Gramicidin C

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  • Latin name: Gramicidin S
  • ATH code: R02AB30
  • Active ingredient: Gramicidin With (Gramicidin S)
  • Producer: PFK updating (Russia), Krasfarm (Russia)


Gramicidin C – active agent of the drug of the same name.

Additional components of tablets: sucrose, calcium stearate, sodium saccharinate, fragrance food, lactose.

The concentrate for preparation of solution includes ethanol in addition to active ingredient.

Paste in addition to solution of gramicidin contains solution of lactic acid, water and emulsifier.

Release form

Medicine is issued in the form of tablets for a rassasyvaniye, gramitsidinovy paste in tubas and a concentrate for solution preparation.

Pharmacological action

Antimicrobic means. Drug represents the antibiotic received synthetic or made by sporous aerobic bacilli. It belongs to biological antiseptic agents of a microbic origin. Has the expressed spermatocidal action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Gramicidin C is antibacterial drug. Medicine possesses bactericidal (in high concentration) and bacteriostatic properties in relation to streptococci, pneumococci, staphylococcus, and also concerning activators of a mephitic gangrene and other microbes (gram-positive and gram-negative).

It raises degree of permeability of membranes of microbic cells for inorganic cations by means of creation of channels in lipidic structures of membranes. It provokes development of osmotic instability of cells and leads to their death.

Means is suitable for therapy of infectious and inflammatory diseases of a mouth and a throat. It reduces an inflammation, considerably facilitates swallowing and softens unpleasant feelings in a throat.

Extent of absorption low. Means is characterized by local action and is almost not absorbed in a digestive tract, system effects are practically not observed.

Indications to use

Fatty and water solutions are applied at:

  • purulent wounds;
  • burns;
  • injuries of joints;
  • phlegmon, furuncle, anthrax;
  • decubituses;
  • ulcers;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • to empyema.

Spirit solution is shown in case of a pyoderma.

As the medicine making complex treatment is used for therapy:

Tablets are shown for use in case of infectious and inflammatory diseases of a mouth and throat.

Paste is used for local contraception, and also at wounds and burns.


It is impossible to use drug at hypersensitivity to its components, a dermatosis, an allergy and during breastfeeding.

For local use use in the presence of bleedings from the granulating surface of wounds is contraindicated.

With care it is applied at pregnancy.

Side effects

At parenteral administration emergence of hemolysis or phlebitis is probable. Besides, allergic reactions and contact dermatitis are possible.

Application instruction Gramicidin C (Way and dosage)

The application instruction of Gramicidin C reports that this means is intended only for local drawing. Intravenously it cannot be entered as it can provoke hemolysis and phlebitis.

Spirit solution of drug (2%) by 20-100 times is dissolved in the usual just boiled or sterile distilled water.

In addition to aqueous solutions also do spirit and oil. The application instruction Gramicidin C specifies that for preparation of spirit solution it is necessary to dissolve drug (1 ampoule) hundredfold amount of alcohol (70%). Solutio oleosa turns out by cultivation of contents of an ampoule with medicine at 25-30 times castor and vegetable (any) oil, and also lanolin or fish oil.

The prepared solutions are applied to washing of wounds. They moisten tampons, bandages are irrigated. Use for rinsings and in the form of masks in a case nagnoivshikhsya eels is also possible.

Two pill is taken one for another with an interval 20-30 minutes. In total in day it is necessary to use 4 tablets. The course of treatment is expected 5 days.

Paste is applied with a thin layer on affected areas, then they are covered with a gauze napkin. Such bandages need to be changed every 2-4 day.

As means for local contraception the drug is administered in a vagina by means of the special syringe in a dose 5-6 g.


When using medicine in doses disturbances from a gastrointestinal tract are much possible, characteristic of overdose by antibiotics, – nausea, diarrhea, vomiting. In this case it is necessary to cease to accept drug and to address the specialist.


Medicine strengthens effect of other antimicrobic drugs with the local and system mechanism of action.

Terms of sale

This medicine is on sale without recipe.

Storage conditions

Optimal conditions of storage: the dark place unavailable to children, and temperature is up to 25 °C.

Period of validity

Three years. It is impossible to use after a period of validity.

About Gramicidin C

Opinions on this drug in the majority positive. Those who tried this means, note its fast action and efficiency. As a rule, medicine completely copes with a disease in a short space of time. Most of patients also likes the available cost of drug.

Negative About Gramicidin C meet extremely seldom. Among the negative moments some patients note only a little unpleasant taste of medicine.

The price Gramicidin C where to buy

The Gramicidin price in tablets of 1,5 mg about 130 rubles. Medicine in the form of a concentrate costs about 200 rubles. The price Gramicidin C in the form of paste can be different, however in general it insignificantly differs from quotations on other forms of production of drug.


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