Foot fungus

The fungus of foot is shown by rash on a foot integument owing to a fungal infection. The fungus, as a rule, develops on upper layers of skin, is especially frequent – on sites between toes. The foot fungus quickly enough extends, at the same time a certain category of people has stronger tendency to infection with a foot fungus. Also tendency to infection increases at those people who already ever were ill a foot fungus. The susceptibility to a fungus increases and with age.

Foot fungus symptoms

The most expressed symptoms of a fungus of foot is the itch and an inflammation of skin on feet. The struck integuments are shelled, burst over time. At the same time symptoms directly depend on what type of a fungus of foot takes place. The membrane type of a fungus of foot is shown, as a rule, between the fourth and fifth toes. Skin becomes scaly over time, can strongly burst. Sometimes, that the bacterial infection joins defeat by a fungus that is provoked by stronger injuries of skin.

The Mokasinopodobny type of an infection often begins manifestation of painful feelings on foot. After that skin on a heel or on a sole gradually becomes thicker, bursts. At crushing fungal infections of this form the infection can affect and nails: they become thick, crumble, and sometimes even drop out.

At a vesicular form of an infection under skin the blisters filled with liquid are suddenly shown. Blisters most often on the lower part of foot form. The bacterial infection often joins this disease.

Diagnosis of a fungus of foot

The specialist can diagnose diseases, having performed detailed inspection of foot of the patient. The doctor conducts survey, defining illness symptoms, and also whether the person a foot fungus was ill earlier. Samples of skin or nails investigate on existence of a fungal infection: for this purpose take skin samples from the patient, slightly scratching it, or cut off a nail fragment. For identification of a fungus special tests are carried out. So, preparation with potassium hydroxide is made for confirmation of existence of a fungus in an organism. And for identification of species of a fungus there is its cultivation. In more exceptional cases the biopsy of skin and the subsequent studying of a sample of skin under a microscope can be made.

Foot fungus reasons

Грибок стопыInfection with a fungus of foot can occur during contact with a fungus which quickly breeds on wet and warm surfaces of skin. Infection with a fungus is possible at contact with skin of the infected person, and also at contact with the contaminated surface in a sauna, soul, a public locker room where on a floor the infected skin scales remain. Cases of transfer of a fungus of foot via tools by means of which the pedicure and manicure, through towels, footwear is carried out are quite often fixed.

Most often the fungus of foot strikes people who have problems with blood circulation in legs, the excess weight, existence of deformation of feet. The disturbances in functioning of immune system provoked by stresses, unhealthy way of life, reception of antibiotics, bad food can also provoke infection with a foot fungus.

Treatment of a fungus of foot

To develop the correct principles of treatment of a fungus of foot, it is necessary to define, first of all, type of an infection and degree of its weight. Generally at treatment of a fungus of foot appoint use of the corresponding antifungal drugs for use them in house conditions. Such drugs are urged to destroy a fungus completely or it is essential to slow down its development. Today without recipes in drugstores many effective drugs for treatment of a fungus are implemented: Terbinafin (Lamizil), Clotrimazolum (lotriminum), Miconazolum (Micatinum)tolnaftat (tinaktin). All these drugs are intended for topical administration, that is are applied on skin. It is important to consider that at treatment in house conditions it is necessary to watch whether there is an improvement carefully. If the illness continues to progress, and medicines do not render due effect for several weeks, it is necessary to address the specialist repeatedly.

If efficiency of these medicines was low, or infectious defeat very heavy, the specialist can appoint use of more strong drugs. Those are naftifin (Naftin), butenafin (mentaks), and also the tableted means terbinafin (lamizit), flukonazol (Diflucan), itrakonazol (sporanoks).

Tablets at treatment of a fungus of foot are applied at especially severe defeats. At the same time it is important to remember that in the course of treatment it is necessary to carry out by such means periodically analyses for the purpose of definition of collateral influence of drugs. Recurrence of a fungus of foot is possible even after passing of a course of treatment the tableted drugs with antifungal influence. At treatment of a fungus an important point is need to receive medical treatment completely. In that case the probability of full treatment increases.

At a hymenoid infection which is the most widespread type of a fungus of foot for today creams or lotions with antifungal influence are applied to treatment. In the course of treatment of a disease it is important to watch that foot was pure and dry constantly. Upon transition of an illness to more severe form sometimes local means are combined with reception of peroral drugs which are appointed by the doctor.

Грибок стопыAt mokasinopodobny type of an infection rather often there is an onychomycosis — infection of nails. In view of the fact that integuments on foot rather thick, this type of an infection recovers difficult. Standard drugs with antifungal influence through skin get insufficiently effectively. Therefore, the specialist appoints reception of additional drugs, both peroral, and local.

At a vesicular infection the doctor sometimes deletes tops of blisters and blots foot until the site where this procedure was carried out, completely does not dry out. Antifungal cream or special solution in the form of a compress is applied on such processed site. If the bacterial infection joins this form of a fungus, then in that case to the patient the additional course of antibiotics is appointed.

At especially heavy course of an infection purpose of corticosteroid drugs is possible. After the condition of the patient improves, the dose of these drugs can be reduced, at the same time antifungal drugs should be used before full treatment of an infection.

However the disease can repeat even if therapy was carried out in due form. Similar happens quite often if to ignore measures of prevention and not to use antifungal drugs throughout the necessary span. In that case the fungus can die not completely, and recurrence of a disease results.

It is very important to begin treatment of a fungus of foot in time, without tightening with the address to the doctor. Sometimes in view of poorly expressed disease symptoms patients ignore treatment that leads to emergence of deep cracks and blisters on feet, to accession to a disease of a bacterial infection.

As a rule, infections which are shown sharply will respond to treatment better, than persistent fungal infections.

In traditional medicine for treatment of a fungus of feet lotions and compresses with use of garlic, oil of a tea tree are used

Complications of a fungus of foot

If not to undertake a measure for treatment of a disease in time, at the patient the heavy bacterial infection can gradually develop. At infection with some types of a fungus also development of a fungus of toes is possible later.

Prevention of a fungus of foot

Грибок стопыNot to allow infection with a foot fungus, it is necessary to follow all rules of personal hygiene, first of all, carefully. After washing, bathing, swimming in the pool it is necessary to wipe or dry well feet, especially skin between fingers. It is desirable to wear shoes from natural materials that air could pass freely to skin of legs. Socks have to be cotton: in that case they perfectly absorb moisture. Socks should be changed as often as possible. People with the increased perspiration of legs need to apply special antifungal powder or talc on feet. Several days in a row are desirable not to put on the same pair of shoes: the footwear has to be aired, at least, for days.

It is impossible to go on a floor in the pool or in the general shower without rubber footwear at all. Room slippers have to be always pure and be used exclusively by their owner.

It is necessary to consider that usual washing with use of detergents not always promotes destruction of fungi which provoke infection of foot. To destroy fungi on clothes, it is necessary to use very hot water or to boil things. It is desirable to apply when washing also bleach.

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