarch – 30 mg;
  • magnesium stearate – 6,67 mg;
  • dihydrosodium phosphate – 4 mg.

Release form

In drugstores Ginoflor is delivered in the form of vaginal biconvex tablets (other name of a form of release – a candle Ginoflor E) an oval form on 50 mg everyone which are fixed in blisters from aluminum foil or PVC on 6 pieces. Tablets of white or light-beige color with impregnations (intermediate shades of the specified flowers are possible). 1 or 2 planimetric cell plates are put in cardboard packaging.

Pharmacological action

Compound components of pharmaceutical drug Ginoflor E are part of the physiological mechanism on maintenance of a normal biocenosis of a vagina. It is a main objective of use of medicine in conservative therapy.

Acidophilic lactobacilli – the dominating fraction of the microorganisms living in a vagina of the healthy woman. They possess antagonistic activity to harmful and conditionally pathogenic microflora. The mechanism of protective function is covered in allocation with microorganisms of bacteriocines and peroxides of hydrogen, natural antibiotic substances. Thus, purity of generative organs is maintained.

Also beneficial bacteria are capable to counterbalance physiological indicators of the environment for the normal course of metabolic processes. Laktobatsila ferment a glycogen of an epithelial cover of a vagina to lactic acid and, thus, support acid rn at the level of 3,8-4,5.

Estriol – artificially synthesized connection which on the chemical structure is identical to the female sex hormones produced by ovaries (in particular to estrogen of short action). The compound component of medicine possesses specificity of pharmacological action – exerts impact only on a mucous membrane of a vagina. Stimulates growth and reproduction of epithelial part of an internal cover of generative organs of the woman therefore functioning of a natural barrier against any infections improves. Also this cellular structure contains a glycogen which is necessary for a normal cycle of life activity of physiological microflora of a vagina.

A special role in pharmacology of tablets Ginoflor is played also by excipients. So, for example, the lactose which is a part of medicine can be fermented by lactobacilli to lactic acid during the first periods of conservative therapy when the proliferating effect of estriol did not develop at full capacity yet.

Vaginal tablets are applied not only at disproportional disturbance of microflora of internal environment of generative organs of the woman, but also at a hormonal imbalance. Actively use Gynoflor during the periods of a menopause and postmenopause which are usually noted by such symptoms as:

  • itch;
  • burning;
  • dryness in a vagina;
  • morbidity at sexual intercourse and an urination.

Contributing to normalization of a condition of an epithelium of urinogenital system, these symptoms are stopped thanks to effect of estriol on covering layers. According to the specified mechanism of pharmacological influences of Ginoflor, it can be used as preventive prevention of dystrophic inflammatory pathologies.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

After administration of medicine in a vagina compound components are released gradually, in process of their disintegration under the influence of internal factors of the environment. The lyophilized bacteria possess only local action and are not soaked up in a system blood stream. Their influence is noted after several hours.

Estriol at intravaginalny use is capable to be absorbed from an internal mucosal surface of a cover of a vagina and to get to a system blood stream. The maximum plasma concentration is noted in 3 hours after administration of pharmaceutical drug. Estriol does not kumulirut (after repeated introduction plasma concentration corresponds to amount of untied estriol) and does not influence production of endogenous hormones of an oestrogenic row (estrogen and oestradiol) as is their end body of a metabolic chain. Compound components of Ginoflor with urine within 8 hours are removed.

Indications to use

  • resuming of physiologically normal microflora after topical or system treatment by antibiotic drugs;
  • lungs and moderate severities of a bacterial vaginosis or candidiasis (pharmaceutical drug can be used, as as conservative treatment, and preventive prevention of diseases);
  • not specific vulvovaginitis;
  • urogenital infectious pathologies (usually sexually transmitted);
  • atrophic vaginitis as a result of the following etiological factors – deficit of estrogen during a menopause or accompanying replacement hormonal therapy;
  • bacterial allocations of an unknown origin (Fluor vaginalis);
  • in complex drug treatment, against infectious character for maintenance of normal microflora of an organism of the woman.


  • hypersensitivity, the hereditary or acquired intolerance to compound components of pharmaceutical drug;
  • the malignant new growths dependent on estrogen (in particular at localization of process in mammary glands, a uterus, ovaries or a vagina);
  • the diagnosed or suspected endometriosis;
  • hemorrhagic allocations from a vagina of the obscure origin;
  • endometria hyperplasia;
  • use for girls before achievement of puberty (prior to the beginning of sex life).

Side effects

As a rule, vaginal tablets are transferred by a female organism well, however in separate clinical cases the following undesirable effects of treatment can be observed:

  • burning sensation, a foreign body, feeling of heat or other sort of discomfort after administration of drug;
  • allergic reactions – reddening and puffiness of a mucous membrane of a vagina or external genitals;
  • arterial hyperemia and itch of a vulva.

In case of accidental oral administration of pharmaceutical drug of negative effects it will not be observed.

Ginoflor E, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The instruction on candles Ginoflor E orders to enter vaginal tablets into a vagina deeply. It is recommended to carry out manipulation with evening, before going to bed, as at night the absorbing ability of an organism is much higher. For usability of a tablet are entered in a dorsal decubitus, at an insignificant bend of legs in knees – thus inlet opening of female generative organs is most open, and therefore drug use practically does not cause discomfort.

The course of conservative therapy differs proceeding from indications to treatment with drug:

  • For recovery of normal microflora of internal environment of a vagina and the proliferating impact on an epithelium 1-2 tablets daily for 6-12 days are used. More exact recommendations should be received at the attending physician as they depend on various indicators of an organism and a type of pathology.
  • At treatment of atrophic damages in the period of a menopause and a postmenopause the dosage of medicine decreases to 1 tablet daily for 6-12 days. Further the maintenance therapy is carried out by a smaller amount of pharmaceutical drug – 1 tablet 1-2 times a week is used. Duration of the first therapeutic phase is established by the doctor according to the individual level of hormones throughout the period of conservative sanitation.

For the period of treatment by pharmaceutical drug Ginoflor is recommended to abstain from sexual contacts or to regularly use barrier methods of contraception that the therapeutic effect of medicine was not reduced by exogenous receipt of pathogenic or conditionally pathogenic microflora.


Overdose cases by pharmaceutical drug in clinical practice are not recorded.


Lakto Acidophilic bacteria which are one of the main components of components of medicine are extremely sensitive to a wide range of antibiotics therefore carrying out antibacterial therapy of local or system character considerably reduces efficiency of use of pharmaceutical drug.

Terms of sale

Ginoflor E only according to the signed receptor form is released.

Storage conditions

The pharmaceutical drug Gynoflor should be stored in dry, unavailable to children and for a direct sunlight the place at a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius (it is impossible to freeze medicine at all, thus all pharmacological properties of the making components will be lost).

Short storage of Ginoflor (no more than two weeks) in temperature condition from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius will not lead to decrease in its therapeutic effectiveness.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

Compound components of drug Ginoflor E can not be dissolved completely under the influence of internal factors of a vagina. In that case the remains of a vaginal tablet can be found on the lower or bed linen, however it does not influence efficiency of drug (the remains represent excipients which performed the pharmacological task).

In cases when dryness of a vagina is noted, it is necessary to wet a tablet before its introduction by a small amount of usual water to promote its faster dissolution. During conservative treatment women are recommended to use laying if candles are in addition moistened.

Drug Ginoflor E does not influence a possibility of long concentration of attention, small motility, coordination of movements and ability to steer vehicles or other potentially life-threatening mechanisms.

Analogs Ginoflor E

Normal microflora of internal environment of a vagina – extremely important parameter of physiological functioning of female generative organs therefore Ginoflor's analogs make big group of pharmaceutical parameters which both candles, and tablets for intravaginalny use enter.

As a rule, at individual contraindications therapeutic effect of medicine is replaced with the following drugs: Vagisan, Ekofemin, Laktogin or Laktovag.


  • Ginoflor E No. 6 of a tablet of a vaginalnyemedinov of Ltd.
  • Ginoflor E No. 12 of a tablet of a vaginalnyemedinov of Ltd.

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