Fungus standing

The fungus standing is an illness of infectious character which is provoked by disease-producing mushrooms. The fungus standing is one of the most eurysynusic fungal infections (mycoses) today. This illness is transmitted from the person to the person. At the same time special risk group are family members and close people of the patient for which he to become an infection source.

Fungus activator standing

The fungus actively breeds in the environment of neutral or poorly alkaline. Therefore, strong perspiration is the first and most important risk factor of emergence of a fungus standing, in the area where integuments are constantly closed. The fungus maintains rather low temperatures: even after the fungus is frozen, it can remain an infestant. In turn, high temperatures influence a fungus negatively: at a temperature of 75 degrees the fungus perishes approximately in 15 minutes. In the course of boiling the fungus perishes in 3–5 minutes. Therefore, at danger of infection with fungus diseases it is possible to apply influence of high temperatures to disinfection. So, the clothes and linen of the patient which adjoined to the affected skin are recommended to be boiled and ironed carefully. Also one-percentage solution of formalin in which the fungus perishes approximately in twenty minutes is applied to disinfection of footwear.

Fungus reasons standing

Fungi breed in the wet environment. Therefore fungus diseases form much quicker if the footwear often remains badly dry-through. Most often infection with a fungus happens in saunas, pools, in shower where constantly wet floor is the optimum environment for reproduction of a fungus.

Cases of infection with a fungus standing through accessories to manicure and a pedicure are frequent.

It is necessary to consider that fungi which are causative agents of mycoses maintain drying. In the course of drying growth of fungi only for a certain time is late. But in the scales of skin or hair lost by the infected person, the fungus can remain capable to life several years. And if such particle gets to optimum conditions for development of a fungus, then the activator can find ability to breed and raise again.

Infection with a fungus standing always occurs owing to contact, is transmitted from the person to the person. Mycosis of feet (a fungus standing) is shown in most cases at adult patients, this illness occurs at children very seldom. This feature is connected with several factors – changes of RN of an integument with age, structure of a corneous layer of skin, the weakened immunity which is provoked by the diseases which are often arising with age. Also the fungus is standing shown against changes of exchange processes, endocrine diseases, diseases of a thyroid gland, adrenal glands, a digestive tract. More often infection with a fungus happens at those who suffer from disturbance of blood circulation in legs, and also has the deformed feet.

The stress, excessive alcohol intake, smoking, too frequent treatment by antibiotics, anemia are also the states having to emergence of a fungus standing.

Very often standing patients learn about a fungus only when pass planned medical examination, or they have problems of cosmetic character and unpleasant feelings. However in the started state treatment of a fungus standing is represented more difficult process. Besides, a number of fungi which infect a human body is allocated by toxic agents that is fraught with amassment of toxins in an organism.

Fungus symptoms standing

грибок на ногахAs a rule, at infection with a fungus at the patient the peeling and the subsequent peeling of skin is shown, and later in places of defeat small bubbles in which there is a liquid arise a fungus. A little later bubbles burst, and on this place on skin cracks and the centers of an inflammation are shown. The patient feels a severe itch, pain, defeats do not begin to live very long time. Later the fungus of legs moves further, taking toes, the foot back. On these places there are also bubbles. Sometimes because of infection bubbles grow turbid, begin to be opened, forming erosion. At a similar state at the patient the cutaneous dropsy, the increased temperature can be observed. If in time not to take a measure for treatment of a fungus of legs, then it affects nails standing. At the same time color of nails changes, they become much more dense then completely collapse.

Diagnosis of a fungus standing

At emergence of similar symptoms it is necessary to address the specialist dermatologist at once. After survey of the patient and carrying out necessary researches the doctor defines a type of a fungus which affected skin standing. At statement of the diagnosis examination of scales of the affected skin in vitro is without fail conducted.

Treatment of a fungus standing

Earlier treatment of a fungus was made standing which extended to nails, liquidating the struck nail plate. But at the same time the nail which grew on its place very often was also affected with a fungus. Today operational methods use much less often and only at some forms of a fungus.

Today use of modern drugs for treatment of a fungus standing guarantees fast and effective treatment against this disease. The majority of similar means very effectively fight against a number of different types of fungi at once. Means for treatment of a fungus standing divide into drugs of system influence and local drugs. As system drugs for treatment of a fungus of feet drugs Lamizil, Mikomaks (Diflucan), Orungal are most often used. The positive result at their use is observed approximately in 95% of cases. However system drugs are not appointed for therapy of children, pregnant women and the feeding women. They are not combined with some medicines.

As local means ointments, gels, aerosols, creams, powders are used. It is simple to put them and they easily get to skin folds and intervals between fingers. Such drugs do not get into blood, therefore, they are less dangerous, than system means. But for full disposal of a fungus such means it is necessary to use much longer period – about a month. Besides if at the patient damage of a nail takes place, then there will be not enough use only of local means.

Drugs for treatment of a fungus standing from modern producers of a nizkotoksichna, besides there is very wide choice of such means: in the course of therapy about 200 antifungal drugs are used.

However self-treatment in this case is not justified at all. The doctor considers what immunity at the patient whether there are disturbances in functioning of endocrine system, perspiration of skin and a number of other moments is how high.

Prevention of a fungus standing

грибок на ногахSpecialists claim that too wide circulation of a fungus standing provokes the general easing of immunity at people in view of the use of too large number of different drugs, a bad ecological situation, shortage in an organism of vitamins. Therefore, anticipation of these factors also is methods of prevention of a fungus standing and infections with fungal infections in general.

It is desirable to accept courses of adaptogens and antioxidants periodically. It can be eleuterokokk, a ginseng, sea-buckthorn oil, Essentiale, vitamin E, other vitamin complexes.

Infection with a fungus of legs is promoted by small injuries standing, the increased perspiration. Therefore for comfort of feelings it is necessary to carry only convenient, well dry-through and pure footwear. It is desirable to change footwear every day, putting on the same couple, at least, every other day. It is desirable to process boots after carrying by special spray for footwear inside. It is not necessary to go without rubber footwear in public pools, saunas and other places with the increased humidity. At visit of acquaintances and friends it is better not to use others room slippers, and to take the. It is not necessary to try on footwear in shop on a bare foot – for this purpose best of all to use own dense sock. After bathing it is necessary to walk always carefully and dry, without forgetting to wipe between fingers. If there are doubts concerning possible infection with a fungus, it is better to apply on legs antifungal local means at once. In case of suspicion on infection with a fungus treatment should be begun immediately.

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