Glutaminic acid

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  • Latin name: Glutaminic acid
  • ATH code: N07XX
  • Active ingredient: Glutaminic acid (Glutamic acid)
  • Producer: MARBIOFARM (Russia)


As a part of one tablet of means Glutaminic acid contains 250 mg of the active agent of the same name.

Additional substances: povidone, potato starch, monohydrate of calcium stearate, talc.

Structure of a cover: talc, sucrose, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, povidone, liquid paraffin, beeswax.

Release form

White biconvex tablets of a round form, two-layer on cross section.

  • 10 tablets in a strip packaging; one packaging in a pack from paper.
  • 60 tablets in a polymeric can; one bank in a pack from paper.

Pharmacological action

Nootropic action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The pharmacopeia specifies that this drug improves a metabolism of cells of a nervous system. A constitutional formula of glutaminic acid – C5H9NO4. Replaceable amino acid, in an organism is present only at a left-handed form (the L glutaminic acid). Carries out a mediator role with the expressed metabolic activity in brain tissues, activates redoxreactions in a head brain, and also an exchange of proteins. Regulates a metabolism, transforming the functional status of endocrine and nervous systems. Stimulates transfer of excitement in synapses of neurons, promotes neutralization and evacuation from an ammonia organism, increases resistance to a hypoxia.

The important component of myofibrils, component of synthesis of other amino acids, ATP, acetylcholine, urea, helps transfer and maintenance of the necessary maintenance of potassium ions with brain tissues, serves as the intermediary between a metabolism of nucleic acids and carbohydrates, normalizes glycolysis level in fabrics. Has gepatoprotektorny action, suppresses secretory function of cells of a stomach.


High has high extent of absorption. Well breaks gistogematichesky barriers, membranes of subcellular structures and cellular covers. Collects a liver, kidneys and soft tissues. It is removed with urine (5-7%) in an initial form.

Indications to use

Indications to use of Glutaminic acid (at complex therapy):

  • braking of mental development of a various etiology, children's cerebral palsy, effects after a birth intracranial trauma, poliomyelitis, a Down syndrome;
  • schizophrenia, epilepsy (small attacks), psychoses, depressive reactive condition, sleeplessness, mental exhaustion, effects of encephalitis and meningitis, the progressing myopathy, a depression;
  • neuropathy of toxic genesis against use of derivatives of isonicotinic acid.


Hyperexcitability, feverish states, oppression of a hemopoiesis in marrow, rough mental reactions, insufficiency of work of kidneys or a liver, anemia, a peptic ulcer, obesity, a nephrotic syndrome, hypersensitivity to glutaminic acid.

Side effects

Development of the following symptoms is possible: liquid chair, vomiting, allergic reactions, nervous excitement, nausea, abdominal pains, hyperexcitability. At long use develop more often: a leukopenia, lowering of a hemoglobin content, crack on lips, irritation mucous a mouth.

Application instruction of Glutaminic acid (Way and dosage)

Medicine is taken inside for half an hour to food, at emergence of symptoms of dyspepsia used after or during reception of food.

Glutaminic acid, application instruction

To adult patients appoint on 1 gram of means to three times a day.

  • To children till 1 year appoint 100 mg a day.
  • Till 2 flyings appoint 150 mg a day.
  • To children of 3-4 years appoint 250 mg a day.
  • To children of 5-6 years appoint 400 mg a day.
  • To children of 7-9 years appoint 500-1000 mg a day.
  • To children of 10 flyings appoint on 1000 mg to three times a day.

At an oligophrenia appoint means at the rate of 100-200 mg to kilogram of weight.

Duration of treatment makes usually from 1-2 months to 1 year.


Strengthening of by-effects when developing acute poisoning with drug is possible. The symptomatic treatment, a gastric lavage, use of enterosorbents is carried out.


Together with Thiamin and the Pyridoxine drug is used for prevention and treatment of the neurotoxic frustration caused by reception of derivatives of isonicotinic acid.

At muscular dystrophy and a myopathy medicine is effective in combination with Glycine or Pachycarpinum.

Terms of sale

Without recipe.

Storage conditions

To store at the room temperature in an original packing. To protect from children.

Period of validity

4 years.

Special instructions

It is necessary to use cure for liver diseases with care.

At development of side effects the dose of drug is reduced.

During therapy it is necessary to exercise control of indicators of urine and blood.


Anti-front, Armadin, Glycine, Instenon, Intellan, Korteksin, Neyrotropin, Rilutek, Tsitoflavin.


  • Glutaminic kislotakiyevsky vitamin plant (Ukraine, Kiev)
Section: For a nervous system
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