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  • Latin name: Hypoxenum
  • ATH code: N07XX
  • Active ingredient: Polidigidroksifenilentiosulfonat of sodium (Polydihydroxyphenylenethio-sulfonate sodium)
  • Producer: CJSC OLIFEN Corporation, Russia


Capsules contain active component polidigidroksifenilentio-sodium sulphonate or gipoksen.

Are a part of capsules: gelatin, titanium dioxide, ferrous oxide black, ferrous oxide red and yellow.

Release form

Gipoksen in the form of the capsules packed on 30 pieces into banks or bottles polymeric and also on 10 pieces in blister strip packagings is issued.

Pharmacological action

Anti-hypoxemic and antioxidant action is characteristic of Gipoksen.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

This drug is anti-hypoxanthomas and the antioxidant reducing need of an organism for oxygen and increasing its working capacity even in extreme conditions.

Anti-hypoxemic action of Gipoksen is provided thanks to improvement of tissue respiration at a hypoxia, mainly in bodies of which the high level of a metabolism, that is in a brain, a liver and a cardiac muscle is characteristic.

Also drug allows to reduce consumption of oxygen during considerable exercise stresses, to improve tissue respiration, to reduce intellectual and physical exhaustion, to successfully execute labor-consuming physical operations.

Information on Gipoksen's pharmacokinetics is not provided.

Indications to use

Indications for Gipoksen's appointment are:

  • the excessive intellectual and exercise stresses, operator activity, other intensive loadings added with strong fatigue and chronic fatigue;
  • need to raise working capacity in the period of extreme or adverse situations which usually are followed by a lack of oxygen, for example, at stay on highlands, in the conditions of the Polar region, at underwater works and so on;
  • complex therapy of severe injuries, considerable blood loss, large-scale surgeries, diseases of a respiratory organs, such as bronchial asthma, obstructive bronchitis or pneumonia;
  • the combined treatment and prevention of stable stenocardia, chronic heart failure, arterial hypertension.

Contraindications to use

Medicine is not recommended to reception at:

Side effects

At Gipoksen's reception development of the symptoms characteristic of individual intolerance, allergic reactions is possible.

The instruction on Gipoksen (A way and a dosage)

The application instruction of Gipoksen recommends to accept capsules to adult patients inside, to or along with food, washing down with liquid. At the same time the average one-time dosage makes 2-4 capsules. The maximum daily dose cannot exceed 12 capsules. It should be noted that the daily dose is calculated taking into account body weight.

In each case the doctor appoints a certain dosage, taking into account the indication and features of the patient. For example, for the purpose of disposal of a hypoxia which can develop in extreme conditions: at hypoventilation of lungs, in the time spent for highlands, sports activities, during the underwater works or in the conditions of high temperature condition – a daily dose for half an hour, hour to loading.

At long intense cerebration, strong fatigue, reduction of the recovery period as a result of the postponed raised exercise stresses, operative measures, injuries it is appointed on a half of an average daily dose to the 2nd one-time reception for 2-3 weeks. Treatment repetition, after a break is possible 1-2 weeks.

Gipoksen for athletes

It is established that this drug possesses high performance when it is necessary to improve tissue respiration. Therefore it is successfully used by polar explorers, submariners and climbers. At the same time it is noted that Gipoksen possesses not long action and if it is accepted constantly, then efficiency of drug considerably decreases.

Discussion of a question how to use Gipoksen in sport, rather often meets at various forums. However as specialists claim, at trainings constantly it is not recommended to accept it as it can reduce training effect and cause a habit to drug.

In general trainings are intended in order that the organism could adapt to stressful situations and when stressful factors are eliminated, also the training effect is reduced.

Therefore its use only before responsible competitions when it is necessary to increase as much as possible working capacity is possible and to achieve sports result.


In cases of overdose development of such symptoms as dryness in a mouth, nausea, discomfort in a stomach, respiratory depression is possible.

At the same time carry out a gastric lavage, give Absorbent carbon, carry out other corresponding symptomatic therapy.


During Gipoksen's reception with other drugs of negative medicinal interaction it is not established.

Also incompatibility with other drugs is noted it.

Terms of sale

In drugstores Gipoksen release without recipe.

Storage conditions

The dry, cool place unavailable to children will be suitable for storage of medicine.

Period of validity

4 years.

Gipoksen's analogs

Treat the main analogs: Olifen and Elkar.


Cases when Gipoksen was used for the purpose of decrease in intensity of alcoholic intoxication are described.


  • Gipoksen of 250 mg No. 30 kapsulykorporation Olifen of closed joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Gipoksen kaps 0.25 No. 30, Olifen Korporation of closed joint stock company (г.Москва) Russia
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