Rattles in a breast

Rattles — the sounds appearing owing to intensive passing of air through respiratory tracts which are at the moment narrowed.

How rattles in a breast are shown?

Cough and rattles in a breast develop at different diseases, in particular at a disease of bronchial tubes, tracheas. Sometimes can catch at breath in a breast rattles only the doctor, using for this purpose a stethoscope. Explicit strong rattles in a breast can be heard at people who and smoke long ago much. Sometimes rattles are distinguishable if to put an ear to a breast of the person.

Doctors subdivide rattles on dry and wet. Dry rattles can be whistling and bass. The whistling rattles, as a rule, arise when owing to inflammatory processes there is a narrowing of bronchial tubes. Bass rattles arise if in bronchial tubes there is a fluctuation of a dense phlegm. As a result, the resonance and rattles appears.

Dry rattles are formed without direct participation of liquid. They most often accompany laryngitis, bronchitis, pharyngitis. Dry rattles at bronchial asthma are observed. In that case there is a spasm of smooth muscles of bronchial tubes. It is necessary to pay special attention to rattles at asthma. They often are present at a bad attack of a disease. But if in the period of an attack rattles suddenly disappear, then, perhaps, there was a full closing of the narrowed respiratory tracts. Therefore, it is very dangerous sign.

Formation of wet rattles is connected with accumulation in a gleam of bronchial tubes of liquid. It can be a phlegm, blood, edematous liquid. Wet rattles happen sonorous and not sonorous. It is possible to listen to wet rattles if bronchial tubes are surrounded with dense pulmonary fabric. In that case can there be a speech about development of pneumonia. The doctor listens to not sonorous rattles in lower parts of a thorax if developments of stagnation are observed.

At a tussiculation nature of rattles always changes. Nevertheless, the person does not stop rattling, even after he cleared the throat. They can or amplify, or disappear for a while. The specialist has to distinguish crepitation from rattles. This phenomenon is observed when there is a razlipaniye of terminal departments of bronchioles.

Height, timbre and loudness of rattles can be the most different depending on that, bronchial tubes and what bronchial tube is affected are how narrowed. Dry rattles, as a rule, are extended.

If at the patient rattles in lungs and cough are listened, then these symptoms can be followed also by other phenomena. It is an asthma, strong excitement, a neck muscle tension. The thorax can be inflated, the person is periodically disturbed by dry cough.

Why rattles in a breast are shown?

Сильные хрипы в грудиA number of diseases of respiratory system, and also other illnesses at which there can be rattles in a breast is allocated. It is pulmonary and heart failure, pneumonia, emphysema of lungs, tuberculosis. Rattles can be listened at laryngitis and pharyngitis, their manifestation is characteristic of bronchial asthma.

Rattles at bronchitis are listened accurately. Rattles at an acute bronchitis are especially well distinguishable. After the period of treatment of a disease the doctor surely listens whether there are no rattles after bronchitis. At patients both acute, and chronic bronchitis listens wet not sonorous rattles. At such phenomenon additional therapy is appointed.

Rattles arise at serious allergic reactions which threaten human life. Also rattles can demonstrate that the foreign body got into airways.

Rattles often arise at children to three-year age. As kids have rather small respiratory tracts, at a spasm of muscles of bronchial tubes, hypostasis or at inflammatory process passability is broken quicker. Cough and rattles at the child arise even then when he a long time stays on the contaminated air. Therefore the smoking people should not smoke in the house at all not to provoke rattles and cough at the child.

Cough with rattles at the child, as well as at the adult, is shown at diseases of bodies of respiratory system. If rough rattles are heard only at an air breath, then in this case it is possible to suspect development of a croup. It is necessary to see a doctor surely.

How to get rid of rattles in a breast?

Способы избавиться от хрипов в грудиAs well as at any other symptom, in the presence of rattles in a breast it is necessary to establish at first correctly the diagnosis and only then to start treatment of a disease. The specialist listens to rattles by means of a stethoscope, if necessary X-ray inspection, etc. is conducted.

Parents have to pay special attention to a condition of the child at which rattles in a breast are observed. Follows, without postponing, to cause acute management if at the child skin near lips becomes blue, the difficulty of breath, strong block is noted, the child cannot normally speak.

At manifestation of rattles in a breast at adults it is recommended to warm whenever possible a body and to do procedures which allow to get rid of a phlegm.

If at the patient trouble breathing are observed, in his hospital can connect for some time to the medical ventilation apparatus. Treatment of rattles in a breast consists in reception of medicines which allow to open respiratory tracts, anti-inflammatory drugs. At dry cough the means suppressing it are applied. For an otkhozhdeniye of a phlegm reception of means which liquefy a phlegm is appointed. The patient in the first days of a disease has to adhere to a bed rest, at the same time lie in a convenient pose in which it is easier for it to breathe.

If cough proceeds several days, and the phlegm at the same time does not depart, it is necessary to see a doctor that he appointed the correct scheme of treatment. If there is a phlegm of a yellowish or greenish shade, then it is about a serious infection. In the course of treatment it is important to take all measures completely to clear bronchial tubes of slime. In parallel with the treatment appointed by the doctor it is possible to practice use of some folk remedies, for example, reception of infusions of herbs, warm compresses, inhalations. It is important to drink as much as possible warm liquid.

During active therapy it is necessary to refuse completely smoking, to limit contact with allergens. It is important to take care also of strengthening of immune system. It is promoted by reception of vitamin complexes, healthy nutrition. In the course of treatment the doctor can recommend to carry out special respiratory gymnastics.

After the disease connected with rattles in a breast and cough it is necessary to adhere some time to the sparing mode, not to go outside in winter time, and also to take all measures not to allow overcooling of respiratory tracts.

To prevent developing of the diseases connected with rattles in a breast it is worth avoiding catarrhal diseases, to try not to happen in populous places in the period of epidemics, not to overcool.

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