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  • Latin name: Glucagon
  • ATH code: H04AA01
  • Active ingredient: Glucagon (Glucagon)
  • Producer: It is new Nordisk (Denmark)


  • 1 ampoule of the 666th drug Glucagon contains 1 mg of a hydrochloride of a glucagon and 49 mg of lactose;
  • 1 ampoule 667 above-stated drugs contains 1 mg of a hydrochloride of a glucagon, 1 ml of 1,6% of solution of glycerin from 2% phenol solution as preservative;
  • 1 ampoule 668 above-stated drugs contains 1 mg of a hydrochloride of a glucagon and 140 mg of lactose;
  • 1 ampoule 669 above-stated drugs contains 10 mg of a hydrochloride of a glucagon and 1 ml of 1,6% of solution of glycerin from 2% phenol solution.

Release form

Ampoules under names 669, 668, 667, 666.

The lyophilized powder for parenteral injection administration in bottles:

  • one-time form of drug on 1 mg of active agent complete with solvent of 5 ml;
  • reusable form of drug on 2 mg of active agent in a set solvent of 5 ml or on 10 mg of active agent complete with solvent of 10 ml.

Pharmacological action

Hyper glycemic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The glucagon is the means containing a biosynthetic equivalent of a human Glucagon, both options are identical on structure.


Glucagon – the hormone mobilizing a liver glycogen which is in turn released in the form of glucose in blood. The glucagon is not effective at deficit of a glycogen in a liver. Effect of hormone of the Glucagon insignificant at patients, a long span not eating food, at persons with a chronic hypoglycemia, insufficiency of adrenal glands or with an alcoholic hypoglycemia.

Also function of the Glucagon consists in stimulation of secretion of catecholamines. At a pheochromocytoma it can cause an exit of excessive quantity of catecholamines that leads to fast increase of pressure. The tone oppresses and weakens a peristaltics of smooth muscles of bodies of a digestive tract.


It is split by means of enzymes in bodies and a blood plasma. The liver and kidneys exert the defining impact on clearance of hormone. The elimination half-life makes 4-5 minutes. At introduction intravenously action begins to be fixed in a minute after introduction. Duration of action fluctuates within 5-20 minutes.

After intramuscular introduction the beginning of action is noticeable in 7-15 minutes and can proceed till 40 minutes. At therapy of severe forms of hypoglycemic states influence on concentration of glucose in blood is expected on average in 10 minutes after use.

Indications to use

  • therapy of a hypoglycemia at the patients suffering from a diabetes mellitus;
  • as an additional tool at radiological researches of a pancreas, stomach and intestines;
  • shock therapy at psychiatric pathology.


  • chronic hypoglycemia;
  • insufficiency of adrenal glands;
  • sensitization to drug.

Side effects

The most often found undesirable effects are vomiting and nausea, especially when using a dose over 1 mg or at the accelerated introduction of means (till 1 minute). In more exceptional cases the secondary hypoglycemia can appear.

  • reactions from immunity: reactions of hypersensitivity up to an acute anaphylaxis;
  • reactions from the alimentary system: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pains.

Application instruction of the Glucagon (Way and dosage)

According to clinical indications the drug is usually administered in a dosage of 0,5 or 1 units subcutaneously, intravenously or intramusculary.

For recovery of a stock of a glycogen in cells of a liver and prevention of development of a secondary hypoglycemia it is necessary to accept in addition carbohydrates after a drug injection. If use of the Glucagon is ineffective, administration of glucose intravenously is recommended.


At introduction of a high dose of drug there can be nausea or vomiting. Special treatment in these cases, as a rule, is not required. Also lowering of content of potassium in a blood plasma can be observed. This phenomenon demands correction and monitoring in case of need.


Action of the Glucagon antagonistically to effect of insulin.

Against treatment by beta adrenoblockers introduction of means can lead to severe tachycardia and increase of pressure.

At simultaneous use with Indometacin drug can lose ability to increase concentration of glucose in blood.

At combined use with Warfarin can strengthen its action.

Terms of sale

Strictly according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

  • it is impossible to allow drug freezings accidentally not to damage the syringe with the solvent which is contained in it;
  • to store at a temperature up to 25 °C only in original packaging;
  • to store in the place, unavailable to light;
  • the drug prepared for use has to be immediately administered right after preparation. It is impossible to leave the prepared solution for further later use;
  • to protect from children;
  • never to use after the termination of a period of validity which is specified on packaging.

Period of validity

Two years

Special instructions

It is necessary to remember that insulin is an antagonist Glyukagona.

It is not necessary to use drug solution if accepted a consistence of gel or powder was dissolved not completely.


1 mg of Gipokit is glucogenic.

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