Snore and syndrome of an obstructive apnoea in a dream

There is absolutely unfair opinion that snore is a phenomenon, not especially pleasant, but completely safe for the person. Actually severe snore in a dream foretells a course of a disease which is called a syndrome of an obstructive apnoea in a dream (SOAS). Severe snore is one of its main symptoms.

Syndrome of an obstructive apnoea of a dream – a disease of which manifestation of apnoeas is characteristic during a dream. Close people who watch a dream of the person can suspect development in the person of an apnoea. They note sharp break of snore and an apnoea. Then the sleeping person strongly gives a snore, can begin to turn then his breath is recovered. At supervision over such patients it was noted that similar apnoeas in a night can occur to 400.

The mechanism of a syndrome of an obstructive apnoea in a dream

Passability of upper respiratory tracts of the person is influenced by many factors. First of all, it is a tone of pharyngeal muscles, internal diameter of ways, size of inspiratory pressure. When the person sleeps, the tone of muscles of a throat considerably decreases. Therefore, there can be a full fall of respiratory tracts which happens on a breath, and the subsequent apnoea. That respiratory function was recovered, activation of work of a brain is necessary. Brain impulse which is sent to pharyngeal muscles opens respiratory tracts. When breath at the patient is recovered, the level of oxygen is normalized owing to what the brain becomes quiet again. After that the person falls asleep. Such cycles are repeated throughout the dream period.

In view of manifestation of such apnoeas in a dream the human body begins to suffer from strong decrease in content of oxygen in blood. Respectively, the negative impact appears on heart and a brain which food requires a lot of oxygen.

The hypoxia of a brain which is shown at night is shown by a morning headache. And people who, besides, suffer coronary heart disease owing to an apnoea in a dream can get a myocardial infarction afterwards.

Besides, at an apnoea there is a jump of arterial pressure for a short time: it raises to indicators of 200-250 mm of mercury. If the similar phenomenon repeats many times for every night, then as a result at the patient the arterial hypertension getting a chronic krizovy current most often develops. The hypertension arising owing to such disturbances gives in to therapy by hypotensive medicines, usual for hypertensive persons, worse. Besides, chronic lack of transition of a dream to deep stages, and also a night hypoxia provoke noticeable decrease in allocation of a growth hormone. At adults this hormone provides a lipometabolism. The growth hormone is responsible for that the consumed fat turned into energy, but was not postponed in the form of a fatty stock. But if the growth hormone is not produced in the necessary quantities, then even at a lack of energy of an organism fat is not processed into energy. Therefore, the patient eats more and more food to fill power expenses. And excesses at once turn into excess weight. The patient who is growing stout owing to shortage of a growth hormone cannot lose extra kilos by means of diets or medicamentous drugs.

At the same time the fast set of weight provokes aggravation of a situation with manifestation of sudden apnoeas during a dream. Excess fat is laid also on a neck, thereby, increasing narrowing of respiratory tracts. The growth hormone is produced in more insignificant quantities, and as a result there is a peculiar vicious circle.

If the illness progresses, reaching a severe form, also production of testosterone decreases. It leads to lowering of a sexual inclination and potentiality.

Snore reasons

Храп и синдром обструктивного апноэ во снеThus, the everyday occurrence – snore – becomes the reason of serious negative changes in functioning of an organism. The reasons of snore are defined by several factors. First of all, people who have certain anatomic disturbances conducting to the fact that respiratory tracts are narrowed can snore. Such situation arises owing to inborn narrowness of a throat or the nasal courses, a curvature of a nasal partition, existence of polyps in a nose or the increased almonds, a long uvula in the sky, the broken bite owing to the displaced jaw. Besides, emergence of snore is promoted by obesity.

The second group of factors which promote snore in a dream are functional factors. The dream during which the tone of muscles decreases, first of all, concerns to those actually. Besides, night snore is provoked by strong fatigue and constants of a sleep debt, the sleeping pill use, reception of alcoholic beverages, smoking. Snore is often shown at people with reduced function of a thyroid gland, at women in the period of a climax. Bol people of advanced age are subject to snore.

Symptoms of a syndrome of an obstructive apnoea in a dream

The person at whom disturbances of breath in a dream are noted suffers because that the general quality of a dream considerably worsens. Gradually the patient begins to note displays of frequent headaches, irritability. He constantly stays in a condition of drowsiness, suffers from memory impairment and dispersion of attention. Men can gradually note that the potentiality considerably decreased. Generally a dream at the people subject to apnoeas, always restless, they often spin during a dream, can vigorously move extremities, speak. All these symptoms, and also other effects of an apnoea in a dream are shown as a result of a constant sleep debt.

Except deterioration quality of life such manifestations can constitute danger in view of increase in risk to fall asleep in the course of maintaining the car.

The quantity and duration of apnoeas differ depending on that how serious form of an illness developed at the person. If the illness took a severe form, then breath can stop at once after the person falls asleep. At the same time position of his body can be any. If easier form of an illness takes place, then the apnoea is shown at a deep sleep or at position of the person on spin. Breath is often broken at the people taking alcoholic drinks before going to bed.

Diagnosis of snore and syndrome of an obstructive apnoea in a dream

Храп и синдром обструктивного апноэ во снеThose people who snore in a dream constantly need to consult at the LOR-specialist who will be able to define all anatomic features of respiratory tracts of the patient. It is quite possible that the found changes can be corrected, having got rid of the unpleasant phenomenon. In certain cases to find out how to get rid of snore, the person should consult in addition also at the therapist and the endocrinologist.

For definition of whether the apnoea takes place at the patient with snore night, the doctor can appoint carrying out special research of a dream — a polisomnografiya. Such research is conducted by fixing on a body of the person of a large number of the different sensors fixing work of a brain, an ECG, the respiratory movements and other, necessary parameters for research. All information is fixed throughout a night dream, and on e to a basis the specialist defines what snore medicine will be the most effective.

Diagnosis of an apnoea provides definition of existence of some characteristics of the patient and symptoms of a disease. So, detailed research of a condition of the patient is appointed if at it three signs from provided below take place:
— instructions on manifestation of apnoeas during a dream (this sign is already premises for carrying out deep inspection);
— loud snore at night or discontinuous snore with periodic vskhrapyvaniye;
too frequent urination at night;
— a long sleep disorder, the lasting more than half a year;
— constant drowsiness in the afternoon;
— arterial hypertension which attacks are shown in the morning and at night;
— excess weight.

Complications of snore and syndrome of an obstructive apnoea in a dream

People who suffer from regular apnoeas in a dream often are disturbed at night by stenocardia. Shortage of oxygen can affect a condition of kidneys. Also at the patients suffering from this illness the metabolic syndrome and displays of atherosclerosis is much more often noted. Impotence at men can also become complication of a severe form of an apnoea. Such patients become irritable, can practically not feel vigorous for day and even to show certain signs of unbalanced behavior.

Owing to continuous shortage of oxygen in an organism patients at whom apnoeas in a dream are shown suffer from developing of night strokes and heart attacks more often. At a severe form of a disease the sudden death of the person is possible during a dream. Therefore to treat this illness extremely important.

Recommendations the patient with snore and a syndrome of an obstructive apnoea in a dream

Храп и синдром обструктивного апноэ во снеTreatment of snore provides accurate implementation of some recommendations urged to improve quality of a dream and to prevent unpleasant manifestations in house conditions.

First of all, important the correct pose for a dream: it is the best of all to sleep on one side as when lying on spin language sinks down that promotes breath disturbance. To warn a night turning of the patient on a back, it is possible to sew a pocket on spin of a pajamas and to put there a small ball or other subject. It will promote a prosypaniye of the person at a turning on a back. After a while the corresponding reflex is developed, and the person does not sleep in a pose on spin any more.

It is desirable that in a dream the head stayed in a little raised situation – it is so possible to prevent retraction of language and to reduce snore. For this purpose sometimes incline a bed by establishment of small whetstones under bed legs from the head or use a special medical bed.

It is not recommended to people who snore, to accept hypnotic drugs and demulcents. These drugs promote decrease in a tone of muscles owing to what the pharyngeal muscles relax. If at the patient the average or severe form of an illness, then medicines with the specified influence developed are categorically contraindicated.

It is not necessary to take in the evening alcoholic beverages as alcohol promotes relaxation of muscles of a throat, aggravating a condition of the patient. People who smoke have to think of disposal of this addiction. Tobacco smoking provokes inflammatory processes in a throat and a trachea which are followed by hypostases that increases risk of apnoeas during a dream.

To the person inclined to snore, it is very important to watch a body weight as obesity promotes snore. Statistically, having reduced weight by 10%, the patient for 50% improves breath parameters during a dream.

In the presence of certain problems with nasal breath it is necessary to take all measures as much as possible to facilitate breath by a nose. If the similar problem arises in connection with catarrhal diseases, it is necessary to use drops in a nose with vasoconstrictive effect. In the presence in a nose of polyps or any other anatomic features it is necessary to think of carrying out operational treatment.

Treatment of snore and syndrome of an obstructive apnoea in a dream

Храп и синдром обструктивного апноэ во снеTo cure manifestations of a syndrome of an obstructive apnoea in a dream, initially it is necessary to get rid of snore. Modern methods of treatment of snore assume use of the recommendations described above, and also other methods. So, treatment of snore is made by means of special devices for a mouth by means of which it is possible to increase a throat gleam. Such device fixes a jaw. And though at first it creates notable discomfort, the effect of its use is very high.

One more efficient snore medicine – special strips dilators for a nose. With their help it is possible to expand nose wings that promotes significant increase in passing of air.

Also laser staphyloplasty is applied to therapy of snore and a syndrome of an obstructive apnoea of a dream. And by means of so-called SRAR-therapy which consists in creation of positive pressure in respiratory tracts even severe forms of a night apnoea recover. For this purpose use the special device — a tight mask for a nose which connects to the compressor. Through a tube in a throat air under pressure moves. Therefore, respiratory tracts are not closed, and air arrives constantly.

Other devices for therapy of an apnoea are sometimes used, however their use is reasonable in some cases.

Treatment of snore folk remedies

Traditional medicine offers some means long since used in fight against so unpleasant phenomenon as night snore. Those who ask a question how to cure snore, can try to apply some of them.

As snore medicine for one month it is recommended to drink on a glass of fresh cabbage juice to which one teaspoon of honey is added. It is recommended also regularly three times a day to eat baked carrots before the main meal.

One more folk remedy from snore is applied at the complicated nasal breath. For simplification of breath by a nose in several hours before going to bed it is possible to dig sea-buckthorn oil in each nostril. In several weeks of breath will become more free.

There are also special exercises promoting disposal of snore. One of them — to say a sound "and", straining muscles of a soft palate, a throat, a neck. It is necessary to repeat it about 30 times in the morning and in the evening.

One more exercise which is desirable for repeating several times a day becomes with the closed mouth. It is necessary to breathe through a nose. It is initially necessary to strain a back wall of language then to delay language to a throat, applying to it force. To define whether these operations are correctly performed, it is necessary to put fingers under a chin. If muscles are strained, so everything becomes by rules. It is necessary to repeat this exercise strengthening a palatine velum about 15 times.

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