Dizziness is the phenomenon which is periodically observed at very many people.

Dizziness of the head is sometimes shown in certain situations under the influence of a number of factors. However this symptom can testify also to very serious diseases

How dizziness is shown?

Dizziness is sometimes shown together with other symptoms. Very often at the person suffering from this phenomenon dizziness and pressure, weakness and dizziness is observed. Sometimes the patient complains that he at him darkens in eyes and the head is turned. At the same time vomiting and nausea, the increased perspiration can be observed. Dizziness attacks depending on the reason of this phenomenon can proceed also several minutes, and it is a lot of hours in a row. At the same time the person uncertainly feels in space. It seems to it that surrounding objects rotate, or there is a feeling that the body in relation to objects which are around rotates. There can be a feeling that the soil crumbles under the feet, balance is lost.

It is important to consider the fact that the patient can call dizziness other feelings. Therefore it is necessary to carry out exact diagnosis and to define character of complaints of the patient.

Very often the state when at the person darkens in eyes at the sharp movement or in the course of a rising is considered dizziness. In medicine this symptom is called an orthostatic collapse.

So-called true dizzinesses is called vertigo. In this condition of the patient feels rotation of all world surrounding it, or feels own rotation in relation to space. This feeling is very similar to those signs which appear at the person after long driving on a roundabout. This symptom which is especially often repeating testifies to serious malfunctions in a human body.

Coordination of a body of the person in space is defined by a vestibular mechanism. In definition of coordination accept reflexes of skin and muscles, eyes, and the main control of all actions defines a brain of the person. In all body there are receptors of systems which control position of a body. For this reason severe dizziness and nausea is very often combined. At some diseases together with dizziness the diarrhea, a fever, weakness, the increased temperature, abdominal pains can be observed. Dizziness, nausea and pressure are often combined.

Specialists, defining why the head is turned and feels sick, consider the central and peripheral dizziness. At the central dizziness this state arises in connection with brain diseases. Peripheral dizziness — result of defeat vestibular or a nerve of peripheral departments of a vestibular mechanism of an inner ear. Anyway the state can be very hazardous to health of the person. Therefore if for day or in the morning the head is turned and feels sick, the person without delays has to see a doctor.

Especially dangerous state for an organism is constant dizziness. If almost incessantly several days or week the head is turned, then it is impossible to disregard such symptom at all. Independent search of the answer to a question why the head is constantly turned and sways, can provoke serious complications as a result.

Why dizziness is shown?

Головокружение у мужчинThe dizziness reasons at men, as well as the dizziness reasons at women, can be connected with a set of factors. If symptoms of dizziness are shown only from time to time, under certain circumstances, then in this case about diseases the speech can not go. For example, at women weak dizziness is sometimes noted before monthly. Those who periodically smoke, note that dizziness develops directly when you smoke.

However constant severe dizziness and symptoms accompanying it, for example, a sonitus, testifies already to the beginning of serious diseases of neurologic and mental character. Precisely about the reasons of why the head is very often turned, it is possible to learn only after careful diagnosis.

The headache and dizziness can disturb the patient at whom the inflammation of an inner ear develops. At the same time the head is turned and hurts the person not only, but also the hearing decreases, allocations from an ear appear. Due to this reason frequent dizzinesses and headaches at teenagers, children as inflammatory process is most often connected with overcooling are observed.

Dizziness can be a symptom of vestibular neuritis. In this case acoustical function remains normal. Neuritis begins suddenly. The person feels severe dizziness, at it vomiting can be noted, dizziness after a dream at a rising is sometimes shown.

Dizziness at a sharp rising from a bed is often shown also in view of other reasons. Sometimes, that the head is turned only several seconds in the morning, but sometimes this state drags on for a long time. This phenomenon is followed by release of cold sweat, pressure-jumps, an unconscious state. The answer to the question "Why the Head when I Get Up Is Turned?" is not simple as this sign can testify about more than to ten diseases. Of course, if such phenomenon — a rarity and if at the person, for example, the head is morning after turned in the mornings, then it is not necessary to worry.

But if attacks repeat constantly, then it can testify to hypotonia, osteochondrosis or to some other diseases. Therefore to find out why the head is turned in the mornings, it is necessary to find out from specialists.

If the person notes unilateral frustration of hearing, and at the same time the head began to be turned, then in that case it is necessary to make surely all researches and to exclude development of a tumor of a brain. At such dizziness the headaches accruing gradually are observed. Dizziness can become stronger when the person accepts a certain position of a body, for example, the head is turned, lying on spin.

Dizziness is noted at passing disturbance of a blood-groove in a brain. This symptom is followed by doubling in eyes, weakness in extremities, disorders of sensitivity. At the same time persistent dizziness does not pass for several days.

At vegeto-vascular dystonia work of a nervous system and process of blood circulation is broken. As a result, one of symptoms of this state is dizziness. More detailed information on why at VSD the head is turned, detailed inspection gives.

Головокружение у женщинCervical osteochondrosis and dizziness are permanently connected. Osteochondrosis of cervical department of a backbone conducts to the fact that in a brain of the patient blood circulation is broken. At people with the bent backbone or with cervical osteochondrosis the vertebral artery is squeezed owing to what cervical dizziness develops. Complex treatment — massage, special exercises helps to get rid of such unpleasant phenomenon. Sometimes squeezing of a vertebral artery conducts to the fact that the patient endures very severe dizziness in the morning.

It is important to understand that sharp severe dizziness with a normal pressure sometimes is a sign enough serious diseases — inflammations of tissue of brain, a stroke, etc. Therefore if at the person several times in a row sharply and strongly the head without the reasons seen on that, the answer to the question "what to do" unambiguous began to spin: it is necessary to see a doctor at once. Self-treatment of subjects at whom the head is constantly very strongly turned, cannot be practiced at all.

However, it is not necessary to consider that any dizziness steadily testifies to heavy illnesses. Sometimes the reasons of slight dizziness are absolutely clear and quite natural. For example, the woman can constantly test slight dizziness at pregnancy. The head can be turned at the one who long time keeps to a rigid diet, adheres to a post. It is especially often shown when walking, at exercise stresses. Sometimes the spontaneous attacks of dizziness connected with a sharp raising from a bed develop at elderly people in the mornings.

If the head begins to be turned at change of position of a body, then very often it is that benign position paroxysmal dizziness is shown. In transport the head can be turned owing to a motion desease.

So-called psychogenic dizziness is characteristic of the people subject to emotions. In this case the reasons and symptoms are connected not with disturbance of a vestibular mechanism. Such attacks are shown at the stressful moments, in places of big accumulation of people, etc. At the same time symptoms are similar to display of hysteria: sharp dizziness and cold sweat, sharp attacks of asthma, feeling of irritation in a throat is observed.

Dizziness — a familiar symptom for those who have migraine. Sometimes the person notes that at him the head, in the period of aura before a disease attack sharply began to spin. It can be shown as at the sharp movements, and at rest. Directly during migraine process of a blood-groove in a brain is broken. As a result, at sharp turn of the head migraine can be burdened also by dizziness.

Sudden short-term dizziness — a symptom which can be observed at the people who endured a spine injury or the heads. In that case sudden attacks of dizziness at which sometimes even balance loss is observed can overcome the patient.

Dizzinesses in certain cases are a side effect of reception of a number of medicamentous drugs, in particular, of antibiotics, sedatives. In that case it is necessary or to reduce a medicine dose, or to replace it with another.

Кратковременное внезапное головокружениеSevere dizziness at pregnancy is periodically endured by many women. On early durations of gestation at future mother the head in transport, in the hot room or without cause can already begin to spin. In a complex with weakness, drowsiness and other symptoms dizziness can be perceived and as an indirect sign of pregnancy. The woman should not worry concerning infrequently repeating slight dizziness. The matter is that during pregnancy both on heart, and on vessels of future mother loading considerably increases. The uterus and a fruit demands especially big inflow of blood in the third trimester of pregnancy. Often the woman begins to test dizzinesses already just before childbirth, approximately on the 38th week of pregnancy.

One more factor defining the fact that at the woman the head at pregnancy is turned, this lowering of arterial pressure. The ABP at incubation of the kid decreases under the influence of hormone of progesterone which products in an organism of the pregnant woman increase. In view of the lowered pressure, both on early, and on late durations of gestation, and also in the second trimester. But constant dizziness during pregnancy requires attention of the doctor as it can be a sign of a hypoglycemia or anemia.

How to get rid of dizziness?

Лечение головокруженияPeople who suffer from constant dizzinesses should not try to treat independently this state. It is necessary to tell about features of such manifestations to specialists — to the neurologist or an otonevrolog. In certain cases consultation of the therapist, otolaryngologist, endocrinologist is required.

If at the person dizziness develops sharply, at the same time weakness in a body, disturbance of the speech, disorder of sensitivity is noted, it is important to call doctors immediately. Before arrival of specialists it is necessary to measure arterial pressure. It is very important to watch that it was not sharply lowered. Therefore it is better not to accept drugs without control of the specialist.

Considering the fact that the head can be turned at rather serious diseases, folk remedies it is better not to practice treatment of dizziness. First of all, examination is conducted and diseases are excluded.

If at the person benign position dizziness is noted, performance of the special exercises allowing to reduce such manifestations is recommended to it. Such type of dizziness, especially at elderly people, demands especially careful attitude towards own health. The person has to try to avoid those provisions in which dizziness is published. It is necessary to show care also to those people who undergo rehabilitation after a stroke and from time to time also feel dizzinesses.

If cervical osteochondrosis, then the answer to a question is diagnosed for the patient how to treat dizziness at osteochondrosis, it is unambiguous: it is necessary to carry out complex therapy of a basic disease. You should not be puzzled with how to treat folk remedies this manifestation as the effect of such actions will hardly meet expectation. What to do if the head is turned, the doctor will prompt to the patient with osteochondrosis after individual survey and inspection. Cervical dizziness decreases after a course of treatment nonsteroid antiinflammatory medicines, by physiotherapeutic methods. Unambiguously it is not necessary to ask about what dizziness pill at osteochondrosis should be taken, directly in a drugstore. What tablets to drink how to do massage and special exercises, only the specialist has to explain.

If periodic dizzinesses after a stroke, consultation of the attending physician surely are shown. It will recommend methods which will allow to facilitate a condition of the patient. Independent search of naming of tablets from dizziness is fraught with serious effects. The patient after a stroke should be preserved against stresses, to support at it good, healthy mood.

Rather often elderly people complain of dizzinesses. In this case it is also necessary to establish, first of all, the reason of such phenomenon, and only after that to define what dizziness medicine elderly people will have effective in a specific case. The list of drugs is defined by the doctor, and it is necessary to take medicine strictly according to his instruction. However in certain cases the best medicine is a care and observance of some safety rules. For example, elderly people need to choose if necessary good glasses, the hearing aid. For stability it is necessary to move with a cane.

Сильное головокружениеWhat drugs to accept at bad attacks of dizziness, the emergency doctor has to define. Introduction of a combination of diazepam, Torecanum, cerucal, Atropini sulfas practices. As means for the long use the medicines from dizziness belonging to different chemical groups are used. These are antidepressants, vascular drugs, diuretics, antihistaminic drugs, vasodilating drugs, etc. Seldom or never surgical treatment of dizziness practices. For example, at heavy position dizziness crossing of a frontal ampullar nerve can be made.

At pregnancy the woman has to show consideration for own state very much. It is not necessary to do very sharp movements, to be long in stuffy rooms. From a bed the pregnant woman has to rise gradually and slowly. It is necessary to eat small portions, but it is surely regular as hunger can also provoke a dizziness attack. Besides, it is very important to walk every day in the fresh air as long as possible, whenever possible to carry out not intensive trainings for pregnant women. At anemia it is necessary to increase hemoglobin level, adhering to a doctor's advice.

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