Chest Elixir

Грудной Эликсир Drug photo

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  • Latin name: Elixir pectoralis
  • ATH code: R05CA10
  • Active ingredient: Ammonia + Anis ordinary seeds oil + Glycyrrhizas of roots extract (Ammonium + Anisi vulgaris semenis oleum + Glycyrrhizae radicibus extract)
  • Producer: CJSC VIFITEKH (Russia)


100 ml of an elixir include: 20,7 g – dense extract of a glycyrrhiza (from 14% glycyrrhizic acid), 0,34 g – anisic oil, 1,38 g – concentrated (25%) ammonia solution – active ingredients.

Minor ingredients: 20,41 ml – 90% of alcohol, to 100 ml – the purified water.

Release form

Drug is let out in the form of an elixir, in bottles on 25 ml.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The chest Elixir is an expectorant of the combined action which efficiency is shown thanks to influence of its active ingredients.

Dense extract of a glycyrrhiza is characteristic the expectorant and antiinflammatory effects, because of presence in it of the glycyrrhizin stimuliruyushche influencing in bronchial tubes and a trachea function of cells of the ciliate epithelium and also increasing secretion mucous upper respiratory tracts.

The irritant action of aqueous solution of ammonia in upper respiratory tracts, starts exciting mechanisms of sensory nervous cells and reflex stimulation of a respiratory center.

Thanks to the p-propenyl anisole which is contained in anisic oil its expectorant action, and also effects of reflex initiation of breath, strengthening of activity of cells of a ciliate epithelium and increase in secretion of a mucous trachea, throat and bronchial tubes is shown.

Indications to use

The chest Elixir, as expectorant drug, is applied at painful conditions of respiratory tracts of an infectious and inflammatory etiology which proceed with forming of badly separated phlegm, it as: pneumonia, tracheitis, mucoviscidosis, bronchitis, tracheobronchitis and so forth.


With care:

Side effects

  • manifestations of the allergic nature;
  • diarrhea (occasionally).

Chest Elixir, application instruction

The application instruction of the Chest Elixir recommends to adults oral administration of 20-40 drops 3-4 times at 24 o'clock.

On one reception, the quantity of the drops corresponding to their age category (for example, 7 years = 7 drops), dissolved in water is shown to children.

Duration of reception of drops, usually – 7-10 days. Further reception of the Chest Elixir, as well as repeatedly carried out therapy, can be appointed only by the doctor.


Long use of an elixir can become the reason of a hypopotassemia, peripheral hypostases, increases of the ABP.

The appointed treatment has to correspond to observed symptoms.


In case of need it is possible to use drug in parallel with antibiotics and other HP.

Before drinking the Chest Elixir it is necessary to refuse use of antibechics as their reception complicates expectoration process.

Terms of sale

The chest Elixir is on sale without existence of the recipe.

Storage conditions

In densely closed factory bottle, at a temperature up to 20 °C.

Period of validity

36 months.

Special instructions

In case of administration of drug it is necessary to consider content of alcohol in it.



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  • Chest elixir of 25 ml / Vifitekh/Vifitekh of closed joint stock company

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  • Chest elixir fl 25 ml, Ivanovo FF (Ivanovo) Russia
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  • Chest eliksirternopolsky FF (Ukraine, Ternopil)
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