Grippol Plus

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  • Latin name: Grippol Plus
  • ATH code: J07BB02
  • Active ingredient: The vaccine for prevention of flu inactivated + Azoksimera bromide (Vaccine influenza virus inactivated + Azoximer bromide)
  • Producer: LLC Kislorod Plus (Russia), LLC Niarmedik Plus (Russia), LLC JV Novofarm Plus (Uzbekistan)


As a part of drug Grippol is (at the rate on one dose):

  • on 5 mkg of hemagglutinin epidemic actual influenza strains subtype A (H1N1), hemagglutinin subtype A (H3N2), hemagglutinin type B;
  • 500 mkg of immunoadjuvant of Polioksidoniya in the phosphatic and salt buffer a bromide azoxymeasure.

Hemagglutinin is made by the Abbot Biologicals B.V company. in the Netherlands.

Release form

Means is let out in the form of opalescent liquid without color or with a light yellow shade in ampoules or bottles on 0,5 mg. In a pack of cardboard 5 or 10 pieces.

Also medicine is sold in syringes on 0,5 ml, on 1, 5 or 10 pieces in a cardboard box.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Grippol Plus – a flu vaccine with addition of an immunostimulator that allows to lower a dosage of the antibodies which are its part.

Means promotes forming of durable immunity to flu of A and V type. After intramuscular or hypodermic introduction the effect of an injection develops for 7-12 day. Immunity to viruses remains for a year after an inoculation. After capture of blood on the analysis, protective antiserum capacities were found in 75-95% of the patients who passed vaccination.

Polyoxydoñas, being a part of drug possesses immunomodulatory and disintoxication properties. Under its influence there is activation of phagocytes and T-killers – an important component of cellular immunity, process of antibody formation becomes more active. Substance is capable to reduce toxicity of various medicines, by increase of stability of cellular membranes to their influence.

Pharmacokinetic indicators of a vaccine are not studied. Drug does not contain preservatives in the structure.

Indications to use

Grippol appoint for prevention of flu at various categories of citizens which have high probability to ache with a virus or will hard respond to treatment.

The vaccine is appointed:

  • to children of six years, preschool age, to school students;
  • at chronic anemia, different types of allergies;
  • to persons, 60 years are more senior;
  • at bronchial asthma, chronic diseases of kidneys;
  • to children and adults who often have a SARS and cold;
  • to people, with chronic diseases of TsNS, bronchopulmonary or cardiovascular system;
  • at a diabetes mellitus, metabolism diseases;
  • HIV-positive;
  • to the persons having the acquired or congenital immunodeficiency disorder;
  • to health workers, military personnel, teachers, workers of services industry, militia, trade, transport and so on.


Means is not used at an allergy to chicken protein, some components of drug, other types of vaccines from flu.

Also injections cannot be made at feverish states during an exacerbation of a chronic disease or infectious and inflammatory diseases. Vaccination is carried out after decrease in body temperature to normal level.

Side effects

The vaccine is usually well transferred by children of 6 months and adults.

Can be shown:

  • hyperemia and reddening in an injection site, pain during an injection, puffiness;
  • the general weakness, disease state, fervescence to 37-38 degrees;
  • painful feelings in a throat, cold, temperature increase higher than 38, a headache.

The listed above reactions to a prick have to take place independently, 24-48 hours later.

Were seldom observed:

Application instruction Grippol Plus (Way and dosage)

Vaccination should be made once a year, it is desirable during the autumn and winter period. Also carrying out procedure at the beginning of a flu epidemic is allowed.

To adults and children of three years means is entered intramusculary or deeply subcutaneously into a shoulder (a deltoid muscle).

Aged from 6 till 35 months the injection is made intramusculary in a perednebokovy surface of a hip.

To children of half a year till 35 months two times, with an interval in 21-28 days enter 0,25 ml of a vaccine.

Aged from 36 months input of 0,5 ml drug once is also more recommended. If the child had no flu earlier, then vaccination has to be carried out with an interval in 21-28 days two times.

At an immunodeficiency or carrying out immunosuppressive therapy drug is recommended to enter 2 times on 0,5 ml with a break 3-4 weeks.

The instruction on Grippol Plus

Before use the syringe with a vaccine or an ampoule needs to be heated to temperature about 20 degrees.

In a solution preparation time for an injection it is independently necessary to disinfect an ampullary knife, an ampoule, a stopper and skin in an injection site alcohol.

The vaccine needs to be used at once after opening.

If for a prick of 0,25 ml of drug you have a syringe with a capacity of 0,5 ml, then excess of a vaccine needs to be let out. On the syringe there have to be corresponding marks.

Before an injection it is important not to forget to let out the excess air from the syringe and to wipe skin in the place of a prick with cotton wool with alcohol.

It is impossible to store the opened ampoules or bottles with drug.


Overdose cases Grippol were not registered by a vaccine.


Immunodepressants, corticosteroids and radiotheraphy, can reduce efficiency of vaccination.

Grippol Plus is combined with the other types of vaccines (inactivated) except BTsZh, antiarabichesky and BTsZh-M. Injections should be made to different places, using the individual syringe for each of them. The question of carrying out an injection has to be determined by the medical worker, depending on a condition of the patient and a type of contraindications by each vaccine.

It is possible to combine vaccination by means and treatment of the basic, the chronic or aggravated disease.

Terms of sale

The recipe is necessary.

Storage conditions

Grippol is recommended to store in the refrigerator (or other dark place), temperature condition from 2 to 8 degrees.

It is impossible to allow freezings of a vaccine. To store in the place, unavailable to children.

Period of validity

12 months.

Special instructions

Before carrying out an inoculation of the patient it is necessary to examine, make thermometry. If body temperature is higher than 37 degrees, then vaccination cannot be made.

When transporting it is necessary to meet drug storage conditions. It is possible to transport within 6 hours means at a temperature up to 25 degrees.

If an ampoule, a bottle or the syringe doser it is damaged, in solution the deposit was formed, drug dimmed, the period of validity expired, marking of packaging or storage conditions is broken, then it is impossible to use a vaccine more.


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Section: Immunity increase
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