The hypodynamia represents decrease in a physical activity. Its prevalence is connected, first of all, with mechanization and automation of work, an urbanization, increase in opportunities of communications.

The hypodynamia is called still "a civilization illness", it is a direct consequence of release of the person from active physical work. Decrease in a tone of vessels, weakening of a cardiac muscle, delay of pulse is only some moments with which the hypodynamia is fraught. Deteriorations in a blood-groove and a metabolism are also result of sedentary inactive life.

Danger of a hypodynamia

The small quantity of exercise stresses or in general their absence lead to the fact that more and more time of people is in quiet sitting or lying position. For many residents the only warm-up for a body it is necessary to reach the parking with the car or to descend for lunch in operating time. As a result it is possible to see an artofirovaniye and weakening of muscles, reduction of endurance and force, decrease in neuroreflex bonds that leads to nervous breakdowns (myofascial syndromes, a depression, vegeto-vascular dystonia, etc.) . Changes of a musculoskeletal system will be noticeable not at once. And after a while there will be a reduction of bone weight, decrease in functions of a backbone and joints, osteoporosis. Long stay in a condition of hypodimania leads to heart troubles and vessels: the arterial hypertension develops, coronary heart disease, blood begins to flow slowly, badly supplying fabrics with oxygen. At a hypodynamia endocrine disturbances take place also: decrease in a metabolism, developing of obesity and insulinorezistentnost, increase in risk of development of atherosclerosis.
Such disturbances, undoubtedly, lead to reduction of life expectancy or to essential deterioration in health. Tool and laboratory researches at early stages can reveal the diseases caused by a hypodynamia.


The exercise stress, healthy lifestyle (refusal of smoking, healthy nutrition), walks and charging, of course, is necessary for prevention of disturbances which are a consequence of motionless way of life. When many patients try will recover by means of drugs, and then get the same diseases again, they need to move slightly more: there will be enough half-hour charging in the morning.


When the hypodynamia is a consequence of any disease, medical care is necessary for the patient. For recovery after a hypodynamia in special clinics offer patients courses LFK, a diet, massage, hardware physical therapy. These measures in a complex allow to return to muscles a former tone, to get rid of excess weight and to normalize work of internals.