Headache. What to do if the head hurts

The headache is that problem, complaints to which people most often state to the specialist neuropathologist. On the last researches of scientists, in the developed countries of the world about 70% of the population complain of periodic headaches. But actually this figure is not indicative as the people having such pain not always ask for medical assistance, accepting drugs analgetics which are implemented without recipe of the doctor at attacks.

Features of a headache

Depending on pathology the headache can have different intensity and arise in different areas. Both constant, and periodic pain can be a symptom of many diseases. This is the leader, and in certain cases and the only complaint at children and adults at antritis, arterial hypotonia, neurosises, a hypertension, pathologies of kidneys and endocrine system, a depression, etc. The so-called cluster headache is especially intensive unilateral pain which brings strong tortures to the patient. The pulsing headache in a nape is shown if at the person cervical osteochondrosis developed. The headache of tension disturbs at depressions. At differences of arterial pressure, and also at people with the high level of perception of weather conditions the sharp and severe headache in a forehead and in temporal area is shown. Besides, pain in temples can be a symptom of many diseases which diagnosis and treatment the doctor has to carry out.

Head pain can arise at different conditions of an organism. So, such manifestations often disturb the woman at monthly, at a lactation. Except a headache when feeding the breast sometimes notes the increased temperature testimonial of inflammatory processes. The doctor has to define the exact reasons of such phenomenon, as well as what to remove these unpleasant symptoms. But even at periodic attacks of a headache the scheme how to treat this phenomenon, the specialist has to offer. In certain cases drug treatment is necessary, treatment by folk remedies, massages or other nonconventional methods of therapy practices in others –.

Types of a headache

Doctors use several different options of classifications of such pain. There are four directions in which the initial division of types of a headache is carried out. First of all, it is pains which are shown as an effect of organic diseases of a brain or disturbances of dynamics of liquor. The headache reasons in this case connect with head injuries, to existence of educations in a brain, and also with inflammatory diseases of a brain.

The second subspecies – vascular headaches. Migraine of which very strong pulsing pain in one half of the head is characteristic enters this category. At the same time nausea, vomiting is often shown. Also pains at a hypertension belong to vascular. In this case the person suffers from the heavy pressing nape and neck pain.

It is necessary to carry tension pain which is considered as the most widespread to psychogenic headaches. From it people who are inclined to depressions most often suffer. Tension pain can be also shown as the answer to a strong emotional shock. In this case it is difficult to define localization of pain which has the constant, pressing character.

The fourth subspecies are headaches which cause the reasons of extra brain character. They mainly disturb the person at development of extra brain infectious diseases at which the headache often becomes the first symptom. Can provoke headache attacks also reception of some drugs, and also chemicals – alcohol, carbon monoxide, lead. Enter into this group and pains which are connected with disturbances of a metabolism, the pains accompanying pathologies of a number of bodies. Often disturb attacks and patients for whom osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone is diagnosed. In this case pain is initially localized in a neck and a nape then can give also to the area of temples. Such frequent headaches are generally shown after a certain mechanical overstrain, for example, of a dream in an inconvenient position, long loading of the physical plan.

Diagnosis of a headache

If at the person headaches repeat often throughout the long period, then it is necessary to visit surely the doctor and to pass comprehensive inspection. Today the computer and magnetic and resonant tomography of a brain, and also a magnetic and resonant angiography is applied to definition of the nature of a headache. Monitoring of arterial pressure is applied to definition of existence of the latent arterial hypertension. Except such researches to the patient carrying out laboratory analyses for definition of existence in an organism of symptoms of an infection or inflammatory processes is sometimes reasonable. Practically always at a headache consultation at the oculist as the special equipment allows to find existence of changes on an eyeground is recommended to the patient. It can help to define the reason of emergence of pain. Also sometimes consultation and other specialists is required.

Headache at children

Головная боль у детейHeadaches at children to treat more difficult as very often there are difficulties with definition of their origin. If the child says that to him the head hurts, then it is already difficult to describe in more detail indisposition symptoms to him. It is important to understand what to define why the kid had such complaints, only the doctor precisely can. He will make accurate recommendations of what to do if the head of the child hurts.

Therefore in the presence of similar complaints of the child it is necessary to conduct at once on reception to the pediatrician who will prompt what doctors it is necessary to address. In this case comprehensive inspection is important: sight is surely checked and eyes of the kid, his musculoskeletal system – a back, a neck are investigated. Sometimes even skin of the child and its condition, and also research of other bodies, laboratory analyses allows to define a pain origin. In certain cases can provoke a headache even stomatologic problems.

Specialists claim that modern children can suffer from migraine attacks. At such state pain happens rather intensive, it decreases in a condition of absolute rest or in a dream a little. Often in parallel nausea and vomiting develops. Estimating the child's condition, the doctor surely pays attention to whether headaches at his parents are shown. Studying of food of the kid as many products can provoke migraine attacks is subject to also close attention.

For removal of situational attacks of headache at the child doctors recommend to use drugs on the basis of paracetamol. If pain is connected with a certain pathology, then the doctor appoints the scheme of treatment individually. Speaking about the forecast, doctors note that approximately at 60% of children attacks of migraine disappear during puberty.

Headache at pregnancy

Головная боль при беременностиIf at a usual condition of an organism it is in most cases simple to kill pain, then the headache at pregnancy sometimes delivers many experiences and troubles. The Veda the head hurts pregnant women more often, and some cases and more intensively. Its emergence at future mothers defines a number of the reasons. First of all, it is serious hormonal shifts in an organism. Also serezny shifts in work of some systems of an organism, change in a daily diet, weather conditions can provoke pain attacks. Last months pregnancies a headache provoke changes in the woman's bearing.

However sometimes also pleasant changes can please the woman expecting the child. So, at some patients who suffered from migraine attacks earlier at pregnancy they are practically not shown or pass much easier. But if the attack of migraine was shown at future mother for the first time, it should be told the attending physician who will appoint the necessary inspections.

Tension headache disturbs the woman in situation in the first and third trimesters more often. In that case the woman should change habits and way of life. And here it is better not to take headache pill in such cases. But if pain is too intensive, then only the doctor can report about what drugs can be accepted at pregnancy.

Special danger is constituted by sharp and sudden head pain: it can become a symptom of very serious illnesses. There is a risk of intracerebral bleeding, pathologies of TsNS, cerebral venous thrombosis and other diseases. Therefore here every minute is expensive: to the specialist it is necessary to go immediately.

The pregnant woman for prevention of headaches needs to correct some habits. The full-fledged dream, the use of normal amount of liquid, the healthy and timely nutrition, and, fat and salty food, a smoked product is important, canned food from a diet needs to be cleaned. Of course, pregnant women need to avoid any emotional splashes and overloads.

At a severe headache the pregnant woman can try to fall asleep, make massage of the head, to put a compress from ice on a nape or to tie a warm scarf on the head. Also tea from a dogrose, a melissa or mint will help. If necessary use of an aromatherapy, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies which will be appointed by the specialist is possible.

Treatment of a headache

Лечение головной болиBefore taking any headache medicine, it is required to define surely the reason for which there are pains. If the diagnosis is established, then therapy of a disease which provoked such symptom is carried out. That therapy was the most effective, only the integrated approach is necessary. At some diseases except medicamentous drugs also magnetic and laser therapy, acupuncture, manual therapy, etc. are successfully applied.

It is important to understand that the headache is curable on condition of the correct approach to therapy and implementation of all recommendations of the doctor.

It is important to consider that some signs which are shown in parallel with a headache can testify to serious illnesses. If together with such pain at the person nausea, vomiting, fever develops, then follows, without postponing, to call the ambulance.

But of how to get rid of a headache, the person has to think still before attacks become systematic. In this case all main measures of prevention directed to observance of a healthy lifestyle are important: walks in the fresh air, gymnastics, healthy food. If the person has a sedentary work, he should change all the time situation. In breaks between work at the computer which need to be done each hour it is possible to relax for several minutes, having closed eyes. or to do simple exercises.

How to kill a headache?

If acute manifestations are not observed, sometimes it is possible to try to kill a headache independently. At slow, gradual increase of pain in parallel with which bungs up a nose, tickles in a throat, and other symptoms of a catarrhal disease take place, it is necessary to take a pill of aspirin and to drink as much as possible warm tea with honey and raspberry. If symptoms do not decrease, it is necessary to ask for the help of the doctor.

When developing pain as an effect of a stress or serious emotional shocks it is possible to accept drug analgetic, and also sleeping pill and a sedative.

If the head hurts because of musculoskeletal system illnesses, in particular cervical osteochondrosis, it is necessary to put a mustard plaster on a nape, to accept an analgetic and to make independently light massage of the head and neck.

At pain which is provoked by increase of pressure it is necessary to accept hypotensive drugs. If the head hurts in view of low pressure, coffee or strong tea will help. At a situational headache the use of soothing drugs is allowed: aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen, tempalgin, etc. The hot shower will help to dull pain, flows of hot water weakening influence muscles of a back surface of the head and a neck. If the pain pulsing it is possible to try to remove it by means of a cold compress which allows to narrow blood vessels. Such compress can be made of the ice wrapped in a towel which it is necessary to hold about 15 minutes.

There are also some medicinal herbs which are applied to treatment of a headache. So, by means of rosemary it is possible to facilitate a condition of the person if pain arose as a stress effect. Leaves of a plant should be made as tea and to use at pain attacks.

Bol, arisen owing to overfatigue, will help to remove a root of a glycyrrhiza or infusion of a peppermint. At cold Menthol oil will help to facilitate a state: they need to grease a forehead, a nape and temples. Also the pulp of a lemon will be suitable for this purpose.

One more good means — cinnamon infusion. For its preparation it is necessary to take the eighth part of a teaspoon of seasoning and to stir it with a water tablespoon. To accept after half-hour insisting.

At a headache which is caused by migraine it is possible to facilitate a condition of the person by means of a hot bathtub or a hot compress on the head. It is also possible to carry out independent massage of the head, going from a forehead to a nape. It is reasonable to make a compress of a leaf of a burdock or cabbage.

If pain is shown after a nerve strain, then a state infusion of a thyme or St. John's Wort, juice from fresh potatoes will help to facilitate guelder-rose juice with honey.

Except the listed recipes it is possible to apply to simplification of a headache also other medicinal plants: grass of a marjoram, ninety-knot, nettle, linden flowers, grass of a horsetail field.

To people who lead especially active lifestyle, playing sports, doctors advise to drink enough liquid as attacks of a headache can be shown also owing to organism dehydration.

You should not drink too many coffee. The full-fledged and healthy sleep, regular rest and walks is important.

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