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  • Latin name: Ginos
  • ATH code: N06DX02
  • Active ingredient: Ginkgo bilobed leaves extract (Ginkgo Bilobae foliorum extract)
  • Producer: JSC Verofarm (Russia)


Extract of dry leaves of a bilobed ginkgo, lactose, corn starch, polyvinylpirrolidone, sodium carboxymethylstarch, magnesium stearate, colloid silicon dioxide, opadry II.

Release form

Tablets of 40 mg in a cover of a round form, biconvex red color in a blister strip packaging in a cardboard pack No. 30.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The standardized extract of a ginkgo of a bilob contains a set of biologically active agents promoting increase of elasticity and strengthening of a wall of blood vessels, improvement of rheological indicators of blood and, as a result — supply of a brain and fabrics with glucose and oxygen and all processes of microcirculation improves, has tserebroprotektorny effect.

Reduces permeability of vessels, improves exchange processes in cellular structures, stops aggregation of erythrocytes, reduces fibrinolitic activity of blood, interferes with peroxide oxidation of fats in a membrane, to education of free radicals. Has dozozavisimy influence on vascular system, improves a tone of venous vessels, expands small arteries and regulates their krovenapolneniye. In general, drug improves resistance of an organism and tissues of a brain especially to a hypoxia, interferes with edematization of a brain of toxic or traumatic genesis.


Because of multicomponent composition of extract pharmacokinetic parameters of drug are absent.

Indications to use

  • The Distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy (an injury craniocereberal, a stroke, advanced age) which is shown decrease in attention, disturbance of mental abilities and memory, feeling of alarm, a sleep disorder, fear;
  • The neurosensory frustration which are followed by a sonitus, dizziness, disturbance of balance when walking;
  • Disturbances of blood circulation of peripheral vessels and microcirculation, Reynaud's syndrome.


High sensitivity to drug, gastrointestinal tract diseases in an aggravation stage, arterial hypotension, disturbance of cerebral circulation, the lowered coagulability of blood, to children till 12 flyings, pregnancy and the period of a lactation.

Side effects

Local allergic reactions, headache, dyspepsia, decrease in indicators of coagulability of blood.

Ginos, application instruction (Way and dosage)

In therapies of frustration of cerebral circulation, neurosensory disturbances and frustration of peripheric circulation, 1-2 tablets of Ginos to accept 3 times a day for two months. According to indications repeated courses of administration of drug are possible. To swallow tablets entirely washing down with water, to accept irrespective of meal.


About cases of overdose there are no data.

Mutually actions

Joint administration of drug with peroral anticoagulants and acetylsalicylic acid is not recommended. Not to accept together with alcohol the containing drinks.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

At a temperature up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

2 years.

Ginos's analogs

Bilobil, Ginkgo Biloba, Vitrum Memori, Bilobil forte, Gingium, Ginkoum, Memoplant, Ginkogink, Tanakanum.

About Ginos

Reviews of most of patients of drug testify to its high performance in therapy of various diseases which are followed by disturbances in a microcirculator circulatory bed and system of peripheric circulation, at a Raynaud's disease, neurosensory frustration, the shown dizzinesses, an incoordination of movements, sight, hearing and memory.


  • Ginos 40 mg No. 30 of a tablet

Drugstore of IFC

  • Ginos tbl p / about 40 mg No. 30, Veropharm / the Voronezh branch (Voronezh) Russia
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Education: Graduated from Sverdlovsk medical school (1968 - 1971) as "Paramedic". Graduated from the Donetsk medical institute (1975 - 1981) as "An epidemiologist, a hygienist". Passed postgraduate study in the Central scientific research institute of epidemiology Moscow (1986 - 1989). An academic degree – the candidate of medical sciences (degree is awarded in 1989, protection – the Central scientific research institute of epidemiology Moscow). Numerous advanced training courses are studied in epidemiology and infectious diseases.

Experience: Work as the manager of department of disinfection and sterilization of 1981 - 1992. Work as the manager of department of especially dangerous infections of 1992 - 2010. Teaching activity at Medical institute 2010 - 2013.

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