The chemotherapy is understood as treatment of any parasitic, infectious or malignant disease by means of toxins and poisons which perniciously influence an infection – an infestant, on cells of malignant tumors or parasites at rather smaller negative influence on a human body.

The chemotherapeutic agent, or himiopreparat is a toxin or poison which is used for the purpose of chemotherapy.

The chemotherapy though is similar to pharmacotherapy the principle of action, however these concepts are not synonyms. The last has only two participants - it is the organism subjected to influence and medicine (the pharmacological agent). For chemotherapy three participants – the infectious agent who is subject to killing (or a parasite, a clone of cells of malignant tumors), an organism of the owner and the chemotherapeutic agent are peculiar.

In himio-and pharmacotherapy also the purposes are excellent: the first sets the task to kill, destroy or slow down reproduction of parasites, malignant cells or infectious agents, whenever possible with the smallest negative impact on a human body. The secondary purpose of chemotherapy is vosstanovleniye of functions of the struck bodies and systems, and also life activity normalization. This goal is achieved as a result destruction of an infection, a parasitic invasion or a tumor. The main objective of pharmacotherapy consists in correction of any disturbances of life activity of a human body, improvement or vosstanovleniye of functions of the struck systems and bodies.

Distinguish several types of chemotherapy depending on what it is directed to:

  • Antibiotic treatment, or antibacterial therapy;
  • Pritivogribkovy chemotherapy;
  • Pritivovirusny chemotherapy;
  • Pritivoopukholevy (cytotoxic, or cytostatic) chemotherapy which uses antineoplastic means;
  • Protivoporazitny, in particular anthelmintic, antimalarial chemotherapy, etc.

Some medicines can enter various reactions with drugs which are used for the purpose of chemotherapy. If the patient takes any medicine which is not connected with chemotherapy, the doctor has to study attentively the list of all medicine which are taken by the patient before starting treatment. This list includes all vegetable or mineral additives, antiallergic drugs, vitamins, etc.

The main problem of chemotherapy is a large number of side effects, and also heavy portability of this type of treatment by some patients today. Side effects are connected first of all with what himioterapevtichesy agents strike not only the sick cells but also healthy. Most often under blow cells of hair follicles, epidermis, reproductive organs, respiratory system, urinary tract, mucous membranes of a gastrointestinal tract and blood cells get.

Weight of side effects from chemotherapy is measured by five degrees, from zero to the fourth. At zero degree of intensity of change of health are absent, at the fourth – there is already a danger of a lethal outcome, immediate cancellation of this type of treatment is necessary. Weight of side effects in many respects depends on a state of health of the patient, age, a type of a malignant new growth, and also the used drug.

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