The hypoxia represents air hunger of both separate body or fabric, and all organism. This state can develop as a result of a set of factors: insufficient concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere, a disease state, breath holding, etc. As a result of such shortage of oxygen bodies undergo changes which often are irreversible. The central nervous system, tissues of a liver, kidneys, a heart muscle is subject to the greatest changes. As a result of a hypoxia emergence of sense of euphoria, low muscle tone, and also dizzinesses is possible.

Distinguish a set of types of air hunger:

  • Hypoxemic hypoxia, that is caused by exogenous (external) factors among which it is possible to call low concentration in the inhaled oxygen air. Such situation can arise in the closed stuffy rooms, as a result of low atmospheric pressure that, for example, is well felt highly in mountains.
  • The respiratory (respiratory) hypoxia arises in case of disturbance of process of intake of oxygen in blood from atmospheric air.
  • Blood (gemichesky) air hunger arises the oxygen capacity of blood that is observed at a hemoglobin inactivation by oxidizers or carbon monoxide, anemias.
  • The Gistotoksichesky (fabric) hypoxia takes place when use is broken by oxygen fabrics.
  • Circular air hunger is, as a rule, connected with insufficient blood circulation in vessels or heart that is followed by the lowered arteriovenous difference. The circular hypoxia happens local and the general.
  • The reloading hypoxia results very much from load of one fabric or body that can arise, for example, at a hard work in muscles, during an epileptic attack.
  • The mixed air hunger takes place in case of any long shortage of oxygen.

On development speed this process also differs: it can be chronic, subacute, acute and fulminant.

Hypoxia expenses can consider it from the point of view of discrepancy of receipt of energy. Display of a hypoxia considerably depends on the reason of its emergence and age of the person. The most characteristic signs of this phenomenon are:

  • Disturbances of functioning of systems and bodies
  • The speeded-up cardiac performance
  • Stimulation of an erythrogenesis and emergence of a hyperglobulia
  • Developing of short wind
  • Increase in depth and respiration rate

Diagnosis of air hunger takes place in two cases:

  • At the end of pregnancy at a fruit hypoxia – with use of an obstetric statoscope or kardiotokografiya study the heart rate of the child.
  • At breath disturbance — a pulsoksimetriya method, for example, during operations.

As prevention by a hypoxia only elimination of its reason can serve, and the forecast of development of this state in many respects depends on intensity and duration of action of the reason, reactivity of a specific organism.