Chronic fatigue

On whether the chronic fatigue is an illness, or this just special condition of an organism which takes place in certain time, specialists argue till today. However at present around the world, in particular in the developed countries, many cases of manifestation at the person of chronic fatigue are fixed.

This pathology, as a rule, is difficult diagnosed and, respectively, comes to light late. As the latest researches, for effective treatment of a condition of chronic fatigue testify, it is necessary to use an integrated approach without fail. At the same time it is important to address use of social and hygienic, clinicodiagnostic, psychological and therapeutic methods of therapy at the same time.

About manifestation at the person of the constant fatigue accompanied with physical weakness and weakness, doctors noted at the beginning of the last century. But "a syndrome of chronic fatigue "which can define a similar state the first doctors from the USA in 1984 began to use the modern term.

Signs of chronic fatigue

If the patient sees a doctor with complaints to manifestation of symptoms of fatigue, then the specialist has to show consideration for diagnosis process very much. It is important to distinguish manifestations of a syndrome of chronic fatigue from usual fatigue. The simple fatigue is not a disease, and the usual, expected reaction of a human body to overfatigue. In such a way the organism testifies to an urgent need of rest and recovery.

At patients with a syndrome of chronic fatigue signs of the general fatigue are shown, however they arise without the due reason. The fatigue at the same time is very strongly expressed, the person feels especially exhausted, he cannot live and work in a rhythm, usual for himself. Signs of chronic fatigue are always very similar to symptoms of many other illnesses in view of what recognition of this illness takes place rather difficult.

Reasons of chronic fatigue

At the moment there are no precisely established origins of a similar state. However it is considered to be that the adverse ecological situation, a lack of oxygen, abuse of stay near the TV and the computer, obesity and a large number of the stresses arising every day is the reasons of manifestation of constant fatigue at the person. Diseases of psychological character, as a rule, arise owing to three basic reasons: hypodynamias, hyperphagia and giperpsikhiya. The hypodynamia is too low mobility of the person which is a consequence of passive way of life. The hyperphagia – an overeating owing to which the excess number of calories comes to an organism at the same time power consumption constantly goes down. Giperpsikhiya is too high requirements to internal reserves of mentality. The person constantly stays in a condition of a mental overload owing to too large number of information. The syndrome of chronic fatigue often is a consequence of the reasons which are described above.

The illness is often shown as result of impact on a human body of the whole complex of conventions of the environment, and also way of life.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue

Хроническая усталостьIt is accepted to allocate the main and small symptoms of a syndrome of chronic fatigue. As the main symptoms of this state the following phenomena take place. The person suddenly has a strong exhausting weakness and after he certain time has a rest, this state remains invariable, besides the fatigue progresses. Efficiency of the patient decreases very sharply and is not recovered after rest. At the same time the person has no diseases which could provoke emergence of a similar condition of fatigue.

As small symptoms of a condition of chronic fatigue at the patient very long or progressing fatigue which is expressed especially after various exercise stresses is observed. Also at chronic fatigue low-temperature fever, pharyngalgias and in lymph nodes, the migrating painful feelings in joints, weakness of muscles, and also muscle pain can be shown (mialgiya). The patient suffers from various frustration of a dream – is possible both drowsiness, and sleeplessness. Periodically there are headaches which have unusual character, and also disorders of neuromental character are shown: high sensitivity to bright light, manifestation of spots before eyes, memory impairment, impossibility to concentrate attention and to think as actively as earlier. Possibly and display of a depression.

In the course of diagnosis of a disease doctors pay attention to duration of a condition of constant fatigue. If it proceeds more than half a year, and at the same time there is no communication with other diseases, then it is probable that at the patient chronic fatigue takes place.

As a rule, symptoms of a syndrome of chronic fatigue are not shown suddenly and at once. In most cases the chronic fatigue is shown by symptoms, similar on symptoms of an acute respiratory disease: at the person body temperature increases, the throat and the head hurts, lymph nodes increase. Soon manifestation of weakness in muscles, morbidities of muscles and joints joins these symptoms. The person begins to be tired from usual for him before exercise stresses and cannot be recovered after rest. Further also others are shown, the symptoms described above.

Features of chronic fatigue

It is considered that the chronic fatigue is more often diagnosed for women. Most of all patients complaining of this disease stay in age brackets from twenty five to forty five years. But sometimes the disease affects teenagers, and even children. Earlier was considered that the chronic fatigue is more characteristic of people workaholics, however scientists proved that not less often those who got used to be lazy and not to work too much also suffer from a syndrome of chronic fatigue.

The illness can proceed different spans: some patients feel healthy in several months, at others the similar state can proceed several years. Often the illness has certain cycles: there can be aggravations and the subsequent remissions.

If the person feels manifestation not disappearing after rest or a dream of fatigue which cannot be explained, then it should not self-medicate at all, and it is worth addressing specialists.

Treatment of chronic fatigue

Therapy of a syndrome of chronic fatigue is very serious and difficult task. However to get rid of a disease – quite feasible task. The main principle of assistance to patients with a similar illness is use of a complex symptomatic treatment. So, medicamentous drugs are often used – generally it is specially balanced vitamin complexes. The specialist together with the patient tries to introduce amendments in usual way of life of the patient.

If treatment of an initial stage of a syndrome of chronic fatigue is made, then in this case it is enough to provide a normal dream, good rest, to change a day regimen and to minimize number of stresses.

However if the similar state proceeds already rather long period and differs in existence of accurately expressed symptoms, only the psychotherapist has to appoint treatment of an illness.

Prevention of chronic fatigue

хроническая усталостьTo prevent manifestation of symptoms of constant fatigue, it is necessary to follow some rules of prevention developed by modern psychologists. So, at continuous employment by work (regardless of that, intellectual it is work, or physical) it is necessary to do an hour and a half everyone a small break (to spend enough for rest five-ten minutes). Ideally cerebration and exercise stresses have to alternate. Therefore ideally in breaks between work on the computer it is necessary to do several physical exercises, and in a pause between stages of physical work – to glance over the newspaper or the book. If work seems very monotonous, it is necessary to listen to a few invigorating music.

That pastime was more various, it is necessary to change a situation from time to time – for example, to go out of town. Positively influences a condition of an organism and emergence in a zone of constant visibility of green plants, an aquarium with small fishes.

In case of manifestation of symptoms of constant fatigue it is worth making sure at first whether really you are sick. Therefore himself needs to present urgently the day off and it is good to sleep. If the fatigue does not pass after day of a full-fledged dream and rest, it is necessary to ask for the help of professionals.

One more council from modern psychologists – whenever possible to be engaged in that work which brings pleasure. As a last resort, to try to get a hobby and to find for it time regularly. It is very important that the person had a constant source giving it positive emotions. Occupations which to the person to liking, help to be recovered qualitatively after a condition of fatigue.

It is not less important to lead the correct life and to pay due attention to care of a body. Acceptance of an alternating douche every day, constant loadings of physical character, everyday walks in the fresh air promote cheerfulness and recovery of forces.

According to specialists, it is not less important and ability of the person is correct to have a rest. So, in the presence of problems with a dream it is not necessary to drink at once sleeping pill, it is better to try to be engaged in addition in a physical activity or to walk on the street. Rest should not be only passive: activity promotes inflow of forces.

It is necessary to try to distribute correctly own time, not to hesitate to ask about the help from relatives, friends, colleagues. It is important to study a relaxation, it is obligatory to find at least several minutes a day in order that to do nothing and completely to relax.

Fatigue of eyes

Хроническая усталостьIn the modern world the fatigue of eyes becomes not less serious problem for the person. This phenomenon is provoked by the mass of factors: environmental problems, too frequent "communication" of the person with the computer, TV, other modern equipment.

Lachrymation manifestation, sudden gripes in eyes, inflammatory processes of eyeglobes can be symptoms of fatigue of eyes. As a rule, the fatigue of eyes is shown after several hours of attentive reading the book, continuous work at the computer, a severe stress, permanent job at incorrectly established lighting, shortage of vitamins and a number of microelements in an organism, carrying incorrectly chosen glasses.

There are two different types of fatigue of eyes. The first type of fatigue arises because of exhaustion of a tsiliarny muscle of an eye. This muscle directly influences function of a crystalline lens. The second type of fatigue is shown because of weakening of internal direct muscles of an eye. But both types of fatigue of eyes can provoke development of other diseases of eyes over time. So, owing to the described state often there is an astigmatism, problems with eye vessels, short-sightedness.

Independently the fatigue of eyes can also negatively influence quality of life. Owing to constant lachrymation visual acuity becomes dull, the person works worse, cannot concentrate attention.

Correction of fatigue of eyes is made using several different ways. It is important to reduce load of eyes, every day to carry out specially developed exercises for eyes, to accept a rate of polyvitamins for completion in an organism of necessary substances. In order that functions of sight were normal, enough beta carotene which turns in an organism into vitamin A, the vitamin C which is positively influencing sight, vitamin E which prevents developing of a cataract has to come to an organism. All ways described above allow to prevent manifestation of fatigue of eyes.

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