Gomotsistein is an amino acid which in our organism plays a hormone role though still it is up to the end not studied.

High level of content of this amino acid in organisms is not desirable – collecting, he attacks an artery wall from within. Ruptures of an endothelium which cover it can result, and the organism in every way tries be healed these gaps. For healing calcium and cholesterol which are besieged on the damaged surface come to the rescue. Thus the atherosclerotic plaque grows, the gleam of a vessel is gradually narrowed or in general is corked. This situation is extremely dangerous because of risk ruptures of a vessel or developing of blood clot, with all that it implies: embolisms in a lung, a myocardial infarction, a stroke, etc.

Increase in concentration of a gomotsistein by 5 µmol/l leads to increase in risk of development of atherosclerotic defeat of vessels by 60% in men and by 80% at women.

The increased level of this amino acid quite often leads to development and such diseases as Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia. Its combination to a diabetes mellitus usually leads to vascular complications – retinopathies, a nephropathy, diseases of peripheral vessels, etc.

Disturbance of fetoplacental blood circulation can result from the increased concentration of a gomotsistein during pregnancy. It threatens with infertility because of defects of implantation of a germ, and also pregnancy not incubation. On late terms this state can be an origin of a pre-natal hypoxia of the child. The main symptoms of increase of level of this amino acid is reduced diuresis, a strong set of weight and hypostases. Usually advise the patient we will accept to begin folic acid and vitamins of group B in the raised doses. Such simple actions will help the woman to save a fruit.

Except pregnant women, the analysis on the level of a gomotsistein is recommended to be carried out to the persons having coronary heart disease, venous or arterial thromboses in the anamnesis, to patients with obstetric complications in the past and also women whose relatives had fibrinferments, heart attacks and strokes aged till 45 flyings.

Throughout all life the level of a gomotsistein tends to gradual increase. Before puberty at boys and girls it is approximately at one level, and after it — at men increase of this substance has more pronounced character. Such changes are connected with the fact that increase the level of a gomotsistein is result of big muscle bulk at men, and the general tendency to increase – depression of function of kidneys with age. During pregnancy concentration of this substance has to decrease a little – it promotes good placental blood circulation.

Level of a gomotsistein can increase also for other reasons, generally – because of a vitamin deficiency, especially group B and folic acid.

Some researches prove that in blood smokers, and also the people drinking many coffee have the high level of concentration of a gomotsistein. It is supposed that such communication with coffee is caused by negative impact of caffeine on function of kidneys. Besides, also the sedentary life, the use of alcoholic drinks negatively affects.