Whether breastfeeding is important?

Your kid after nine-months stay in a tummy in full comfort, at last, came to be in the world, new to it. Therefore you shall meet him with warmth and love. It is very important for its correct development. In the first months of life, to the kid a lot of attention and cares is required. At this stage of life the kid very quickly develops. Parents have to create comfortable conditions for the baby and, of course, provide healthy nutrition. Improper feeding at early children's age is capable to break health of the child and to exert a negative impact on the next periods of life.

Maternal milk is best balanced food of which the nature took care. The composition of milk of each mother is exclusively individual and chosen, exactly, for her child. Besides, this structure constantly changes during the entire period of feeding, adapting to new needs of the child in the course of his growth. Contain in breast milk not only necessary nutrients, also it is enriched with biologically active agents providing protection of the child against infections and other adverse factors.

In addition to all above-mentioned, when breastfeeding close connection between the kid and mother is formed. Feeding by a breast creates the atmosphere of security and love for the kid, and without it full development of the child is impossible. Afterwards, dependence of the kid on maternal milk will decrease, but cordial relations will remain forever.

In most cases at women milk "comes" by 3-6 day after the delivery though cases when this period comes only in 2-3 weeks meet. For stimulation of production of milk, in such cases, after arrival home and approximately to two-month age of the child, it is better for young mother to keep free feeding, i.e. to put the kid to a breast on demand. Frequent applying, will help the fastest development of a breast, and increase in volumes of milk.

You should not forget also about own food, it is also important factor which promotes the fastest inflow of milk and preservation of a lactation. Try to use more at this time hot drink. On the course of increase in milk in a breast applying frequency gradually will begin decreases. And gradually you will develop a rhythm of feedings with equal intervals between them, including the feeding mode at night. To feed the child night time of day or not, you define, proceeding from needs of the kid. The main thing that darling the baby was happy.

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