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  • Latin name: Glycine
  • ATH code: N06BX
  • Active ingredient: Glycine (Glycine)
  • Producer: LLC Medical Scientific-industrial Complex BIOTIKI, Russia

Composition of Glycine

Active ingredient the glycine microencapsulated also additional ingredients is a part of Glycine: methyl cellulose water-soluble, magnesium stearate.

Chemical formula of drug: C2H5NO2

Release form

Form of production of drug — a tablet hypoglossal. Tablets of white color, can have mramornost elements. A form of tablets – ploskotsilindrichesky, with a facet. Packaging can contain 10 or 50 tablets.

Pharmacological action

This substance – replaceable amino acid. The summary demonstrates that it is the central neuromediator having brake type of influence. That is amino acid is a peculiar transmitter of nervous excitement. Medicine provides sedative influence, soothingly influencing TsNS. Also under its influence in an organism the metabolism in brain fabrics improves. Positive influence at development in the person of muscular dystrophy is noted.

In chemistry high-quality reaction to drug is applied to definition of amino acid. Reactions receiving copper salt of glycine, receiving dipeptide from glycine, etc. Besides, both glycine, and methylamine are widely applied, and other amino acids are widely used in chemical industry.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Under the influence of this substance as regulator of exchange processes, in a human body processes of braking in the central nervous system of the person are activated and normalized. As a result, degree of psychoemotional tension decreases, working capacity increases.

In a human body provides adrenoceptor blocking, anti-toxic, antioxidant influence, activity of glutamate receptors provides regulation. As a result, such chemical properties provide a number of effects. In honesty, taking the pill Glycine, the person notes decrease in a conflictness and aggression, reduction of an emotional pressure, improvement of mood.

Physical properties of Glycine allow to normalize a dream and to improve backfilling process, to increase activity of cerebration, to reduce extent of vegeto-vascular frustration. At the people who had craniocereberal injuries or a stroke expressiveness of disorders of activity of a brain decreases. Lowers toxic influence of alcohol, and also a number of drugs which oppress TsNS.

Substance quickly gets into biological fabrics and liquids, into a brain. In fabrics of its accumulation does not occur. Metabolism products – water and carbon dioxide.

The medicine Glycine, indications to use

Indications to use of Glycine are defined the following:

  • stress, constant psychoemotional tension;
  • low intellectual working capacity;
  • diseases of a nervous system of organic and functional character at which high excitability, sleeplessness, emotional instability, neurosises, encephalopathies, etc. is noted;
  • deviant behavior at teenagers and children;
  • state after an ischemic stroke.

Besides, Wikipedia demonstrates that this medicine is recommended as means which reduces an inclination to alcoholic beverages. The dosage to adult patients at the same time is appointed by the doctor who will explain for what tablets are used and whether there is a need of their reception for a specific case.

Indications for its use exist also in the presence of abstinence signs owing to sudden suspension of systematic alcohol intake (at a hangover), and also other phenomena at people with an alcoholism.

To learn in more detail about from what the tablet Glycine whether their use is reasonable and from what tablets help, it is possible on reception at the specialist.

Contraindications on Glycine

The summary demonstrates that as contraindication only high sensitivity to components which are contained by this drug is defined.

Side effects of Glycine

Side effects at treatment by this means are noted seldom. Side effects of Glycine in the form of allergic manifestations can be shown.

Glycine, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Tablets Glycine, application instruction

Pill needs to be taken podjyazychno or transbukkalno. To adult patients drug is appointed in a dosage on 100 mg. How to accept Glycine to adults or children, depends on features of course of a disease and individual preferences: it is possible to accept means in tablets or in the crushed look. To accept to food or after food, depends on recommendations of the doctor.

At sleep disorders of a tablet adults need to drink in 20 minutes before going to bed on 1 tablet, children – 0,5 tablets.

To patients after an ischemic brain stroke it is appointed in the first three-six hours after development of a stroke. It is necessary to accept 1000 mg of means transbukkalno or podjyazychno, drug needs to be dissolved in one p. of l. waters. For 1-5 days it is necessary to adhere to a dosage of 1000 mg a day then for 30 more days drug it is necessary to take in a dose 1-2 pill three times a day.

For the purpose of increase of working capacity, overcoming of psychoemotional tension, and also at various defeats of TsNS about 1 tablet 2-3 times a day is appointed, the course of treatment lasts 14-30 days. It is possible to repeat such treatment from 4 to 6 times a year. At pregnancy the woman can take medicine only after appointment of the specialist. It is necessary to consider contraindications surely.

The application instruction of Glycine for children

To healthy children and teenagers at memory impairment and working capacity, serious emotional tension about 1 tablet 2-3 times a day is appointed. Treatment can continue for 2-4 weeks. How to give to children or how to give to the baby Glitsin at other diagnoses, the specialist at appointment will in details tell.

It should be noted that transbukkalny use of Glycine provides its placement in an oral cavity or between a gum and an upper lip before full dissolution. Such use of drug provides hit of active ingredient in an organism through mucous membranes. The hypoglossal route of administration is also possible.

Glycine overdose

Symptoms of overdose of Glycine at patients are not shown as this means – the amino acid which is contained in a human body. The constitutional formula of Glycine provides its participation in a metabolism brain cells. At the same time it is necessary to consider that efficiency of drug increases at increase in its dosage.


The advantage and harm of this drug depends as well on interaction with other means. Medicine reduces expressiveness of collateral influence of antipsychotic drugs (neuroleptics), antidepressants, anxiolytics, anticonvulsant and somnolent drugs. Under its influence extent of toxic influence of these medicamentous means decreases.

If medicine interacts with tranquilizers, somnolent drugs and neuroleptics, then the effect of braking of TsNS is summed up.

Terms of sale

In pharmacy chains is on sale without recipe. If necessary the specialist writes out the recipe in Latin where the dosage and frequency of reception is designated.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store tablets in the dark and dry place, air temperature at the same time should not be more than 25 °C. It is necessary to protect cure for access for children.

Period of validity

It is possible to store 3 years.

Special instructions

That the advantage was bigger, than harm, to people who have tendency to arterial hypotension lower doses of drug are appointed, and in the course of treatment control of arterial pressure is carried out. Depending on that, raises or Glycine lowers pressure, it is necessary to make the decision on its further reception. If indicators of the ABP go down to lower level, than it happens usually, reception of tablets needs to be stopped.

Glycine, as well as alanine, and other amino acids, is applied in bodybuilding, however the official description of drug will not implicate about it data. Also in the summary there are no data on use of this drug for weight loss.

People who are engaged in brainwork are also recommended to eat food with the high content of glycine. What products contain this substance, it is possible to learn from the specialist. In a human body substance is synthesized from sincaline, threonine, serine, and also arrives with the food containing a lot of protein.

Analogs of Glycine

Numerous analogs of this means which work are available it is similar and have similar indications to use. Similar drugs Parkon, Tenoten, Memsidol, Glitsised, Phenibutum, Enerion, etc. are known. Such drugs have similar indications and are applied at a stroke, at VSD, from a hangover, before the examination and other situations causing a nervous tension, etc.

That it is better: Glycine or Tenoten?

These drugs influence an organism probably, however Tenoten does not exert sedative impact. This drug is a homeopathic remedy, is appointed to children. Only the doctor has to make a final decision on reception of this or that means.

What Glycine from Glycine Forte differs in?

Both drugs have similar effect on an organism, however Glycine Forte is a part bigger amount of active ingredient, and also vitamins of group B.

Biot's glycine and Glycine: differences

Biot's glycine provides double action on the child's organism, reducing degree of a motive hyperactivity and at the same time improving learnability and attention.


  • Glycine No. 50 MNPK tablets/biotics/biotics
  • Glycine-bio of Farmaplant No. 50 tablet/ozone/ozone of Ltd company
  • Evalar Glitsin Forte Evalar No. 20 tabletkievalar
  • Glycine forte 250 mg No. 30 of a tablet of a zashchechnyekanonfarm production closed joint stock company
  • To carry Dante washed a wistaria and a lilac 250gnesti Dante Srl

Drugstore of IFC

  • Glycine Forte tbl 600 mg No. 60, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
  • Glycine tbl with / Ling of 100 mg No. 50 **, Biotiki (г.Москва) Russia
  • Glycine Forte tbl 600 mg No. 20, Evalar (Biysk) Russia
  • Glycine Biot of Farmaplant tbl hypoglossal 100 mg No. 50, Ooorossiya's Ozone
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  • Tab. glycine 0.25g No. 40evro-Plus (Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk)
  • Glitsinmoskhimfarmpreparata (Russia)
  • Tablet glycine under language 0.1g No. 50biotiki (Russia)
  • Doppelgerts Aktiv glycine kaps. No. 30kvaysser of Farm (Germany)
  • Muesli raspberry + glycine


  • Tab. glycine 0.1g No. 50biotiki
  • Tab. glycine 0.1g No. 50biotiki


  • Glycine Ozone of 100 mg No. 50 of the tab. lingv. Ozone of Ltd company (Russia)
  • Glycine of 100 mg No. 50 of the tab. of Vneshtorg of LLC Farm (Russia)
  • Glycine Fort No. 20 tab. blister
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