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  • Latin name: Hyzaar
  • ATH code: C09DA01
  • Active ingredient: Lozartan + Hydrochlorothiazide (Losartan + Hydrochlorothiazide
  • Producer: Merck Sharp & Dohme B.V. (Netherlands)


Lozartan of potassium, hydrochlorothiazide, microcrystallic cellulose, water lactose, prezhelatinizirovanny starch, magnesium stearate, hydroxypropyl cellulose, titanium dioxide, quinolinic aluminum varnish, wax.

Release form

Tablets Gizaar in a cover of an oval form of yellow color in the blister packaging in a cardboard pack No. 14, 28.

Pharmacological action

Diuretic, hypotensive.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Actively active ingredients of drug Gizaar forte possess synergistic anti-hypertensive effect, reducing arterial pressure more than separately each of components. Lozartan of potassium blocks angiotensin II of receptors, and the hydrochlorothiazide is diuretic.

The combination of a hydrochlorothiazide and lozartan reduces expressiveness of the hyperuricemia caused by diuretic reception and also reduces potentially high risk of emergence of cardiovascular diseases in patients and mortality. The diuretic effect at administration of drug is inside shown in 2 hours, the maximum action comes on average in 4 hours and 6 — 12 hours last.


Lozartan is well and quickly absorbed from a gastrointestinal tract, metabolized in a liver at "the first passing". As a result of this process the active metabolite and inactive metabolites is synthesized pharmacological. Meal does not exert the expressed impact on a concentration profile in blood is revealed. Bioavailability of a lozartan makes 33%. The maximum concentration in blood are reached in 1 hour. High communication with blood proteins — with albumine (99%). It is removed with bile and with urine.

The hydrochlorothiazide as a result of a hydroxylation partially forms pharmacological an active metabolite. Through GEB does not get. The elimination half-life makes 15 hours. It is removed with urine within a day, mainly in an invariable look.

Indications to use

  • In the combined treatment of arterial hypertension;
  • On purpose decrease in risk of incidence of cardiovascular system and mortality at patients with a hypertrophy of a left ventricle and arterial hypertension.


High sensitivity to drug, renal failures, an anury, age till 18 flyings, abnormal liver functions, a lactose intolerance, pregnancy, a diabetes mellitus, a lactation, bronchial asthma. To take at disturbance of water and electrolytic balance against vomiting and diarrhea with caution.

Side effects

Local and general allergic reactions, diarrhea, cough, the increased photosensitivity.

Gizaar, application instruction (Way and dosage)

In therapy of arterial hypertension Gizaar to accept on 1 tablet (50/12.5 mg) of 1 times a day for 2-4 weeks. The anti-hypertensive effect comes in most cases within three weeks of administration of drug. If the medical effect is absent, it is necessary to increase a daily dose to 2 pill Gizaar taken in one step or to pass to reception of one tablet Gizaar forte (100/12.5 mg). Does not accord meal on efficiency of effect of drug.


Symptoms of overdose develop, as a rule, owing to deficit of electrolytes and dehydration against excessive diuresis and are shown by tachycardia and the expressed decrease in the ABP.


At a concomitant use of drug Gizaar or Gizaar forte with ethanol, opioid analgetics, a hydrochlorothiazide and barbiturates risk of development of hypotension sharply raises. Administration of drug with insulin and hypoglycemic HP can be required corrections of a dosage of hypoglycemic HP. Development of the additive effect at reception with other hypotensive drugs is possible. Not to accept together with the drugs containing as the risk of intoxication of Li increases.

Terms of sale

Prescription issue.

Storage conditions

Not to freeze. To store at a temperature of 15-30 °C.

Period of validity

3 years.

Gizaar's analogs

Drugs with similar active ingredient and the ATH-code: Gizortan, Lozartan-N Richter, Lakea of N, Prezartan of N, Lozap plus, Vazotenz N.

About Gizaare

About drug favorable. Patients note its high performance. "… I am 48 years old, have a hypertension. On the last reception the doctor appointed tablets Gizaar to night. Spent on drink nearly a month, pressure was stabilized". Among doctors also About this combined group of drugs generally positive. This drug allows to improve therapy of both arterial hypertension, and diseases associated with it.


  • Gizaar 50mg/12,5mg No. 14 tabletkimerk Sharp and Doum
  • Gizaar forte 100mg/12,5mg No. 28 tabletkimerk Sharp and Doum

Drugstore of IFC

  • Gizaar tbl 50mg/12,5 No. 14, Merck Sharp & Dohmeniderlandy
  • Gizaar forte tbl 100mg/12,5 No. 28, Merck Sharp & Dohmeniderlandy
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  • Gizaar forte28


  • Gizaar forte tab. 100mg/12.5mg No. 28


  • Гизаар® Forte 100 mg / 12,5 mg No. 28 tabl.p.o. Merck Sharp and Doum B. V. (Netherlands)
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Section: Cardiovascular
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Education: Graduated from Sverdlovsk medical school (1968 - 1971) as "Paramedic". Graduated from the Donetsk medical institute (1975 - 1981) as "An epidemiologist, a hygienist". Passed postgraduate study in the Central scientific research institute of epidemiology Moscow (1986 - 1989). An academic degree – the candidate of medical sciences (degree is awarded in 1989, protection – the Central scientific research institute of epidemiology Moscow). Numerous advanced training courses are studied in epidemiology and infectious diseases.

Experience: Work as the manager of department of disinfection and sterilization of 1981 - 1992. Work as the manager of department of especially dangerous infections of 1992 - 2010. Teaching activity at Medical institute 2010 - 2013.

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