Chondroitin Complex

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  • Latin name: Chondroitin Complex
  • ATH code: M01AX25
  • Active ingredient: Chondroitin sodium sulfate (Chondroitin sulfatum sodium), Glycosamine hydrochloride (Glucosamine hydrochloride)
  • Producer: Fitofarm (Ukraine)


Active agents of drug: sodium chondroitin sulfate and glycosamine hydrochloride.

Auxiliary components: polyvinylpirrolidone low-molecular medical, sodium of a kroskarmelloz, aerosil, sodium krokhmalglikolit also magnesium stearate.

Release form

Medicine is on sale in capsules which contain in a bottle. The tablets Chondroitin Complex are not issued.

Pharmacological action

The combined drug which is used for recovery of cartilaginous tissue.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Action of this means is caused by substances which are included in its structure.

Sodium chondroitin sulfate represents high-molecular mucopolysaccharide which takes important part in creation of cartilaginous tissue. It reduces influence of enzymes which destroy a joint cartilage, and also helps with its recovery. Thereby it contributes to normalization of work of joints. At the first stages of inflammatory process its activity decreases. The degeneration of cartilaginous tissue is slowed down.

At an osteoarthrosis of hip and knee joints of chondroitin of sodium sulfate helps with reduction of a pain syndrome and need for NPVP.

Glycosamine the hydrochloride works as hondroprotektorny means. It influences biosynthesis of hyaluronic acid and proteoglycans, reduces shortage of glikozamin.

Besides, at synthesis of chondroitinsulphuric acid of a glycosamine the hydrochloride activates sulfur fixing. He selectively influences a joint cartilage, inhibits education of the superoxidic radicals and enzymes damaging cartilaginous tissue and also prevents disturbance of biosynthesis of glikozaminoglikan which is induced by NPVP, and interferes with the destroying impact of glucocorticoids on chondrocytes.

After a single dose of capsules in a usual therapeutic dose the maximum content of chondroitin of sodium of sulfate in plasma is observed 3-4 hours later. It is excreted through kidneys per day. Bioavailability – 13%. A glycosamine the hydrochloride is absorbed in intestines. 25% get to synovial membranes of joints and cartilaginous tissue. The part of means biotransformirutsya in a liver to an ureapoiesis, water and carbon dioxide.

Indications to use

This medicine is used for treatment of diseases of a backbone and joints, including an osteoarthrosis, intervertebral osteochondrosis, an arthropathy, a spondylosis. It can be appointed at recovery after a change.


It is impossible to apply this means at:

It is not appointed for children.

Side effects

At the use of drug the following side effects are possible:

At emergence of side effects it is necessary to cease to accept capsules and to address the specialist.

Application instruction Chondroitin Complex (Way and dosage)

The instruction on Chondroitin the Complex reports that drug is intended for intake. It is desirable to swallow of capsules, without chewing, entirely. It is recommended to wash down with water. Take means for half an hour to food. Duration of treatment and an exact dosage are determined by the specialist depending on character and disease severity.

As a rule, adults and children of 15 flyings need daily to accept on a capsule 2 times. And in three weeks after the beginning of a course it is possible to accept every day on 1 capsule.

Usually therapy lasts 2 months. But for achievement of steady therapeutic action, at least, half a year is desirable to accept means.

During therapy it is desirable not to take alcoholic drinks, and also to reduce sugar consumption.


Overdose cases are not described by this medicine. It is supposed that at drug intake in the doses exceeding norm increase in expressiveness of side reactions is possible. Therapy is symptomatic. If drug was accepted in the doses much exceeding norm it is necessary to see a doctor.


The medicine combination to tetracyclines can lead to increase of their absorption from a gastrointestinal tract. Interaction with semi-synthetic penicillin and Lemomitsetin, on the contrary, reduces their extent of absorption.

Chondroitin the Complex reduces need for NPVP, GKS and the anesthetizing drugs.

Therapy becomes more effective at inclusion in a diet of products with vitamins A and With, and also salts of manganese, copper, selenium, magnesium and zinc.

Terms of sale

Medicine is sold in pharmacy chain without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to keep means in original packaging at a temperature up to 25 ºС. To protect from children.

Period of validity

Two years.


Opinions on this means, as a rule, positive. Those who tried it, report about efficiency and a convenient form of release. Patients note that to make the tablets Chondroitin Complex to anything when there are such efficient capsules. Among shortcomings of drug note the high cost and side reactions (mainly from a gastrointestinal tract, but in rare instances). Some also complain that it is very difficult to get this medicine in drugstores.

The price Chondroitin the Complex where to buy

The average cost of capsules on 60 pieces in a bottle – 210 hryvnias or 865 rubles. And the price Chondroitin the Complex in capsules on 30 pieces in a bottle – on average 120 hryvnias or 500 rubles.


  • Glycosamine chondroitin complex No. 90 kapsulyfarmakor production Ltd company
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  • GCC-ultra (glycosamine chondroitin complex) No. 60 kapsulyfarmakor production Ltd company
  • GCC (glycosamine chondroitin complex) gel universal 50mlorbita joint venture
  • GCC-ultra (glycosamine chondroitin complex) No. 90 kapsulyfarmakor production Ltd company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Glycosamine chondroitin complex ultra kaps No. 90, Farmakor-Prodakshnrossiya
  • Glycosamine chondroitin complex kaps No. 90, Farmakor-Prodakshnrossiya
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  • Glyukozamin-Hondroitin complex of the tab. No. 60solgar Vitamin and Herb (USA)
  • Chondroitin capsule No. 30fitofarm Complex (Ukraine, Artemovsk)
  • Chondroitin capsule No. 60fitofarm Complex (Ukraine, Artemovsk)
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