The hirsutism is a state at which at women the excess growth of terminal hair is observed. These hair are distributed on a body on man's type, that is they grow in so-called androgenzavisimy zones. The hirsutism arises as a result of too high level of a producing at women of androgens. Today the statistics demonstrates that the hirsutism is observed by about 5-10% of women, depending on their ethnic origin. At a hirsutism hair at women become not just strongly noticeable, but also often cause confusion in other people. In most cases women at whom the hirsutism develops have a thick and dark hair.

Hirsutism reasons

At women at whom the hirsutism develops character of pilosis, its distribution and intensity define mainly androgens. Usual vellus hair which grow on a body under the influence of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in hair follicles, begin to turn into terminal hair.

Under the influence of androgens the phase of activity of a hair follicle becomes longer, at the same time diameter of a core of a hair increases, pigmentation and function of sebaceous glands also becomes stronger. Depending on where hair follicles are localized, also their reaction can differ. So, in a forehead and a darkness strong and long surplus of androgens provokes emergence of a vasospasm which surround follicles. Later follicles die off, and at the patient the so-called androgenic alopecia forms. The excess producing androgens in hair follicles on other body parts provokes the strengthened growth of hair which designate the term a hirsutism.

Also sometimes the increased insulin level is the reason of excess growth of hair at women. At the same time the woman can suffer from obesity. Specialists established that high concentration of insulin becomes the stimulating factor for the cells developing androgens.

Types and degrees of a hirsutism

There is a special scale of Ferrimana-Gollvey on which estimate hirsutism degree. Extent of growth of hair is estimated in points. Thus, specialists define androgenization degree at the woman, and can serve one of the methods applied in the course of diagnosis of a disease. Diagnosis of a hirsutism assumes use of some methods of laboratory diagnosis for determination of level of concentration of testosterone in the patient's blood.

Today define several types of a hirsutism. At a constitutional form of a hirsutism the disease has exclusively hereditary character. In this case the increased growth of hair at women is shown at a normal producing androgens. This type of pilosis is characteristic of women of some nationalities. As a rule, this form of a hirsutism is observed at aboriginals of the Mediterranean, some countries of the East. Also at some women growth of hair in the person becomes more intensive in the period of a menopause when in an organism a certain hormonal failure in the ratio of androgens and estrogen is observed.

At exogenous type of a hirsutism the illness develops as a result introduction to a female organism of androgens for treatment of some illnesses. So, if the woman accepted androgens during incubation of the child, the birth of the kid with an intersexual anatomic structure of generative organs, and also manifestations of a hirsutism is possible. Also corticosteroids, treatment by streptomycin can provoke development of a hirsutism. Also contributing to development of a hirsutism by factors can become the constant long stress and long hunger strikes.

At an idiopathic hirsutism the raised pilosis arising owing to disturbances of an ovulatory menstrual cycle and also an aberration of maintenance of peripheral androgens is observed. Specialists as an origin of an idiomatic hirsutism define the isolated increase of activity of enzyme of 5a-reductase or change of activity of receptors to androgens. At survey the doctor defines whether the hirsutism or normal growth of hair takes place.

At a hypertrichosis at the patient the general pilosis of excess character which does not depend on the level of androgens is observed. At a hypertrichosis different options of distribution, volume, localization of growth of hair, a possibility of existence both the inborn, and acquired initiation of growth of hair, and also a possibility of existence of the associated anomalies of inborn character are observed. The hypertrichosis can be the sporadic phenomenon, however also family forms of a disease quite often meet.

Depending on time of manifestation of clinical signs easy forms of a hypertrichosis of inborn type from a hirsutism which is shown in the teenage period, and also from androgenprodutsiruyushchy tumors are defined.

Diagnosis of a hirsutism

гирсутизмIn the presence of complaints to too strong pilosis it is necessary to address doctor gynecologist-endocrinologist. As a rule, information necessary for differentiation of the specified states, the doctor can receive already in the course of survey. At inquiry of the patient which is surely carried out for diagnosis of a hirsutism the doctor shall be convinced of whether it accepted some medicines in due time. So, pilosis anabolic steroids, male sex hormones, danazol can provoke, interferon, cyclosporine. To determine the level of hormones in a female organism, special laboratory researches are conducted. It is important to determine testosterone level in blood serum, and also existence and the level of other components.

In certain cases the hirsutism is a tumor symptom, or accompanies hypersecretion of glucocorticoids, or an inborn dysplasia of bark of adrenal glands. Therefore in the course of diagnosis the specialist has to exclude similar states for what additional researches are appointed. As a rule, in most cases in the presence of the accompanying diseases of research define problems with functioning of ovaries or adrenal glands.

Treatment of a hirsutism

Treatment of a hirsutism needs to be carried out, first of all, to relieve the woman of discomfort and feeling of constraint. However it is very important that before beginning fight against undesirable pilosis, the woman visited the doctor, passed necessary researches and got detailed advice.

After definition of the reasons of a hirsutism the doctor can appoint a sick course of treatment the drugs reducing the maintenance of androgens in a female organism. To prevent the increased development at women of men's hormones, means which are called anti-androgens are applied. Such drugs should be accepted from three to six months, at the same time the doctor determines treatment duration in an individual order. However at effective influence of similar drugs at the woman growth of hair only stops further. And here those hair which grew earlier it is necessary to remove, using widely applied methods of controlling with excessive pilosis.

Also it is possible to slow down growth of excessive hair in the person by means of special ointments and creams. The course of treatment such means proceeds from four to eight weeks. In certain cases apply the special injections which are slowing down process of growth of hair to treatment.

The described means positively influence a condition of the woman, however nevertheless often use of similar drugs causes undesirable side effects. First of all, it is hormonal failures in an organism owing to which excess weight can appear, be broken a menstrual cycle. Also the woman can suffer from display of a depression.

Today different techniques of removal of excess hair on integuments are actively applied. The most eurysynusic and safe method in this case shaving is considered. Also women often use special hair removal creams. However in view of existence in their composition of active chemicals such creams suit not all people. Besides, depilate by means of a wax epilation, decolour them. However at women with a hirsutism the last procedure can provoke rather strong irritation.

The good result in fight against undesirable pilosis brings use of an electroepilation. By means of this method it is possible to get rid very effectively of hair on different body parts. However at a hirsutism hair, in most cases, very dense, and the method of an electroepilation assumes that in this case each follicle has to be processed separately. Therefore, full disposal of undesirable hair requires a lot of time and expenses.

It is undesirable to overcome much quicker pilosis is possible by means of a laser epilation. At the same time the received result is consolidated for a long time.

But it is the most important to consider that with a hirsutism it is important to women to remove, first of all, the cause of emergence of undesirable hair, and only then to be engaged in their removal.

Treatment of a hirsutism continues the long period therefore it is important to be adjusted on the fact that reduction of growth of hair will become noticeable, at least, in half a year.

Complications of a hirsutism

гирсутизмAt a long current of a hirsutism at women menstrual function can be broken and, as a result, there can be infertility, anemia, uterine bleedings. If the hirsutism arises against a polycystosis of ovaries, at the patient the diabetes mellitus can be also shown over time.

Besides, at women who suffer from a hirsutism a long time a number of serious complexes which considerably complicate everyday life can develop.

Prevention of a hirsutism

As methods of prevention of a disease it is important not to allow emergence of excess weight, at obesity at the woman the content of men's hormones increases. To prevent excessive growth of hair on different body parts, it is important to avoid the use of drugs which provoke emergence of a hirsutism.

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