Sex hormones

Hormones and sex are in continuous communication with each other. It is known that sex promote increase in production of hormones and, on the contrary, availability of certain hormones in a human body influences his sexual behavior. Actually, regular trainings sex increase amount of such hormones as a cortisone and adrenaline, the migraines stimulating work of a brain, increase of attention, innovative thinking and preventing emergence.

Sex hormones in closed glands, generally in a hypophysis are synthesized. Work of other glands – a thyroid gland, adrenal glands, an ovary depends on it. Female, man's and the general subdivide hormones.

Women's hormones

The main women's hormones are an estrogen, progesterone, prolactin and oxytocin. Let's treat each of them apart.

Estrogen. The most important women's hormone – estrogen as a class is subdivided into estrone, estriol and oestradiol. This type of hormone is responsible for a regularity of a menstrual cycle, forming of secondary sexual characteristics at girls: growth of hair both in axillary hollows and on a pubis, forming of mammary glands and a form of a basin, helps to be prepared for conception and a child-bearing and is responsible for a motherhood instinct. Normal level of estrogen in a female organism is swept up at once – the woman attractively and looks youthful, her skin and hair in a normality and the spirit to life is positive, it is sexual. Estrogen soothingly affects an organism, so, that in prisons of some countries, it is given to male prisoners for aggression suppression.

If women's hormones are in insufficient quantity, it can have negative effects. So, the lack of estrogen influences memory impairment and mental capacities., therefore during pregnancy and a menopause when the level of estrogen falls, women have problems with storing. In such cases, under medical supervision  gormono-replacement therapy can be carried out.

At the same time, excess of estrogen promotes accumulation of fat in an organism. This property of estrogen began to be used widely in some livestock farms where for increase in additional weights, an animal add estrogen to a forage. Krom of that, too high level of estrogen can lead to abortions at pregnancy, to developing of some diseases, such as a hysteromyoma, pretumor and tumoral educations.

Estrogen level indicator in an organism of the woman is the light hair color, the inclination, at the level of instincts of men, to blondes is explained by it. By the way, the more the woman gives birth, the her hair become more dark that speaks about decrease in level of estrogen.

Progesterone. By the chemical nature progesterone – the steroid, is synthesized from cholesterol in a placenta, a yellow body and adrenal glands. Is female sex hormone of the person and vertebrate animals. Progesterone promotes conception and normal course of pregnancy, it is often called still hormone of a parental instinct. Thanks to progesterone, in the woman's organism before the birth of the child there are psychological changes. This hormone influences preparation of mammary glands for a lactation.

In medicine progesterone is applied at disturbance of a menstrual cycle, in combination with other means such hormonal drugs at pregnancy are appointed. In certain combinations to estrogen is a contraceptive.

Prolactin. Hormone prolactin is produced in a hypophysis and influences growth of mammary glands and stimulates intensive production of milk during feeding. During a stress prolactin level in an organism increases. The physiological role of this hormone on health still is thoroughly not studied, but it is considered that its surplus promotes emergence of infertility and frigidity. It is supposed that prolactin possesses the anesthetizing action and reduces painful sensitivity. Its participation in immunological processes is also noticeable, stimulating them.

Patholologically high level can bring to the overgrowth of mammary glands, development of a makromastiya and even adenoma or cyst which can develop afterwards into a malignant tumor. Excessive synthesis of prolactin is connected with existence of new growths in a hypophysis.
At men prolactin promotes to decrease in secretion of testosterone, slows down maturing of spermatozoa and it is possible, leads to impotence and infertility.

Oxytocin. Oxytocin — the hormone which is produced in hypothalamus cells. Stimulates reductions of smooth uterine muscles and secretion of milk in mammary glands. There is an opinion that oxytocin increases sexual activity of women and a potentiality at men, however, of the reliable scientific data confirming this theory, so far not.

Men's hormones

Men's hormones – androgens, are also connected not only with sex as mistakenly consider some. Androgens actively influence all processes of life activity of a man's organism. Thanks to them the metabolism becomes more active, hair, bones grow.

Testosterone. The main men's hormone testosterone is synthesized in testicles and adrenal glands. Thanks to testosterone the man looks brawny and lean, at it the beard grows, there is low a voice, sexual activity increases. It becomes noticeable during puberty of the teenager when testosterone level promptly increases. This hormone influences behavior, excess of testosterone increases aggression that can lead to undesirable and even unpredictable effects. According to statements of some western scientists, testosterone promotes development of a natural anesthetic – enkephalin that does the person unreceptive to pain and reduces discomfort level.

For maintenance of testosterone at the normal level, in modern life, when there is no need to hunt and by force to get food, it is recommended to increase exercise stresses in the gym. Also it is necessary to know that excessive alcohol intake and smoking can lead to considerable decrease, it is less normal, testosterone level. Absence or its insufficient level leads to various dysfunctions in the man's organism, to decrease and full fading of a sexual inclination, fast aging and decrepitation, emergence of diseases. Scientists explain with decrease in level of testosterone development of a myocardial infarction.

Hormones man's and female are such only according to the name and are present in a varying degree at an organism of representatives of both floors. The lack of testosterone, especially male sex hormone, at women, leads to disturbance of a menstrual cycle, lack of a sexual inclination, perspiration, and its excess level to emergence of hair in the person and breast, a deep voice and, again, disturbance, a menstrual cycle. Some athletes, men and women, apply men's hormones to increase in muscle bulk, and, do it uncontrolledly that leads to irreversible effects and big harm for health.

Hormones and family relations

Гормоны и семейные отношенияThe fact that hormones of sex influence human life is not subject to doubt. The family – too is a peculiar organism, and the intra family relations also depend on the level of hormones at her members. Hormones direct all our acts and actions concerning relationship of floors. Attractiveness and sexuality of the woman, courage and ability to sexual intercourse of the man directly depends on their hormonal level. Therefore, not superfluous would be still to marriage to take an interest in the hormonal level of the partner.

And very few people know that at the woman with the increased level of testosterone and the man with the level of this hormone is lower than an average, there are most harmonious family relations. Spouses understand each other better, are more positively ready and friendly. What to do when owing to surplus or a lack of hormones, these irreplaceable chemical compounds, there is a sexual disharmony and the family relations threaten with a gap?

The answer one – immediately to ask for the help physicians. The modern medicine has a set of means for recovery of hormonal disturbances. If it is possible to compare work of endocrine system of an organism with harmonious game of a symphonic orchestra, then the highly professional doctor-endocrinologist – the reliable ideal adjuster!

Basis of happy marriage – the harmonious sexual relations which can be broken by a lack of necessary hormones. Only the doctor can find out the exact reason. Most often it comes from a lack of testosterone of an organism of the man and decrease in a sexual potentiality. There is a number of the drugs increasing male abilities.

The hormonal drugs increasing a potentiality have to be appointed by the doctor.

  • Dapoksetin (treats antidepressants) – drug — the generic for men interfering a premature ejaculation, increasing time of sexual intercourse and facilitating achievement of an orgasm.
  • Viagra – tablets, are accepted in 30 minutes prior to sex, action time – 4 hours. Drug is dangerous to the people having cardiovascular diseases and can lead to a lethal outcome.
  • Yokhimbe — a stimulator (dietary supplement) of a plant origin, is recommended for maintenance of a tone, stimulation of sexual activity and strengthening of sexual desire. Drug at diseases of kidneys is contraindicated.
  • Intrinza – the plastyrevy plates impregnated with testosterone. Are applied both by men, and women at a climax or removal of ovaries.
  • Sialis (the international name — tadalafit), inhibitor, drug is used at treatment of erectile dysfunction (frustration of an erection, impotence). At sexual excitement expands penis blood vessels.
  • Levitra – generic, one of recent developments for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Active agent — Vardenafil.
  • Uprima (Apomorphinum) – the oral drug strengthening a sexual inclination. In the USA drug is prohibited after several cases of a loss of consciousness, in the EU is allowed for use. In clinics tests of nasal spray of uprima-Apomorphinum are conducted.
  • Kaverdzhekt – powder for intra cavernous injections. Possesses vasodilating action and it is applied at disturbance of erectile dysfunction. Has very extensive list of contraindications.
  • Mewes – medicinal urethral system for an erection, the same kaverdzhekt, only in the form of candles.

Hormonal drugs for women happen contraceptive and replaceable. Are made of artificially synthesized hormones. The principle of action of hormonal contraceptives is that hormones block an ovulation and there is no maturing of an ovum, so and its fertilization. The list of drugs of hormonal contraception is very extensive, it is subdivided into the microdosed, srednedozirovanny, high-dosage and gestagenny means. The best solution of selection of contraceptive hormonal means the gynecologist will have a consultation.

Hormonal contraceptives are applied on a system to the scheme attached to medicine. They not only regulates a menstrual cycle, and protect from undesirable pregnancy, but also prevent development of such diseases as an endometria hyperplasia, and also normalize a hormonal background of a female organism, do it attractive and sexual.

Replacement hormonal therapy is appointed at some types of the anorgazmiya which is also leading to sexual disharmony and also at disturbances of the hormonal background which arose because of a climax, an operative measure or a disease. For recovery of hormonal balance gormono-replacement therapy is appointed, the complex of hormones of a plant origin or artificially synthesized is selected.

Myths about hormonal drugs.

Женские и мужские гормоныIn the circles far from medicine, there is a set of myths about hormonal drugs, their appointment sometimes causes unreasonable fears. Let's consider some of them.

1. Hormonal means register doctors only at very serious illness.

Incorrectly. Hormones are attributed when they are necessary, it does not depend on weight of an illness. Can be an example, diseases of a thyroid gland or decrease in a libido.

2. Hormonal drugs are only contraceptive tablets for women.

Wrong opinion. Hormonal means are the drugs which are artificially synthesized or received from some species of plants. The human body produces a set of different hormones, therefore, for treatment of various diseases certain hormonal means are required.

One drugs containing women's hormones can possess contraceptives, and others, on the contrary, can promote long-awaited pregnancy because normalize a hormonal background.

Drugs which contain men's hormones are applied at treatment of erectile dysfunction, to improvement of quality of an ejaculate, at sexual hypofunction.

3. The accepted hormones collect in an organism.

Lie. At hit inside hormone is split on chemical compounds and removed from an organism, most often, within 24 hours. Hormones apply not "for emergency", and to "start" of a certain function of an organism.

4. It is impossible to use hormonal drugs at pregnancy.

It is possible, and in certain cases it is even necessary for health of the woman and future child. Need degree every time is defined by the attending physician.

5. At use of hormonal drugs body weight increases.

Certain hormones increase the body weight and therefore, have to apply on doctor's orders. Drugs without side effects almost do not happen.

Hormones of sex are necessary to the person to be healthy, to keep for many years sexual activity, and, therefore, a happy matrimony. Be not frightened uses of hormones, but also do not use them uncontrolledly.

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