Glycine Forte Evalar

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  • Latin name: Glycine Forte
  • ATH code: N06BX
  • Active ingredient: Glycine (Glycine)
  • Producer: CJSC Evalar, Russia


As a part of the tablets Glycine Forte glycine and vitamins of group B contains: B1, B6, B12.

Release form

Means in the form of tablets on 0.6 g intended for a rassasyvaniye is made.

Pharmacological action

Active ingredient of medicine is an amino acid which is produced in a human body and promotes regulation of a metabolism, normalizes processes of protective braking in TsNS. Under its influence in an organism the level of psychoemotional tension decreases, working capacity increases, expressiveness of a conflictness, aggression decreases. Taking medicine, the patient notes backfilling normalization, improvement of mood. Substance reduces expressiveness of vegeto-vascular frustration, in particular, in the period of a menopause. The state at all-brain frustration at people after a stroke or ChMT improves. Also means reduces toxic impact of alcohol on an organism.

B1 vitamin contributes to normalization of a condition of a nervous system, stimulates intellectual working capacity and processes of thinking.

B6 vitamin normalizes processes of functioning of a brain, promotes overcoming of a condition of irritability and fatigue.

B12 vitamin accelerates processes of updating of structure of nervous tissue, improves attention, memory. This substance takes part in development of acetylcholine, that is neuromediator which defines processes of training, memories, etc.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Glycine very quickly gets to fabrics and liquids of a human body, also gets into a brain. In a liver there is its fast destruction to carbon dioxide and water.

Indications to use

Glycine Forte Evalar is applied as the bioadditive providing an additional source of glycine for an organism. Reception of tablets in the period of strong stressful tension, for overcoming of symptoms of neurosises is recommended, to vegeto-vascular dystonia, at strong excitability. Also the indication to use is the state after ChMT, a stroke, different forms of encephalopathies. It is applied to treatment of teenagers with deviant behavior.


It is not necessary to accept drug at intolerance of components, at pregnancy and a lactation.

Side effects

Seldom at patients during therapy manifestation of allergic reactions is possible.

Application instruction Glycine Forte Evalar (Way and dosage)

The application instruction of drug provides that adult patients have to accept on 1 tablet twice a day. It is necessary to hold medicine in a mouth to its full rassasyvaniye. As a rule, treatment lasts one month if there is a need, the course of therapy is repeated.


Overdose of glycine are not shown, however overdose symptoms vitamins of group B are possible.


Reduces the level of toxic influence on an organism of antidepressants of antipsychotic and anticonvulsant drugs.

If to take a pill along with tranquilizers, somnolent drugs, neuroleptics, the effect of braking of TsNS is summed up.

Terms of sale

It is possible to get without recipe.

Storage conditions

Storage requires the dry and dark place where air temperature does not exceed 25 °C. Drug should be preserved against children.

Period of validity

3 years.

Special instructions

Before applying this means, the patient needs to consult with the specialist.

At long reception Glycine Forte Evalar at the patient is not shown dependences on drug as it contains components which are natural to an organism.

People with tendency to arterial hypotension have to accept smaller doses Glycine Forte and at the same time control the ABP level. If pressure decreases to lower level, than usually, it is necessary to stop reception of tablets.


Analogs of the drug Glycine Forte exists much. Such drugs are drugs Glitsised, Glycine Biot, Glycine-ozone, Glitsin-Kanon, etc. Only the specialist can choose suitable drug for the patient.


  • Evalar Glitsin Forte Evalar No. 20 tabletkievalar
  • Evalar Glitsin Forte Evalar No. 60 tabletkievalar
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