Bitterness in a mouth

The feeling of bitterness in a mouth under different circumstances appears at many people from time to time. This unpleasant symptom is explained by many reasons. But most often the bitterness in a mouth is shown at people who suffer from disturbance of functions of a liver, bilious channels and a gall bladder.

How the bitterness in a mouth is shown?

The feeling of bitterness in a mouth at the person can arise at any time. Sometimes this feeling remains throughout a long span. Constantly the bitterness in a mouth of people can feel at the most different diseases. Also the bitterness in a mouth after food can be felt. The person often notes that the bitterness in a mouth during food spoils pleasure from acceptance of food. Also strong bitterness in a mouth is possible after antibiotics. The bitterness in a mouth after reception of antibiotics is most often observed after prolonged treatment by such drugs.

This symptom first of all is connected with that, how fully the gall bladder works for the person. As a rule, smack of bitterness in a mouth is result of emission of bile in a gullet. At pathological processes in a liver and a gall bladder there is a stagnation of bile owing to what the bitterness in a mouth in language appears.

Sometimes emergence of bitterness in a mouth is followed by other symptoms. At dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways, an acid reflux, poisoning with heavy metals of the person the bitterness in a mouth and nausea disturbs. What to do in that case, it is necessary to define after establishment of the correct diagnosis.

Dryness and bitterness in a mouth are often felt by the people having the most different diseases of a gastrointestinal tract. The constant bitterness in a mouth accompanies the cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, some diseases having the infectious nature. The bitterness in a mouth can constantly appear at low-quality process of digestion of food. Why in a mouth bitterness and how to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon, it is possible to define more precisely only if research was conducted, and the correct diagnosis is established.

Why there is a bitterness in a mouth?

Причины появления горечи во ртуAs it was already designated above, emergence of bitterness in a mouth is most often connected with disturbance of functions of a liver or motility of intestines. However in many cases of the reason of constant bitterness in a mouth are not connected with liver diseases.

Sometimes taste of bitterness in a mouth appears after the use of bitter food. But even after normal food of people can note feeling of bitterness that it is connected with disturbance of flavoring feelings. This phenomenon in medicine is called a dysgeusia. It is accompanied by feeling of unpleasant taste which seems to the person bitter. Very often about that why the bitterness in a mouth appeared, smokers who have taste disturbances — the frequent phenomenon reflect.

Bitterness symptoms at a mouth are present at an acid reflux, and also at once after person threw up. At an acid reflux the person has a severe heartburn and an eructation. At the same time the gastric juice gets to upper part of a gullet then he is abandoned in an oral cavity. It is also the answer to a question why the bitterness in a mouth appears. In this case the bitterness appears at meal or after food.

If tastes bitter in a mouth, then the speech can go also problems of stomatologic character. At diseases of gums, tooth abscess, an ulitis of people can periodically feel bitterness in a mouth. Why there is such feeling, will answer stomatologists after survey of an oral cavity. However sometimes taste of bitterness is noted after stomatologic procedures. The matter is that some people have hypersensitivity to that material of which make fillings. As a result, the bitterness in a mouth appears. If this state is noted for several days, then it is necessary to see a doctor surely. It will define why there is this feeling, and, if necessary, will remake seals. The feeling of bitterness is shown also from time to time at those people who do not watch hygiene of an oral cavity. Owing to active reproduction of microorganisms in an oral cavity of the one who irregularly brushes teeth the bitterness is felt. To warn this unpleasant symptom, it is necessary to brush teeth twice a day, and at least once in several days to use a dental floss.

Горечь во рту у женщинAt women the bitterness in a mouth at pregnancy is often noted. Sometimes this symptom is the sign of pregnancy which is shown in the first weeks after conception. The bitterness appears in connection with changes of a hormonal background. That bitterness in a mouth and pregnancy are quite often combined, many women who test heartburn know. If the bitterness in a mouth is not felt in the first trimester, this sign can appear on later terms, approximately after the 20th week of pregnancy. At this time the increased fruit puts the strong pressure upon an abdominal cavity. As a result, acid from a stomach can get into a gullet and an oral cavity because of what at future mother and tastes bitter in a mouth after food. Despite the objective reasons of such state, it can be facilitated if to exclude an overeating, the use of the products causing heartburn. As a rule, at pregnancy periodically the woman feels bitterness in a mouth up to childbirth. After the birth of the kid this state passes by itself.

In search of the answer to a question why tastes bitter in a mouth, it is important not to pass the symptoms connected with serious poisoning. The bitterness at a mouth very often is present at poisoning with metals. If the person had close contact with mercury, lead, copper, and after that he feels strong bitterness in a mouth, it is necessary to address the specialist immediately. Poisoning with mercury as metal has high toxicity is especially dangerous and can provoke very serious poisoning.

At other serious diseases nausea, bitterness in a mouth and other accompanying symptoms can be also shown. It is, first of all, about a diabetes mellitus, jaundice. Nausea and weakness often accompany oncological diseases. At the disturbance of work of a gastrointestinal tract connected with poisoning with low-quality food at the person not only nausea and vomiting, but also an eructation, a diarrhea, dizziness, bitterness in a mouth often is observed.

The feeling of bitterness accompanies treatment with some medicamentous drugs. Such symptom at the patient can be observed after reception of antihistamine, antibiotics, and also some grass collecting.

How to get rid of bitterness in a mouth?

Горчит во рту после едыAt regular emergence of bitterness in a mouth the person should visit surely the doctor who will help to find the reason of such state. Sometimes for detection of the reason it is necessary to make gastroscopy or to conduct other researches or analyses.

The doctor should be told about what dishes enter a food allowance of the patient surely. In certain cases for overcoming of bitterness in a mouth it is enough to reconsider the food preferences and some time to adhere to dietary food. Not to feel bitterness in a mouth in the mornings, it is worth not to eating food in 2-3 hours before going to bed. Digestion happens less intensively at night that as a result conducts to developments of stagnation. As a result, there can be a notable bitterness in a mouth in the morning. But if the feeling of bitterness appears every morning, it is necessary to pass additional researches and to define a disease which provoked this symptom.

Directly treatment of bitterness in a mouth depends on an illness owing to which this sign appeared. Treatment by tablets or other drugs needs to be carried out very carefully, before reception of any means it is necessary to consult with the doctor. Sometimes administration of drug Motilium who activates a peristaltics helps to overcome bitterness. For stimulation of functions of zhelchevyvodyashchy channels treatment by medicines Cholagolum, holagogum practices. Also reception of infusions of herbs with cholagogue effect is recommended. Sometimes reception of absorbent carbon helps to appease bitterness in a mouth.

Other ways which can help to overcome bitterness in a mouth are recommended. For example, the regular use of a citrus helps to get rid of microorganisms which are in an oral cavity. It is useful to chew periodically some spices — cinnamon, a carnation.

Regular reception of kissel from a linen seed will help to reduce feeling of bitterness. It needs to be accepted twice a day on one glass. Calendula broth which is accepted at the rate of the 4th glass in day is effective. It is useful to drink tea from a camomile.

One more important factor to which it is necessary to pay attention to those who aim to get rid of bitterness in a mouth, this mental state. The bitterness in a mouth is noted at the person at frequent stresses and emotional shocks. Therefore it is necessary to promote strengthening of a nervous system surely.

Pregnant women for simplification of a state should accustoming to eat in the small portions, doing it it is frequent. If the feeling of bitterness brings strong discomfort, then after food it is possible to chew chewing gum. For overcoming of heartburn it is possible to use some folk remedies which cannot do much harm to future child. For example, fresh juice from potatoes helps to overcome heartburn.

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