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  • Latin name: Chondrogard
  • ATH code: M01AX25
  • Active ingredient: Chondroitin sulfate
  • Producer: CJSC Farmfirma Soteks, Russia


On 1 ml of drug of active ingredient (chondroitin sodium sulfate) contains in the number of 100 mg + excipients (benzyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, disodium sulfite, vodaochishcheny).

Release form

Ampoules with transparent colourless or slightly yellowish solution, on 1 and 2 ml, 5 or 10 pieces in packaging. Liquid has a specific smell of benzyl alcohol.

Pharmacological action

Stimulator of processes of regeneration in fabrics.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Active ingredient of medicine – sulfate of chondroitin promotes recovery of cartilaginous tissue and reduction of degenerative changes in joints by stimulation of synthesis of proteoglycans. There is a stimulation of synthesis of glucosaminoglycans, irreplaceable for cartilaginous tissue.

Joint pains decrease, the phosphorus-calcium exchange is recovered, the speed of course of an inflammation of a synovial membrane of a joint and therefore, destructions of a cartilage decreases.

In half an hour after administration of drug it reaches the maximum concentration in a blood plasma. Active ingredient within two days is removed.

Indications to use

Hondrogard's pricks are appointed at osteochondrosis and an osteoarthrosis of a backbone or joints to peripheries.


Side effects

Allergic reactions on skin and inflammations in the place of an injection are possible.

Application instruction of Hondrogard (Way and dosage)

Pricks make intramusculary. The daily dose makes 0,1 g. Between the first injections do a break in one day. If necessary, already in the 4th a prick it is possible to increase a dose to 0,2 g.

Injections of medicine make from 25 to 30 pieces. It is reasonable to repeat a course in half a year.

Improvements in a state come in 2 weeks, after the beginning of a course.


Overdose cases were not registered.


Does not occur or was not observed.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe of the doctor.

Storage conditions

In the dark, cool place.

Period of validity

2 years.

Hondrogard's analogs

Artrin, mukosat, hondrolon, artra chondroitin, kartilag vitrum, struktum, chondroitin sulfate, hondroksid, hondrolayf, Chonsuridum, Rumalonum, aflutop, Don, artr, elbon.

What is Aflutop or Hondrogard better?

Aflutop contains an extract from algas and in this regard, can cause an allergy in people with intolerance of seafood, also easily there can come overdose by means. By efficiency of drug Hondrogard is slightly higher, than at its analog. But the analog contains, generally natural components.

Responses on Hondrogard

Responses on pricks Hondrogard: At forums responses generally good. Some write that after the first prick there come improvements, pain disappears and the inflammation decreases. Often the rate of drug is repeated since are happy with result after the first experience of use. From side effects seldom there are enanthesis and other allergic reactions.

Comments of doctors on Hondrogarda: Drug is often appointed at osteoarthroses, arthritises and various injuries of joints. Improvements in a state come quickly, and the effect remains for a long time.


  • Hondrogard solution for injections 100mg/ml 1 ml No. 10 ampulysoteks Farmfirma of closed joint stock company
  • Hondrogard solution for injections 100mg/ml 2 ml No. 10 ampulysoteks Farmfirma of closed joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Hondrogard solution for in 100mg/ml 2 ml of amp No. 10, Soteks Farmfirm Zaorossiya
  • Hondrogard solution for in 100mg/ml 1 ml of amp No. 10, Soteks Farmfirm Zaorossiya
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