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  • Latin name: Gordox
  • ATH code: B02AB01
  • Active ingredient: Aprotininum (Aprotinin)
  • Producer: Gedeon Richter (Hungary)


Drug contains in structure active ingredient Aprotininum and additional components: benzyl alcohol, NaCl, water for injections.

Release form

Gordoxum is made in a type of solution for introduction intravenously, 10000 KIE/ml. Contains in an ampoule from colourless glass on which there is a point for a break. Ampoules are put in the plastic pallet on 5 ampoules.

Pharmacological action

Means makes anti-protease, anti-fibrinolitic impact on an organism. In view of influence of active ingredient, Aprotininum, activity of a number of proteolytic enzymes is suppressed. Aprotininum is kallikrein inhibitor. Under its influence inflammatory cytokines are released, also substance promotes maintenance of a homeostasis of glycoproteins.

When using Aprotininum in surgical practice with use of AIK reduction of inflammatory processes is noted that, in turn, promotes blood loss reduction, and also reduces need of a hemotransfusion.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

After the drug is administered to the patient intravenously, atropine is actively distributed in intercellular space owing to what its concentration in blood decreases very quickly. The final elimination half-life makes from 5 to 10 hours.

80% of Aprotininum contact proteins of a blood plasma on average. Drug which stays in a free look, defines about 20% of anti-fibrinolitic activity.

The general clearance equals about 40 ml in a minute.

Generally accumulation of Aprotininum is noted in kidneys, less substance collects in cartilaginous tissue. In a brain of the person very low concentration of active ingredient is observed, Aprotininum almost does not get into liquor. Through a placental barrier the insignificant amount of active agent of Gordoxum gets.

Active agent by lizosomalny enzymes in kidneys is metabolized, for 48 hours from 25 to 40% of Aprotininum in urine stays in the form of inactive metabolites.

Indications to use

The description of indications to use of Gordoxum the following:

  • acute displays of pancreatitis (means is used as a part of complex treatment);
  • chronic form of pancreatitis (at frequent recurrence and at heavy disease);
  • the pancreatitis which developed owing to operative measures and injuries;
  • primary bleeding against a hyper fibrinolysis (after injuries, operations, before childbirth and after them, at a polymenorrhea);
  • pancreatonecrosis;
  • diagnostic operations and inspections on a pancreas;
  • prevention of postoperative nonspecific parotitis after operation;
  • Quincke's disease;
  • shock symptoms (traumatic, toxic, hemorrhagic);
  • injuries of fabrics (deep, extensive).

Also use of Gordoxum is shown as auxiliary treatment at a coagulopathy at which the secondary hyper fibrinolysis, severe bleeding is noted. This means is also applied as prevention of pulmonary embolisms and bleedings after operation.


People at whom the intolerance of Aprotininum or other components of it of HP is noted cannot apply Gordoxum. Also it is impossible to use drug at the IDCS, at pregnancy (the first trimester).

Side effects

As a rule, at use of means Gordoxum at patients is not noted collateral manifestations. In rare instances dispepsichesky and allergic effects can be noted. Sometimes at therapy by Gordoxum display of pains in muscles, changes of arterial pressure takes place.

Allergic manifestations at the first administration of drug are noted seldom, the frequency of their development increases (approximately for 5%) at repeated introduction of means. The probability of heavy allergic or anaphylactic manifestations increases if for 6 months treatment by Gordoxum was carried out two times and more.

Application instruction of Gordoxum (Way and dosage)

If to the patient Gordoxum is appointed, the application instruction at its use has to be observed carefully. Means is entered intravenously, slowly: at introduction the maximum speed from 5 to 10 ml in a minute is admissible. When the drug is administered to the patient, it has to lie on spin at this time. Gordoxum is entered through the main veins, at the same time for administration of other drugs they are not used.

Initially, approximately in 10 minutes prior to the main administration of drug, to each patient enter a trial dose of Gordoxum which makes 1 ml. If allergic reactions are absent, the main dose of means is entered.

For the adult the initial dose of drug makes 0,5–2 million KIE, it is driven for 15–20 minutes. The maintenance dose makes 200 thousand KIE of Gordoxum in 4 – 6 hours. At obsolescence of symptoms it is possible to lower a maintenance dose to 500 thousand KIE every day.

If the doctor appoints treatment Gordoxum to children, the dose is calculated on body weight: on 1 kg — 20 thousand KIE of means.


At overdose of drug at the patient different allergic reactions, in hard cases – an acute anaphylaxis can develop. If at the person symptoms of intolerance of means develop, then use of Gordoxum should be suspended then the symptomatic treatment practices.


At addition of Aprotininum to a heparinized blood increase in the period of coagulation of whole blood is noted.

If Gordoxum is applied along with Reomakrodeks, then strengthening of the sensibilizing influence is noted.

Aprotininum inhibits influence of an urokinase, Streptokinasa, alteplaza.

Aprotininum – weak inhibitor of serumal pseudo-cholinesterase. If to apply means at the same time, the chloride succinylcholine metabolism can be slowed down, muscle relaxation also amplifies, the apnoea can develop.

Terms of sale

Means is released according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Gordoxum belongs to the list B, means should be stored at a temperature from 15 to 30 °C.

Period of validity

It is possible to store drug 5 years.

Special instructions

Before an initiation of treatment it is necessary to carry out skin tests on determination of individual sensitivity of the person to Aprotininum.

If in the anamnesis allergic reactions are specified, then before an initiation of treatment Aprotininum it is necessary to accept blockers of histamine H1 receptors and GKS.

At manifestation of the IDCS and hyper fibrinolysis to accept Aprotininum it is admissible only after all manifestations of the IDCS are eliminated and also if the preventive effect of heparin is noted.

Carefully means is applied to those patients who for 2-3 days before an initiation of treatment received muscle relaxants.

When using in the course of treatment of Gordoxum, especially during repeated treatment, anaphylactic or allergic manifestations can be noted. Therefore the people inclined to an allergy should define degree of advantage and risk accurately.

As a part of means Gordoxum is benzyl alcohol therefore the maximum dose of drug in days should not be more than 90 mg on kg of body weight of the person.

Gordoxum is not Heparin substitute.

After the ampoule was opened, its contents should be used, at repeated use it is impossible to enter solution from an open ampoule.

It is not desirable to mix Gordoxum with other drugs.



Analogs of HP Gordoxum are the drugs Aprotininum, Traksolan, Aproteks, Ingitril, Aerus. But it is possible to use these drugs as substitute Gordoxum only after approval of the doctor.

To children

The instruction contains information that the children and teenagers who did not reach eighteen-year age as there are no accurate data concerning safety and efficiency of drug cannot apply drug.

At pregnancy and a lactation

Gordoxum can be used for treatment of future mothers only after the expiration of the first trimester of pregnancy. However and on later durations of gestation means is applied exclusively on doctor's orders and in the presence of accurate indications to its use. At the same time constant medical control at treatment by this drug is important.

Means during chest feeding is not present clinical data on safety of use.


About Gordoxum which meet in a network generally confirm positive experience of use of means at therapy of an acute form of pancreatitis. It is reported, in particular, that at acute pancreatitis Gordoxum in 2-3 days removes acute displays of a disease. Responses demonstrate that Gordoxum is used also for treatment of children, but only at appointment of the specialist.


  • Gordoxum 100000ed/10ml solution for injections No. 25 ampulygedeon Richter

Drugstore of IFC

  • Gordoxum solution for in 100 thousand KIE of amp of 10 ml No. 25, Gedeon Richtervengriya
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  • Gordoksgedeon Richter (Hungary)


  • Gordoxum of 100000 KIE/10 ml No. 1 solution for in.amp.
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