Abscesses on skin (Pustule)

The pustule or abscess is an education with a cavity which is filled with contents of purulent character.

How abscesses on skin are shown?

The pustule can have diameter from 1,5 to 5 mm in the diameter, and the form of such education can be flat, in the form of a cone or a ball. Depending on depth of an arrangement of a pustule are subdivided on superficial and deep. The first are located in epidermis, the second — in a derma. After the deep pustule disappears, on its place there can be a hem. Very often pustules appear in hair follicles. In that case they are called follicular pustules. Abscesses can appear on different parts of a body and confirm development in a human body of various diseases.

Why there are abscesses on skin?

The reasons of emergence of abscesses on a body can be the following: skin injuries through which the infection, the general decrease in protective forces of an organism, frequent colds, disturbances of a metabolism, the administration of drugs oppressing immunity gets to an organism. Also abscesses on different parts of a body appear owing to influence still of some factors described below.

White abscesses in a throat appear at an adenoid disease, one of stages of which is the inflammation of almonds. Unlike symptoms of purulent quinsy, at an adenoid disease initially there are abscesses in a throat without temperature. But if timely treatment was not undertaken, the condition of the patient can be aggravated. In spite of the fact that at an adenoid disease abscesses on tonsils without temperature are observed, this disease often is the indication to removal of almonds. However sometimes abscesses on almonds without temperature manage to be cured in the conservative way. A course of special washings is for this purpose conducted, measures are taken for immunity strengthening.

Quinsy provokes strong rise in temperature, at the same time to the person the throat hurts. How to treat quinsy, only the doctor after carrying out inspection has to solve.

At quinsy white abscesses on an almond are brightly expressed, their emergence conducts to an unpleasant smell in a mouth, to emergence of a continuous white-gray plaque on tonsils.

Гнойники на шееParents if the abscess at the child in a mouth appeared have to be especially attentive. The abscesses which appeared at the child in a throat often lead to strong temperature increase, weakening of an organism. It is important to visit surely the pediatrician and to conduct examination. If not to cure abscesses on almonds timely, then gradually tonsils are loosened, and their obligatory removal can be required after a while. As well as at the adult, at the child in a throat abscesses appear also at an adenoid disease.

One more widespread disease which can become the emergence reason in a mouth of pustules is stomatitis. A symptom of this illness are the abscesses appearing in the sky, in language at the child. The special discomfort is felt if there is at the child on a gingiva an abscess connected with stomatitis. Parents have to understand that this disease develops against reduced protective forces of an organism, and it is obligatory to take measures to increase immunity. Decrease in protective forces can become the reason of emergence of abscesses and on a face, on the head of the child, also pustules can arise on other body parts.

If the person has an abscess in a mouth on a cheek or in other place of an oral cavity, then it is not necessary to trifle of this phenomenon. The abscess which is not cured in time in an oral cavity can develop into a serious illness. Oral cavity abscess which is gradually shown as an abscess often arises after wound of soft tissues and hit to the place of an infection wound. Abscesses in language and on mucous a mouth often appear at people who have not cured caries or other diseases of teeth. Sometimes the abscesses connected with an infection develop also around a mouth. But it is necessary to consider that the abscess on a lip can be connected also with a virus of herpes which is present at a human body. If the abscess on the interior of a lip is in most cases connected with stomatitis, then the abscess on a face under a lip can appear in the period of an exacerbation of herpes. If it does not disappear several days, it is desirable to consult with the doctor.

Abscesses in the sky develop at people who have periodontitis of teeth of an upper jaw. They bring to the person notable discomfort and are periodically shown if not to treat the main illness.

Because of diseases of teeth also the white abscess on a gingiva can be formed. If on a gingiva there was abscess, and later — an abscess, then, most likely, it is connected with hit of an infection in cracks which appear between teeth and gums. How to treat such abscesses, the dentist defines. As a rule, treatment is carried out as follows: abscess is opened, the drainage of a cavity and its cleaning is carried out. If the abscess burst, the disease can pass by itself. But at notable discomfort it is necessary to see nevertheless a doctor who will define why the abscess appeared, and will help to remove the cause. An abscess in a mouth at the baby it is impossible to treat independently as this symptom can be connected both with stomatitis, and with herpes.

With development of a pustule directly on a gingiva over tooth of people often considers that the abscess on tooth or on a fang appeared. Sometimes such situation is connected with an illness of that tooth on which the pustule developed. After an odontectomy or its correct treatment education disappears.

Under the influence of certain factors of a pustule can appear also on head integuments under hair. This phenomenon brings considerable discomfort in the course of care of hair, causes a severe itch. Therefore the person at once looks for the answer to a question, than to treat abscesses on the head in hair. The reasons of this phenomenon are various. It can be both a hormonal imbalance, and diseases of internals, and banal non-compliance with standards of personal hygiene. Abscesses on head skin arise owing to hit of bacteria during a time of integuments. As a result, pustules can appear not only on pilar part of the head, but also on a neck.

Emergence of spots on the head of children can be connected with allergic reactions. Doctors advise surely to pay attention and to features of washing of the head. Often spots under hair develop at people who wash hair too often or, on the contrary, very seldom. By the way, most often head skin spots develop at those children and adults who abuse sweet.

Гнойники на коже (Пустула)Abscesses on centuries testify to a serious purulent inflammation. The abscess on an eye is dangerous already that it is located near a brain. Therefore it is necessary to consult with the doctor in that case. Abscesses on a century of an eye appear as an effect of the wrong treatment of less serious illnesses. For example, sometimes the pustule in a century is formed at the wrong treatment of barley. Effects of an infection are aggravated if the small abscess on an eye was squeezed out. After expression inflammatory process on a lower eyelid or on an upper eyelid extends to all eyelid. At emergence of abscesses the eyelid swells up, body temperature can increase, the person is disturbed by sharp pain.

Abscesses in a groin at women and men in certain cases demonstrate development of venereal diseases. However not always pustules in a groin are a symptom of STD. Abscesses in a groin cause in men and women also other factors.

Often spots on generative organs arise because of disturbance of elementary standards of hygiene. For example, the abscess on vulvar lips at the woman can be a consequence of overcooling or strong irritation. Abscesses often are a depilation effect, arising on places of growth of hair. Carrying synthetic linen also provokes emergence of spots. But if abscesses on small vulvar lips or on big vulvar lips appear constantly, then it can signal about diseases. Therefore, it is worth visiting the gynecologist and to consult about it.

At the man the abscess on the member appears for the similar reasons. On the head of a penis of a pustule develop because of bad leaving for generative organs. Owing to hit in an organism of the man of putreform microbes on a penis single or multiple abscesses also appear. Formation of pustules on a penis sometimes happens after the unprotected sexual intercourse. In that case it is necessary inspection timely to cure an infection which is transmitted sexually. This symptom can testify to sexual herpes, less often the abscess appears owing to an allergy.

Thus, multiple abscesses on a body demonstrate the pathological processes connected with an infection. And if the single abscess on a finger, as a rule, is not a special reason for concern, then multiple abscesses on hands, under mice, on spin have to cause fear and be a reason for visit of the doctor. The feeding mother who had an abscess on a breast or directly on a nipple has to report surely at once about it to the doctor, in the course of feeding the infection can be transmitted to the kid. The internal abscess which appeared owing to obstruction of a time skin fat should not be squeezed out as on site pressure there can be a deep wound.

Non-compliance with rules of hygiene — a basic reason on which the abscess on a leg appears. A special inconvenience is given by a pustule which appears on a toe. Therefore for the prevention of emergence of abscesses on hands and legs it is important to keep a palm and a foot clean.

How to get rid of abscesses on skin?

Пустулы и гнойники на кожеTreatment of a pustule which appears on any of body parts of the person is obligatory. Papules and pustules of which the patient tried to get rid incorrectly can leave unpleasant scars after disappearance, well noticeable even on a photo. It is especially carefully necessary to treat pustules on a face in which in the course of expression of pus of people can bring an infection. In certain cases treatment depends also on the pustule reason. For example, at emergence of a roseola which symptom is papular rash manifestations take place by itself.

How to get rid of pustules, the doctor after carrying out necessary analyses and inspections will explain. There are also councils of traditional medicine on the subject of how to treat pustules. But their use does not guarantee a positive take.

The general rules of treatment of abscesses mean use of vitamin complexes, and also immunomodulators which will increase body resistance of the patient to various infections.

The answer to a question how to treat white abscesses on a face, depends on the reason of their emergence. As it was already noted above, it is important not to press independently internal pustules to avoid infection. White abscesses it is possible to treat by means of some drugs. Peroxide is for this purpose used benzoyl. This means dries skin and accelerates healing process. There are many procedures improving a condition of face skin, but they are carried out in the conditions of salons and clinics. In house conditions an effective method of impact on face skin are steam trays which can be prepared with broths of the herbs having antibacterial influence. Such trays are useful also to those who had an abscess in a nose.

If the white abscess demands opening, then strictly the technology of opening of abscesses without fail has to be observed. In house conditions only opening of superficial abscesses is possible. At the same time before opening and after it it is necessary to disinfect skin very carefully. In the conditions of hospital the special set for opening of an abscess is used.

To prevent emergence of abscesses on a face and on other body parts, it is necessary to correct a diet, having refused too sweet and fat dishes. Traditional medicine recommends to wash regularly broths of herbs, to do compresses and lotions.

However it is always necessary to remember that treatment of abscesses on a face is long process and depends both on the correct approach to therapy, and on care of performance of all procedures. And treatment on the head of the appeared abscesses needs to be carried out not only by means of local means, but also by correction of a food allowance and approach to hygiene.

To define how to get rid of an abscess in a mouth or in language, the doctor will help too, having established the correct diagnosis. If abscesses appeared owing to stomatitis, then except recovery of immunity it is regularly necessary to rinse an oral cavity broths of a camomile, bark of an oak, a horsetail, calendula, sage. Sometimes in the course of treatment solution of Lugol which is applied both on abscesses on mucous a mouth, and on pustules on tonsils is used. How to treat abscesses on almonds, also depends on the diagnosis. If purulent quinsy is diagnosed for the person, then complex therapy surely includes reception of antibiotics, topical treatment, symptomatic therapy. It is impossible to be treated and make independently at all the decision on how to clean an abscess at quinsy as it is fraught with serious complications.

Гнойники на коже у девушкиHow to cure an abscess which appeared as a symptom of a certain disease depends on its weight and features. But anyway it is always necessary to remember that removal of an abscess or treatment on a body of the appeared pustule is a serious process on which depends whether the illness will pass completely.

The special attention should be paid to treatment of abscesses during a century. Removal of such abscesses is carried out in most cases by a surgical way in a hospital. To the patient anesthesia then the eyelid is cut is carried out, pus is removed. If operation was performed by the experienced doctor, after it there is no scar left. After an operative measure to the patient treatment by antibiotics and the therapy stimulating immunity is appointed.

At emergence of abscesses in the field of generative organs it is initially carried out analyses and inspections for the purpose of establishment of the reason of such symptom. It is important to exclude or confirm diseases which are transmitted sexually. Self-treatment in this case is inadmissible.

It is possible to prevent emergence of abscesses on a body in most cases, following the simple rules. It is necessary to monitor carefully respect for personal hygiene, to keep a body clean. At emergence of symptoms of infectious diseases it is necessary to establish urgently the diagnosis and to carry out treatment not to allow transition of diseases to a chronic form. One more important point — strengthening of protective forces of an organism. Active lifestyle, the use of vitamin-containing products, a hardening will help to increase immunity.

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