Granuloma and cyst of tooth

At infection of a periodontium (a thin layer between a fang and a bone of a jaw) from the channel of tooth the granuloma develops. So the tooth disease representing the small purulent sack (to 5 mm) consisting of granular fabric the surrounded fibrous capsule is called soldered to a fang top. Gradually increasing, the granuloma develops into a cyst.

Increasing, the granuloma becomes covered by a cover and turns into the "sack" containing dead cells — a cyst. In the absence of treatment the cyst grows and covers an increasing number of teeth. Spontaneous opening of a cyst (quite seldom) leads to burrowing, connecting a cyst cavity to external environment. Such complications of a granuloma and a cyst of tooth complicate further treatment.

Symptoms of a granuloma and cyst of tooth

Practically each of us felt a dentagra. Severe pain is the main symptoms of a granuloma and a cyst of tooth. Cyst symptoms, as well as granuloma symptoms, can not be shown for a long time. The painful tooth by outward can not differ from the others, and the gingiva not to swell up. But during the overcooling, cold, decrease in immunity of a granuloma and a cyst have an effect. The recurrence connected with an exacerbation of these diseases is followed by swelling of lymph nodes, fervescence, the general weakness, painful headaches, swelling of a gingiva, gumboil. In certain cases the cyst of tooth is shown by symptoms in the form of sharp pain at a nadkusyvaniye of firm food. Symptoms of a granuloma can be combined with an acute pain darkening of tooth and hypostasis of a gingiva.

Diagnosis of a granuloma and cyst of tooth

As symptoms of a granuloma and a cyst of tooth are shown quite seldom, and in most cases diagnosis happens accidentally during treatment of carious tooth. The roentgenogram – the only way of diagnosis of these diseases.

What carried out diagnosis of a granuloma and a cyst teeth earlier, that treatment is simpler. Ten more – fifteen flyings ago removal of the injured tooth and cleaning of a gingiva was the easiest way of treatment of granulomas and cysts. Today stomatologists offer more progressive methods of treatment of these diseases of teeth. They are directed to removal from the struck channels of tooth of infectious process, and also to prevention of repeated development of these processes and preservation of tooth. The choice of a method of treatment is carried out individually.

Treatment of a granuloma and cyst of tooth

Гранулема и киста зубаThe therapeutic or conservative method represents treatment of a granuloma of tooth by means of antibiotics and sulfanamide drugs. Administration of drugs is carried out according to the scheme. Treatment of a granuloma by such method allows to stop inflammatory process and to keep if not all tooth, then, at least, its part. What leaves a possibility of prosthetics. Treatment of a cyst of tooth by a therapeutic method quite long process. By a conservative method the cyst of tooth recovers only in 70% of cases.

Surgical treatment of a granuloma is applied in hard cases. To remove pus the doctor dissects a gingiva. Then establishes a special drainage. The drainage warns a wound against premature mending and promotes pus outflow. At the same time to the patient appoint the drugs removing inflammatory process and destroying an infection. The drainage is taken in three days. If the granuloma of tooth developed because of the started paradontalny channel, and also if there is a vertical crack of a root or partial destruction of tooth – it is deleted.

Treatment of a cyst of tooth by a surgical method can be made in the following directions. A cystectomy – surgical manipulation on removal of a cyst during which the damaged fang top is cut off. This method is 100% reliable. But in view of the complexity this operation is practically not performed on molars. Hemisection – the sparing surgical method of treatment of a cyst of tooth. The doctor deletes a cyst the struck root and part of tooth over it.

Depoforez – a modern non-invasive method of treatment of cysts and granulomas of teeth on the basis of the substance tooth (a copper-calcium hydroxide) which is specially entered into the expanded canal. This method helps to get rid of an infection in all root canals of tooth at once.

Complications of a granuloma and cyst of tooth

Granulomas and cysts of teeth at the small size, are a serious source of an infection. Danger of a disease is also that a long time symptoms of a granuloma and a cyst of tooth are not shown, leading to development of phlegmon. At phlegmon pus spreads under face muscles, necks and in heart that leads to serious effects.

At a traumatic overload of tooth, as a result of transferring of infectious diseases and overcooling, the granuloma abscesses. What can lead to formation of fistulas.

Prevention of a granuloma and cyst of tooth

Гранулема и киста зубаIt is necessary to remember that self-treatment, and also treatment of a granuloma and a cyst of tooth "national" means can lead to deplorable results and do irreparable harm to an organism. Prevention of a granuloma will allow to prevent its development in a cyst and to avoid surgical intervention.

Prevention of a granuloma and cyst of tooth is quite simple – observance of rules of hygiene of an oral cavity and timely treatment of diseases of gums and teeth. You should not neglect visit of the stomatologist in the preventive purposes once in half a year.

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