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  • Latin name: Histafen
  • ATH code: R06AX
  • Active ingredient: Sekhifenadin (Sequifenadinum)
  • Producer: JSC Olaynfarm (Latvia)


Hydrochloride of a sekhifenadin, monohydrate of lactose, microcrystallic cellulose — 302 mg, silicon dioxide, corn starch, magnesium stearate.

Release form

Tablets of 50 mg of a round form of white color, ploskotsilindrichesky in the blister on 10 tablets in a cardboard pack No. 20, 30, 50.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Drug belongs to group of blockers of the H1-histamine receptors possessing antiserotoninovy activity. In insignificant degree blocks 5NT-1 serotoninovy receptors, weakening thereby action of one of mediators of allergic process of a histamine which is the cornerstone of clinical implication of process of an allergic inflammation: the dermahemia (caused by vasodilatation), hypostasis (increase of permeability of capillaries), pain and an itch of skin.

Sekhifenadin has antihistaminic effect via various mechanisms: blocks histamine receptors; reduces in fabrics the maintenance of a histamine by means of acceleration of its destruction by diaminoxidase.

Increase of level of serotonin at allergic diseases causes increase of the ABP, a bronchospasm, permeability of circulatory capillaries, increases effect of bradikinin, a histamine, prostaglandins. Sekhifenadin weakens spazmogenny effect of serotonin and a histamine on muscles of intestines, bronchial tubes, vessels; normalizes permeability of capillaries and prevents development of hypostases. Has the expressed antipruritic and anti-exudative effect of long character.

Drug exerts impact on an immune responsiveness of an organism, reduces concentration of immunoglobulins A and G and number of B-lymphocytes in a spleen, lymph nodes, marrow. At reception of a sekhifenadin of changes of biochemical indicators of urine and blood are not observed there is no influence on the ABP, content of cholesterol and glucose in blood, ECG indicators.


It is quickly soaked up from a gastrointestinal tract. Therapeutic concentration in blood comes in 2 hours. Collects in a liver, lungs, it is insignificant — in a brain. Biotransformation by oxidation occurs in a liver, forming an inactive metabolite. An elimination half-life — 12 hours. It is removed with a stake and urine.

Indications to use

  • In complex treatment of diseases of allergic character in an acute and chronic form (allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, pollinoses, a dermatosis);
  • The diseases of various genesis which are followed by a skin itch (neurodermatitis, allergic dermatitis, red flat deprive);
  • The allergic reactions caused by reception of foodstuff, HP and means of household chemicals;
  • Prevention of infectious and allergic diseases.


High sensitivity to drug, bronchial asthma, age till 18 flyings, a lactose intolerance, the period of pregnancy and a lactation. To apply with care at diseases of a gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, renal failures, a liver.

Side effects

Drowsiness, headache, dryness in a mouth, pain in a stomach, dyspepsia, appetite increase. Much more rare — increase of an urination, disturbance of a menstrual cycle, a leukopenia. At administration of drug in high doses — excitement, sleeplessness.

Gistafen, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Gistafen to take a pill after food, washing down with a necessary amount of water. At allergic diseases in an acute and chronic form the dose for adults makes 50-100 mg three times a day. Duration of reception of tablets from 5 to 15 days. The therapeutic effect after an initiation of treatment at most of patients comes in 3 days.

With the preventive purpose of diseases with an allergic component drug is appointed in 2 weeks prior to expected influence of seasonal allergen on one tablet by 2 times a day.


Headache, dryness of mucous membranes, abdominal pain, vomiting.


Does not exponentiate the oppressing effect of alcohol and HP hypnotic drugs on TsNS. During reception of tablets of Gistafen it is necessary to refrain from alcohol intake. It is not recommended to accept MAO inhibitors, at reception of antihistaminic drugs.

Terms of sale

Prescription issue.

Storage conditions

At a temperature up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

24 months.

Gistafen's analogs

Agistam, Tsetrin, Eden, Tavegil, Suprastinum, Loratadin, Diazolinum, Dermadrin, Allergo-Norm, Alergomaks, Eridez, Zodak, Kromoglin, Nazarel, Parlazin, Epinephrinum, Allergiz, Alergofit, Aleron, Tsetrilev and others.

About Gistafena

About drug among most of patients on the Internet favorable.

  • "… I use drug during an allergy season, well removes an itch, reddening".
  • "… The allergic person from the birth. Tried a set of drugs, the majority of them cause drowsiness. The last three years Gistafen's use well helps — ceased to go with the clogged nose, pruritic skin and the watering eyes, there is no wish to sleep from it".


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  • Gistafen of a tablet 50 of mg No. 20 Olaine HFZ (Latvia)
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Education: Graduated from Sverdlovsk medical school (1968 - 1971) as "Paramedic". Graduated from the Donetsk medical institute (1975 - 1981) as "An epidemiologist, a hygienist". Passed postgraduate study in the Central scientific research institute of epidemiology Moscow (1986 - 1989). An academic degree – the candidate of medical sciences (degree is awarded in 1989, protection – the Central scientific research institute of epidemiology Moscow). Numerous advanced training courses are studied in epidemiology and infectious diseases.

Experience: Work as the manager of department of disinfection and sterilization of 1981 - 1992. Work as the manager of department of especially dangerous infections of 1992 - 2010. Teaching activity at Medical institute 2010 - 2013.

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