Girudoterapiya, or the bdelloterapiya, represents a technique of treatment of diseases and various disturbances by means of a medical bloodsucker.

This term received the name thanks to the name of a medical bloodsuckergiruda. The homeland of this bloodsucker is Europe where it was applied to medical bloodletting throughout many centuries. Avicenna, Galen, Hippocrates wrote about a girudoterapiya, even on walls of the Egyptian tombs drawings of use of bloodsuckers were found. Use of a girudoterapiya in was eurysynusic in imperial Russia, and still they are applied in the medical purposes.

Efficiency of use

Bloodsuckers have complex effect. When the bloodsucker sticks, she causes usual bleeding, it also can strengthen local blood supply, liquidate venous stagnation. At the same time, at impact of bloodsuckers on an organism it is observed the antiinflammatory and anesthetizing local effects. Fall of hypostases, reduction of risk of development of thrombosis, microblood circulation improvement can be result of such procedure, even reflexogenic influence of bloodsuckers is supposed.

This method of treatment can be applied to treatment of a wide range of diseases.

The medical effect of use a girudoterapiya results from cumulative operation of three mechanisms: biological, mechanical and reflex.

Biological influence of bloodsuckers is that at suction of a bloodsucker let out the whole set of biologically active agents which contains in their saliva in blood of the person. Among them it is possible to note the anesthetizing substances, antibacterial, hyaluronidase, bdellina, a destabilazny complex, hirudine. Hirudine is the main substance, it represents a specific inhibitor of thrombin. Thanks to hirudine blood coagulation reaction is slowed down.

Mechanical action of bloodsuckers consists in unloading of a local blood-groove.

The reflex effect of a girudoterapiya is connected with the fact that the bloodsucker bites through skin only in biologically active points a little. This mechanism is similar to acupuncture action.

Hirudine is the main substance produced by bloodsuckers. Its main function – an obstacle release of thrombocytes due to thrombin binding process delay by thrombocytes. Substance of a gialurinodiaz which represents enzyme is also important. It splits the main substance of connecting fabric and promotes penetration of other active agents at a blood nasasyvaniye a bloodsucker. Resorptional effect of this substance is especially important at many diseases which are followed by commissural and cicatricial processes.

Thanks to mechanisms the girudoterapiya is capable to make impacts more than 30 kinds of therapeutic effects on a human body. The most important of them are:

  • Thrombolytic influence, that is destruction of blood clots;
  • Decrease in coagulability of blood;
  • Improvement supply of bodies and fabrics with blood;
  • Antiedematous influence;
  • Draining;
  • Hypotensive;
  • Splitting of fatty deposits;
  • Improvement of permeability of a vascular wall;
  • Recovery of a momentum transfer in neuromuscular fabric;
  • General reflex influence;
  • Microcirculation recovery;
  • Bacteriostatic influence of which lead to death of microorganisms which led to the beginning of inflammatory process;
  • Analgeziruyushchy influence;
  • Immunostimulating.

As well as any other procedure, for a girudoterapiya has contraindications:

  • Oncological diseases;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Hemorrhagic diathesis;
  • Hemophilia;
  • Individual intolerance;
  • PMS;
  • Periods;
  • Persistent hypotonia;
  • Heavy degree of anemia.

Process of a sting

Suction of a bloodsucker results prokus from skin on depth about one and a half-two millimeters. Saliva which contains the substance interfering coagulability of blood is entered into an educated wound. One bloodsucker for time can exhaust about 5 ml of blood. The session of a girudoterapiya lasts 20-60 minutes before full saturation of a bloodsucker, the wound which allocates a lymph is formed after that, blood and an intercellular lymph, this process continues till 6-16 o'clock. The amount of the blood which flowed out from as a result of procedure makes from 50 to 300 ml. After carrying out procedure the place of a sting is not recommended to be smeared with brilliant green or iodine because permeability of fabrics increases, and there can be a severe burn.

For the sake of sterility, the bloodsuckers used on medical indications are grown up at special combines. The dl of an exception of infection of other patients one bloodsucker is applied only 1 time.